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Which Color Matches Best with Brown for A Living Room?

Which Color Matches Best with Brown for A Living Room?

Decorating with brown might seem uninspiring to most home owners, but this color comes with some surprising strengths. As it is the color of the earth, it seems to be the perfect backdrop for a more rustic and natural look. Rich in both texture and tone, brown is at home with any look, be it traditional or ultra-modern. You set need to set the right pitch and tone.

Although brown comes with an uncompromising look, it combines with a wide host of colors to create a spectacular display of measured sensibilities. Let’s look at some design ideas that looks at how well brown teams up with different colors for an inspiring living room.

Blue and Brown

Blue is rarely seen with brown. But when they do come together, the effect is spectacular. Blue can bring in that modern and incredibly trendy look, while brown can add the grandeur. Blend azure and aqua blue with wooden brown to create a relaxing, yet sleek look for your living room. You can keep the wooden brown of the furniture to set the tone, while use blue sparingly in the pillows and cushions.

To complement the look, dress up your windows in beautiful woven wood blinds. Made from sustainably sourced materials, these blinds would accentuate the unique combination of colors. These blinds give the room a rich, natural look, which would be ideal for a blue and brown living room. Natural wood woven blinds come in different weave and textures, allowing you to select the correct light-filtration for your room. Use these blinds to create attractive patterns of light all across the room, giving it an element of visual interest.

Yellow and Brown

Yellow and brown have always worked well together. The warm tone of yellows adds a lot of cheer and life into the sober artistic appeal of brown. A combination of yellow furniture with heavy brown furniture and neutral walls can add a sophisticated finish to your living space. Compliment the look with hand-picked sculpture and beautiful wall art.

Soften the look with sheer and blackout curtains. While yellow sheer curtains allow you to enjoy the view and preserve your privacy during the day, the brown blackout curtains would provide you heightened insulation and complete privacy. The flowy texture and shape of curtains would add a feminine grace to the room that would balance out the rugged masculinity of the bulky furniture. There is more to curtains than meet the eye. The delicate fabric of sheer curtains offers a decent amount of protection , while cutting of the glare and harmful UV rays. So, even in peak summer, your interiors will remain cool and comfortable. When the heat becomes too much, turn on the air conditioner and use the thick blackout curtains to cut off the light and trap the cool air in. The same is applicable in winter, when your curtains will help keep the heat in. This way, you will be able to save a lot of electricity all year round.

Mint and Brown

If you are in the mood for something really unique and bold, go for a mint and light brown combination. Light mint and brown can be combined to create a blissful and relaxing atmosphere. Use white abundantly to stop either of the colors from dominating each other. If your living room opens up to a wide-open porch or a lovely outdoor area, use this color combination to create a sense of continuity within the interiors. Decorate with plenty of natural greens and deep-copper to add some drama and intrigue.

Use roller blinds to highlight the look. Available in any imaginable color and print, roller blinds will give the room a sleek and well-defined look. These blinds are extremely versatile. You can select to have varying levels of light filtering, insulation and operational functionalities will roller blinds.

Orange and Brown

Add an element of surprise into your brown and white living room with the help of orange. Avoid overkill by using orange sparingly. Carefully add orange through wall art and natural elements, like flowers and fruits. This will allow you to craft a delicate visual impact, with the deep colors delicately balanced against a drab and subdued background.

Honeycomb cellular blinds would be perfect for an ultra-modern design. These blinds are available in a wide range of colors, making it easier for you to find the perfect match for your gorgeous room. Cellular honeycomb blinds are lightweight, sleek blinds that fit perfectly over your windows, giving them a neat and stark look. If you are aiming for the minimalistic look, use these blinds to make your windows the focal point of your room. Honeycomb cellular blinds are made of honeycomb-like hollow air pockets which trap air, turning the whole blind into a powerful insulator. Great for any weather, these blinds would give you all-year protection against heat transfer. Suitable for any window shape, these blinds would be a great addition to your living room.

Brown and Green

Although brown and green look fantastic on trees, it can be a tricky combination for a living room. As is the case with every overused theme, brown and green can be a bit uninspiring unless you add some element of surprise. Use different shades of green against the backdrop of deep brown leather furniture to create that surprise.

Your cosy living room deserves a window cover that gives you enough flexibility around light-filtration, privacy, and the view. With dual roller shades, you get all of these functionalities wrapped in one single package. These shades come with two fabrics, hanging from the same headrail. You can select a light-filtering fabric for facing the room, and the room darkening fabric for the second layer. Use the first layer to flood your room with natural light, which would bring out the colors nicely. At night, use the thicker fabric to preserve your privacy and insulate the windows.

Enrich and revitalize your interiors with the soulful shades of brown and give your living area a fabulous new look.