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Which Blinds Block The Cold?

Cold Blocking Blinds

The popular opinion about the blinds, shades and other types of window treatment options is that these are very effective during the summers in keeping the temperature and general environment inside the house comfortable. However, the utility of these window treatments during the winters is not elaborated upon or talked about that much. You will be surprised to know that the blinds, shades, shutters, etc. if used correctly, can be just as effective in keeping the winter chill in check.

While the blinds do exceedingly well in keeping the summer heat and glare out, these coverings also prevent the heat inside the house from escaping out. This keeps the interior of the house warm and comfortable. The heating mechanism installed inside your house also finds it easier to keep the temperature at a comfortable level thanks to the blinds and other such window treatment options.

How Blinds Help Block the Cold

Barren windows on their own are very poor at heat insulation in either direction i.e. neither the windows block outside heat nor do these prevent the warmth inside the house from escaping out. The blinds, when installed over the windows, significantly improve the insulation. This superior heat insulation is what allows the blinds to block the cold.

Blinds with thin fabric linings are not that great at preventing heat loss or heat gain but blackout blinds, cellular blinds, honeycomb blinds, dual-layered blinds and other such heat and cold-blocking blinds handle this such issue really well. These variants prevent any heat transfer via convection. This helps keep the interiors of the house cold during summers and the same stays warm during the winters.

Which Blinds Block the Cold Effectively and why?

While blinds, as window treatment options, are very good at heat blocking and light control, some of the variants are more suited as cold blocking blinds and really provide an edge in making our houses winter-proof. Let us look at some of the most popular cold-blocking blinds which you can consider:

• Blackout blinds: Blackout blinds are made up of thicker fabric lining and this helps prevent heat loss from inside the room during the winters. The warmth inside the house circulates within the interiors and this keeps the environment inside the house warm and cozy.
Blackout Blinds for Bedroom
• Double-layered blinds: These blinds are good for both summers and winters. One layer is generally lighter than the other side. During the winters it will be better to have the darker side facing outwards and the lighter side facing inwards. The darker side will absorb heat from outside and transfer it inside. The lighter fabric will reflect back most of the heat from its surface thus helping circulate the warmth inside the house within.
Double Cell Shades
• Blinds with heat-reflective fabric: New innovations are constantly happening in the field of window treatment products. Heat-reflecting fabrics are one such innovation. These fabrics are specially designed to prevent heat gain by reflecting the heat falling on their surface. Blinds that have such heat-reflective fabric lining work well as cold-blocking blinds during the winters.
Reflective Window Coverings
• Wooden blinds: Wood is a bad conductor of heat and hence provides effective insulation against the heat. During the winters when it is chilly out there, these wooden blinds keep the cold out and also prevent the warmth inside the house from escaping out through any heat convection. These can be a bit more expensive when compared to fabric blinds but they make up for it in terms of better looks, heat insulation and sturdiness.
Cordless Wooden Blinds

Why You Should Consider Cold-Blocking Blinds?

Cold-blocking blinds aren’t just good for winters. These are normal blinds which are also effective during the winters. During the summers, these blinds protect you from the scorching heat of the Sun while providing you with effective light control, UV and glare protection. When the winters come, the same blinds keep your house warm and cosy and also reduce the glare very well.

This is a significant advantage, considering the fact that the glare is a particularly more predominant problem during the winters. This is because of the slanting angle at which the Sun’s rays fall on the windows and doors of your home during that period of the year. These blinds also help you save up on energy bills as by keep the insides warm, they allow the thermostat inside your house to consume less power.
So, you see that investing in blinds is a favourable proposition all the year-round. Not only do you stay comfortable while you are sitting or chilling at home, but you also save money on your power bills. The great looks that these blinds boast of also do not harm the décor of your house which you have some heartily put together. Everything functions like a well-oiled piece of machinery and you get the much-cherished peace of mind.

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