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Which Blinds are Compatible with Alexa and Google Home?

Which Blinds are Compatible with Alexa and Google Home?

In today’s tech-savvy world, your home can get automated and modernised with the help of various automatic tools and gadgets. With the help of a washing machine, you can wash your clothes effortlessly, make coffee with the help of a coffee maker and so on. But do you know that now you can also operate your windows with your voice command? Yes, isn’t it exciting? Some best smart blinds can be operated with Alexa and google home.

How to Control Blinds with Amazon Alexa

To control your motorized blinds with Alexa, all you need is an Amazon Echo and a trained individual to set up the automation. Once set up, you can ask Alexa the following questions to raise or lower your blinds, and also to set them at a scheduled time:

“Alexa, can you lower or raise the blinds”?

“Alexa, can you turn off or on the blinds”?

“Alexa, can you set the opening of the blind at 8 am”?

“Alexa, can you turn on a movie theatre mode”?

How to Control Blinds Via Google Home

For controlling your motorized blinds with google home you need a hub, Google home device, and uninterrupted internet connection. So with the help of Google Home, you can operate your motorized blinds effortlessly just by voice command.

Before you start ensure the following things:

Have you set up the connection hub?

Have you installed the Google Home app and have set up google assistance and google device?

After ensuring the above things, follow the following steps to operate your motorized blinds with google home:

  • Firstly, set up the Google device, a hub and motorized blinds amd log in to the Google home app.
  • You Google home app have a + icon to the left of the screen. Tap it to connect to a hub.
  • Then type the name of the hub in the search bar and tap yes to connect Google Home with the hub. Once get connected, your blinds will appear on the google home screen.
  • Now you can set all the rooms and blinds accordingly.
  • To operate the blinds open the google home app where you can find a light icon. By clicking on it you will lend to the page to open or close the blinds and to set brightness. Also, there are some labels below the icon from where you can easily open or close the blinds.

You can also operate your blinds through voice control by commanding google assistance to open or close your blinds.

Which Blinds Are Compatible with Alexa And Google Home

Graber Motorized Blinds

Garber motorized blinds are compatible with Alexa and google home. These blinds are sleek in design and offer clean operation. These blinds are safe, convenient, energy-efficient and provide you complete hold on your motorized blinds with the help of voice control via Alexa and google home.

Somfy Smart Blinds

Somfy motorized blinds can be voice-controlled via Alexa or google home. Thus you can open or close your smart blinds just by giving commands to Alexa or google home.

What Are the Benefits of Alexa And Google Home Enabled Blinds?

Easy to Install

You can easily install google home and Alexa compatible blinds. Using a connection hub, you can simply connect your Alexa and Google home enabled device to your motorized blinds with no or minimal setup. But make sure that you have the relevant app installed on the smart device and an Alexa and Google home linked device.


Alexa and Google home enabled blinds are easy to operate. There is no need to reach your windows again and again or find a remote or switch to operate them. You can simply manage the operation of the blinds by giving a voice command to Alexa or Google home.

Scheduled Operation

If you want to open more than a blind simultaneously or at a fixed time. Then you can schedule the program with Alexa or Google home to serve the purpose.

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