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Which is Best? A Look at Blinds vs Shades

Custom Window Blinds and Shades

A Look at Blinds vs Shades


The general mindset of the population is that home decor is an expensive and very time-consuming process – that on average it might take months and few thousand dollars to renovate your home just the way you want it.

But what if I tell you that you can uplift your home in just a few weeks at affordable prices?

If you are still Skeptical, read more!

With the range of window treatments ideas in the current market, you can get lost and confused about what and what not to buy for your house. That’s where we step in – ZebraBlinds, with its footprint across US and Canadian homes, is helping its users with the best possible window solutions for their homes at very competitive prices.

Another major factor is what product to choose – Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and other decor items from top brands. In this article, we will cover the features and difference between Blinds and Shades – to make your choice simple.


Custom Window Blinds

Custom Window Blinds

There is a fundamental confusion amongst people about these common terms, but in fact blinds and shades are very different.

Blinds are ‘hard’ window coverings with horizontal or vertical slats, called louvers. These slats and their size give you excellent control over the amount of light inside the room – from partial illumination through the louvers to complete blockage. Blinds are a sturdy wall of protection for your house.

• The vanes slide or stack depending on the mechanism. For vertically placed blades, they stack from left to right, or right to left, and slide open and close.

• Tilt the vanes at appropriate angles to get maximum light optimization.

• Different slat sizes are available – from 1 inch to 3 1/2 inches according to your window types and privacy needs.

• Close the vanes tightly to experience complete privacy and light control.

• Lift options vary from cord mechanism to cordless operation, motorized remote controls and recently through smartphones for Smart Home Blinds.

Graber Vertical Blinds

Some of the popular Blinds in this category are Aluminum, Real Wood, Faux Wood, Vertical Blinds and more. For example, Graber Vertical Blinds, made from PVC or wood uplifts your home from the ordinary to sophisticated with its striking designs and fancy color palette. Vertical Blinds are excellent for your patios and large windows. Faux Wood Blinds, a unique and cheap alternative to real woods, are perfect for houses that experience extreme temperatures due to their high durability.

• The materials of these window decors give them a hard or sturdy feel.

• Blinds are mostly easy to maintain and clean than shades as most of the products are resistant to moisture, dust, extreme sun or cold, warping, cracking, etc.

So play around with these beautiful Window Blinds, available in different color choices and designed to give your home a touch of class and architectural furnishing. Your house gets a minimalistic, elegant look with ultimate comfort. So if you are a very busy professional and do not have much time to take care of your house, Blinds are a much better choice for your home.

Artfully Crafted Shades

Graber Roman Shades

Contrary to Blinds, Shades are ‘soft’ window treatments which have an artistic and smooth appeal. Unlike the former, here the materials make up a single large swath of fabric for your windows and can roll up or stack and settle snugly on the top.

  • Without the presence of blades or vanes, the fabrics have a smooth finish. While the Blinds offer a practical solution to households, with Shades, you can showcase your artistic side along with useful benefits.
  • Shades too offer all the functionalities expected from a window treatment – light control, privacy, insulation, eye-catching colors, textures, and innovative lift options.
  • A range of fabric options with different opacity – light-filtering, room-darkening, blackout, and sheer.
  • The fabric styles give you complete control over light, privacy, and insulation inside the area. If you want to sleep peacefully without the disturbance of early morning rays, a blackout fabric isolates your room, keeping a cozy atmosphere inside. Partial sunlight is possible with the light-filtering property in different products in the market.
  • Different lift mechanisms to operate your shades – cordless, motorization, continuous loop, Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU), and more. TDBU is an innovative option for lowering the top-half or raising the bottom-half to suit the time of the day.
  • Shades bring a warm and dramatic appeal to your interiors, making your home instantly likable to any visitors and friends alike.
  • Cellular Shades are one of the most popular shades amongst homeowners, along with Roman Shades and Roller Shades. Graber Roman Shades are an example of artistic grandeur and radiate a soft and classy ambiance to your interiors. They minimize light leakage and are available in a broad range of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Another product, Graber Roller Shades are specially designed to offer UV protection to homes and furnishings with their enhanced sun protection materials. From sheer to blackout, you can enjoy several options for privacy and visibility.


So if you want to have advanced protections to your interiors along with extravagant, modern looks, don’t look beyond these collections of shades.

So now that you have thought about what is the right window treatment for your house, you know what the next step is! With unbelievable discounts, affordable price ranges, and unique ideas, ZebraBlinds is a one-stop store for all your window solutions. So grab your computer, shop with us and transform your home into a luxury den.

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