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Which Blinds Are Best For A Home Office?

Which Blinds Are Best For A Home Office?

The essential nature of a home office

Modern day home offices are shaping up to be an integral part of any home. Home offices were devised as a convenient way for doing some of the work you bring home with you and also as a way of setting up a base of operations separate from your actual workplace if the need ever arises. However, the importance of these places is rising due to a multitude of reasons.

Over the past few years people have come to realise the ease and convenience of home offices, especially for people who have freelancing jobs and private practises. The need to commute no longer exists and it is a huge time saver. Moreover, any professional communication has become easy through meetings online. The Coronavirus pandemic has led people (even those who were accustomed to a corporate setup) to shift to working from home. As the world limps back to normalcy, it seems like the importance of home offices will not diminish.

The necessity to have a good set of blinds for your home office

Now that it is established that a home office is essential to any home, it naturally follows that the home office must be furnished adequately and optimally. It is a place in your home where you turn to your professional side and your environment must cater towards helping you focus on your work. This is where window treatments, specifically blinds come in. You need blinds that have good light control, privacy, room darkening abilities as well as energy efficiency assistance. They also need to be easy to use so that you can spend your time and energy on your work rather than be distracted by constantly adjusting your blinds.

Smart blinds (can be referred to as motorised blinds as well) for instance, can be really useful. If you can link it to your thermostat and lighting systems and equip them with voice or a remote control. You can create streamlined work environment without having to get up from your desk or workstation.

Aesthetical value is also a key factor in having a home office. A calm and comforting environment can help deal with the stress of work. Moreover, with meetings being held over platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, you need make sure your office is not jarring to look at through a webcam. Blinds can reduce glare from outdoor light, match the color scheme of the room and filter the sunlight just enough to make your office beautiful, sleek and professional.

Types of blinds that can help you customise your home office

The type of blinds you want depends on what your priorities are. Your priorities can range from privacy, to aesthetics, to temperature control and to blocking of sunlight. That being said, here are a few options that can give you an idea of what you would like for your home office –

  • Venetian Blinds – Venetian blinds are traditional window treatments and is a classical approach to dressing the windows of your home office. They offer a little bit of everything (privacy, blocking harsh sunlight and aesthetics). The beauty of venetian blinds is their aptness to a professional environment such as a home office. They are sleek, easy to operate and have different control mechanisms to choose from. The most popular type of venetian blinds for offices are usually aluminium venetian blinds.
  • Wooden or faux wooden blinds – While a home office is meant to be a professional space, it is still a part of your home. To keep it homely, comforting and a little more relaxing than an actual office, you can choose wooden blinds to help you out. Its ability to block light and give you privacy just makes it a good all-round option. While wooden blinds are made out of wood, faux wooden blinds are usually made out of PVC. Faux wooden blinds are durable and sturdy, but they lack the authenticity of real wooden blinds. You can do a little bit of digging into these two types and decide which one you prefer.
  • Vertical blinds – Vertical blinds are highly recommended if your home office has a large window. This is because of two reasons. First, the slats of vertical blinds have a larger surface area, which means they can give you more privacy. Secondly, the larger slats also mean that they can reduce the noise that might come from a busy street that your office faces, helping you focus on your work.

The benefits of having smart blinds

Regardless of what kind of blinds you choose (venetian, vertical, wooden, blackout, cellular, roller blinds etc), a smart feature attached to them can revolutionise the way you function in your office.

The most important aspect of smart blinds is the amount of convenience it gives you. You can draw them open, fully close them,  or have them partially open well, from the touch of a button on a remote control or from your smartphone. You don’t have to get up every time to make adjustments, which reduces distractions and consumption of time, which is very important in a home office.

Smart home integration gives your home a massive upgrade. For instance, if your smart blinds are linked with a smart thermostat, your smart hub network can decide whether using the air conditioning is more efficient than closing the shades. It comes to this decision based on the temperature outside and inside, the time of the day and whether it is likely to increase or decrease as the day goes on. You don’t have to make these decisions and implement them manually, leaving you to focus on your work. If the blinds are linked to your smart lights, your lights can also turn on as the day progress into the evening, opening up your shades at the same time.

The fact that you don’t need a corded control mechanism anymore because your blinds are now motorised is also very important. Corded blinds are potential choking hazards for children and pets. Even if the possibility is slim, you will not have to worry at all with motorised blinds.


A home office is almost a sacred room in a home and deserves to be treated just as well as any other part of your home. You might have to bring your work home with you, but you don’t have bring any additional stress as well. Smart blinds can really help you in this regard. You can also try smart cellular blinds if you want increased energy efficiency.

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