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Which Blinds Are the Best for a Small Space?


Decorating a small space can be a bit of an adventure. There is very little leg room for experiments, and limited space for all your design ideas to work out. Everything you select has to be just right to create a coherent sense of design and unity.

Modern living is all about compact spaces. Small spaces also come with some advantages that sync perfectly with modern living. Small spaces are easy to maintain, economical to run, as well as, consumes less time in the upkeep. All these factors make small spaces ideal for young professionals and home owners just starting out on the property ladder.

Clever use of space and decorations can give small spaces a charming makeover. Every purchase has to be well-thought out and useful. Companies all around the world recognise this and are coming up with beautiful, multi-functional, and highly innovative solutions for small spaces. The result is a smart blend of style and practicality, all wrapped up in bite-sized aesthetical packages.

How to Decorate a Small Space?

There are many ways in which a small room can be filled up to look more spacious and inviting. Here we bring you some great ideas that can be used to achieve that delicate mix of comfort and practicality.

Go for Pastels

Pastel shades inject the right amount of colors into the space without overwhelming it. As your walls don’t absorb any of the light, you get enough leg-room to experiment with other vibrant colors in other decorative items.

Another trick is to paint the skirts with the same color as the walls. This would make the walls look taller, making the room look bigger than it is.

Use Large Mirrors

Nothing creates a better illusion of space than mirrors. Large mirrors create life-size impressions, which create a duplicate image, while magnifying the light and brightness entering the room.

If you place your mirror on the wall facing the window or the door, you will be able to make the room look double its original size. Use loads of green and whites to amplify the effect and add a natural tinge to the whole scheme.

Make Storage a Style Statement

Storage is of utmost importance in small apartments. While you make use of every available surface for storage, make sure that it adheres to the overall aesthetic appeal.

Walls, TV units, side tables, and center-tables, are the most obvious places to store away your essentials. Wall brackets are extremely useful in displaying artifacts and books, while innovative storage solutions make it very easy to optimize the space taken up by side-tables and center-pieces.

Stay Away from Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture eats up more space than necessary. It you wish to optimize the space, go for multi-functional or sleek alternatives that add both beauty and practicality into your room.

Sleek armchairs, and a swanky 2-seater is all you need to set the mood. A slim seating arrangement allows you to have more space to squeeze in more into the tight space.

Swap Curtains with Blinds

An oft-ignored aspect, window décor can have a huge impact on how your small room look. Although you might select your window covering based on your practical requirements and preferences, window coverings can make or break the look of the room. Swap curtains for some beautiful blinds and add a bit of intrigue to your space.

Blinds that are Best for a Small Space

When you are out selecting a blind for a small space, you might have various priorities in mind. You might be looking for something that allows in more light and view, while something that gives you more privacy. For many of you, insulation might be the biggest concern. Luckily, modern innovations make it possible to incorporate multiple benefits within the same blind. Let’s look at a few of them.

Day and Night Blinds

Day and night blinds come with two different materials hanging from the same head-rail. The light filtering material cuts off the glare and blocks UV rays, while allowing in a muted glow of light. Depending on the thickness, you will also be able enjoy the view while keeping some privacy intact. This is a very good option for anyone who wishes to have adequate privacy without compromising on the natural light. At night, you can pull the blackout material down to enjoy relief from outside light and noise. The dual materials also provide great insulation. With this blind, you can enjoy greater flexibility in terms of light-control and privacy.

Zebra Blinds

Another flexible option that is fast gaining popularity is the zebra blinds. The blinds are very similar to roller blinds, but with a twist. These blinds come with alternative stripes of sheer and solid vanes. The sheer vanes allow you partial view and light-filtration, while the solid vanes maintain the privacy. At night, when the sheer vanes become transparent, just adjust the solid vanes to cut off the light and visibility for privacy. These blinds are a stylish and versatile option for tight spaces.

TDBU Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are smart, sleek, and incredibly smart. These light-weight blinds come cell-like empty pockets which trap air and turn the whole blind into an insulation layer. For this reason, if you are looking for enhanced insulation, cellular blinds are the one for you.

Available in a wide range of colors, these blinds look great in any room, irrespective of the décor. If you avail the Top-Down-Bottom-Up operation, you will be able to achieve a great mix of privacy and light-control. Just position the blind at any level in the middle, keeping the top and bottom open and you will be able to let in as much light as you wish, while the privacy remains intact.

Make your blind a style-statement with these gorgeous options and create the perfect wow-factor for your room.

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