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Which Blinds Work Best for Your Business Space?

Which Blinds Work Best for Your Business Space?

Decorating a business space is quite different from decorating a home. For homes, you just need to think about the personal requirements of your family members. However, in case of offices or business spaces, you need to take into account the varying comfort and safety requirements of a large number of people.

In your business, the comfort and safety of your employees and customer take precedence over any other concern. The blinds you select will have a big impact on the well-being of your employees and customers, as they will be spending long hours in the office.

Also, if you wish to give your business space a facelift, replacing the old window covering with trendy new ones is a cost-effective solution. In no time, your workspace will get that sleek and polished look that oozes confidence and authority. After all, your business space should reflect the professionalism with which you serve your customers. A bright, refreshing décor can go a long way in lifting the morale and boosting productivity.

Let’s look at some of the factors that you need to consider while selecting modern blind solutions for your business space.

Light Filtering

The presence of natural light can be a big motivating element for people working long hours indoors. On the other hand, the glare and heat of sun can cause discomfort, especially for someone sitting in a fixed position. For this reason, you window treatment solution has to strike a delicate balance between letting in the correct amount of natural light and blocking the harmful UV rays and glare of the sun.

Some rooms, like presentation or meeting rooms, require the pitch-dark effect to showcase their digital presentations. For these rooms you need window treatment solutions that cut off light completely.


Maintenance is key when it come to office space. A busy office will generate more dust than homes. But to maintain a clean and professional look, you will need to keep the blinds clean. To reduce effort, select blinds that don’t gather dust easily. If you are mounting the blinds outdoors, then use outdoor blinds that are weather treated and designed for exterior use.

Similarly, frequent use or rough handling can damage blinds. Select a blind that is both durable and easy to maintain.


The safety aspect of blinds is of utmost important. Child proof blinds are among the safest. Many commercial premises come with their own safety protocols, while the government might have additional rules regarding the kind of blinds you can use within your office building. Fire safety and operational safety, like absence of tripping hazards, are among the most common regulations that you need to take into account when making a purchase.


Ease of use is something that should be kept in mind for office spaces, especially for those hard-to-reach areas. Adopt automation and make blind operation a breeze. With automated blinds, you can set a schedule for your blinds. You can also operate multiple blinds with just a touch of the button. Add convenience and efficiency to your blinds by making them smart.


Office buildings consume a lot of energy. Having lots of glass windows makes it difficult to insulate office buildings. Blinds can play a major role in preserving energy. Select a material that can keep the chill out in the winter, while blocking the hot air from escaping the room. This will go a long way in keeping the energy bills down.


Keeping the energy bills down will also reduce your carbon footprint. If you are going for a rehaul this is as good a time as any, to commit to sustainable living. By selecting blinds that come from sustainable sources, or can be recycled easily, you can reduce the impact of harmful elements on the environment.

The Blinds that Work Best for your Business Space

That is a long list of items to tick off! Leaves one to wonder if it is at all possible to find all of the features in one blind. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there that have been prepared keeping in mind the varied requirements of an office space.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an excellent option for small offices. These slats stand vertically, giving you a lot of flexibility over the volume and direction of the light flowing into the room. When required, these slats can be adjusted to keep the light away from computer screens or tables. The wide slats also block the view and provide partial insulation. You can close the slat completely, to cut off light and better insulation. These blinds also gather little dust, and can be cleaned easily to keep them looking smart for a long time.

Safe Vertical Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are practical, durable, sustainable, and highly moisture resistant. If you have a restaurant, or any environment which generates lots of moisture, these blinds are an ideal choice. The sleek design covers the window completely, while the slats can be opened to let in adequate light. The only drawback is that these blinds tend to gather dust. However, a swipe with a damp cloth is all you will need to keep them looking new for years. These blinds are sustainably produced and can be recycled easily, making them one of the most environment friendly window treatment option.

Smart Blinds for Home Office

Zebra Blinds

Another flexible option are zebra blinds, which have alternating layers of light filtering stripes and sheer stripes. These stripes can be adjusted as you raise and lower the shades, allowing you to change how much light and how much of the view is coming through the sheer fabric. This is a great solution for offices and business spaces, as you get the benefit of both venetian blinds and sheer shades.

Elegant Sheer Shades

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are a necessity for presentation rooms. Even in other spaces, blackout roller blinds are great for cutting off light and creating a calm and cool atmosphere.

Selecting blinds for your office is a big investment and an opportunity to reduce your energy bills and create a bright, inviting working space for you and your colleagues. A wise selection would reap benefits for years to come.

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