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Which Blinds Work Best For Jobs With Irregular Sleeping Hours?

Which Blinds Work Best For Jobs With Irregular Sleeping Hours?

Window Blind Strategies to Create an Ideal Sleeping Environment

Having a comfortable sleep ambiance is essential to keep our mental and physical health in good shape all day long. It is probably better to say that everyone’s regular schedule has been messed up in the past year and so has our sleeping hours. There can be multiple reasons for having irregular sleep like when you are a night shift worker and sleep during day time, when you are working from home throughout the day, or during this pandemic situation when you are balancing both professional and personal life while staying at home. There are multiple factors that affect your sleep time including light, excess heat, or noise of traffic. Apart from this our sleep time habits like use of mobiles, social media etc. has also been messing up our sleep routines.

It is said that most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep a day to maintain good health. But each year, there are more than a million people who suffer from sleeping disorders and confront various issues including obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and many other problems. Lack of sleep can affect your brain, heart, lungs, and immune function, in various ways. If you are one of the many who have been waking up late or going to bed late, and sleeping during the day time or having irregular nap hours, it is time to get back on schedule.

Before you follow any tips or tricks to get your sleep schedule back on track, it’s essential to create a comfortable environment so that you can sleep peacefully. Sometimes, a single ray of light coming through the door or window can create disturbance during your sleep time. Even if you live in a place where the temperature always stays extreme (during both summer and winter months), ensuring a comfy atmosphere is always important otherwise you won’t be able to sleep properly. Lack of privacy can be another minor reason for irregular sleep when your windows face a busy street-side or neighbor’s house. Well, all these problems can be resolved by opting for one simple solution – window blinds and shades. There are plenty of window dressings available in the market which is designed to offer you a great quality sleep without any barrier. With their capability to darken the room and create a soothing consistent room temperature, they will work amazingly.

Top Window Blinds to Design An Ideal Bedroom for Sleep

  • Blackout Window Treatments

Our body naturally craves a dark room for optimum peaceful sleeping and we need to protect this by obstructing all the incoming natural and artificial rays. Among all the dressings available, blackout blinds and shades are best when it comes to surrounding your space in ultimate comfort with zero beams. These blinds are manufactured to block out 100% sun rays and other street rays, turning your space into a pitch-black room. They are the most versatile and functional way to add coverage to your windows withstanding against any ray and glare. They can lower the heat as well no matter what the outside climate and also lower the home’s energy bills. Always choose outside mounting for maximum benefits.

Sometimes, due to some issues, you may get light slipping in around the edges or the sides which can be annoying. In this case, consider attaching additional light blockers or side channels to reduce the light leakages or gaps. Blackout liner is also best at keeping out the light and also adds a modern appeal to your covering.

Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades Designer Series

  • Day Night Cellular Shades

Specially designed window shades that will make you sleep better at any time of the day. These shadings come with sheer and blackout fabric material in one headrail casing. The sheer fabric allows diffused light to enter while the blackout fabric is perfect for preventing heat and other rays. Pull down the blackout fabric whenever you want to prevent light and want to create a sleeping ambiance. And the shades come with honeycomb structured air pockets that trap the excess air inside and keep indoor relaxing and soothing balancing with the outside temperature.

Day Night Cellular Shades

  • Combining Two Window Solutions

If you are looking forward to controlling the light in style, creating the ultimate darkness while giving yourself an ideal good night’s sleep, then consider layering curtains or draperies over your blackout blinds. They are like a blanket that can enclose your room against all types of light and heat. The idea of layering is always practical and provides your space another level of protection. You can hang drapery alone as well but along with a blackout liner. Or choose a sheer curtain paired with a blackout curtain to keep your room dark and make it suitable for your nap hour. Hang these window solutions high and near to the window frame/wall to reduce the light spill from the sides or top. And also choose the hues and textures right as they play an important role in preventing light and heat.

Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

  • Adding Motorization for Convenience

There is no secret that blackout blinds are always best when it comes to treating irregular sleep. But you can get extra from these window designs by integrating motorization into them. The addition of technology not only gives you access to operating them using remote control or Smartphone, their pre-programmable timer and temperature sensor button allow the blind to work automatically. For example, in the morning when the direct daylight bothers you or night time, the single ray of street light makes your bedroom bright, a press or touch of a Smartphone will lower the blind within a second. What else do you need to have proper regular sleep?

Motorized Shades for Bedroom

Any blackout blind is suitable for your bedroom windows and gives you the best results when you are suffering from irregular sleeping hours. Feature your favorite window covering with this fabric material and prevent all the light sources. And also make sure you are not using any device when you are in bed as they can also trouble your sleep hours. For more blind ideas, consult with the professionals and get home the best one.