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Where to Hang Blinds in A Deep Windowsill?

Where to HAng Blinds in a Deep Window Sill

When you invest in a new window blind for your home, you might have a couple of questions. You might be thinking where to hang blinds in a deep windowsill. Deep sills can pose an interesting challenge when you are looking for blinds to cover them. In this case, you might be wondering about where exactly you should mount the blinds. Can it be mounted on the interior, or is an exterior is a good option? What is the correct depth measurement required when mounting the window blinds? Let’s take a look at the best ways to hang blinds in a deep window sill.

After choosing a blind that matches your style, learn about the types of mounting options available for each particular window blind. Most often, some blinds do have limitations for certain types of mounts. For instance, when talking about the sliding windows, you’ll use vertical blinds that stack at each end and limit the space for window blinds to get mounted on the frame. In this case, the recess or face mounts can be a suitable option.
Moreover, the window frame material (such as composite, timber, aluminum, and others) are also a factor determining the suitable type of mount. Generally, recess and face mount are suitable for every material.

Type of Mounting Options Available for Window Blinds

Upright windows: What are the perfect types of mounting options available for it?
1. Face (Outside) mounts: Generally, the face mount is performed on the wall. It is kept in alignment with the edges of the trim. It is done to allow the closed window blind to cover the trim along with the opening of the window. In the absence of a trim (when there is a sturdy wall), it is easy to mount the blinds to the wall directly above.
2. Recess (Inside) mounts: This is the most suitable mounting option for most window blinds. The window blind measurement is checked to make it fit in the window frame so that the blind covers the recess inside the window opening. With the recess mount, you may have some light leakage that enters the room. This is due to the small gaps present along with the blind edges.

Installing Window Treatments in Deep Windows

You might have to spend money if you call for professional help or any worker to place the window blinds. If you want to avoid this expense, you can install it all by yourself. Luckily installing is generally an easy procedure once you understand what you need to do.

Let’s take a look at what you should consider when installing window treatments in deep windows.

1. Measuring window frame for accurate blinds fitting

When mounting blinds in a deep window, you’ll want to consider whether you should mount the blind more forward, flush with the wall, or more deep, closer to the window itself.

There are two main considerations:
1) Mounting flush with the wall gives a cleaner look, as it hides the depth of the window sill itself and gives a smooth surface against your wall. We recommend this in most cases if you are mostly concerned with aesthetics.
2) Mounting closer to the window will allow for better light reflection and insulation, as the window treatment will be able to reduce the heat coming into your room directly at the window itself. This also leaves the sill open for additional décors, such as if you need room for potted plants or pictures.

2. Investing in the perfect window blinds

Once you’ve not down the correct measurements for your window outline, choose the best suitable blind for your room. When searching for window blinds, you’ll get ample options such as wood blinds, vinyl blinds, aluminum coverings, and others.

Now, you might have got all your answers related to – where to hang blinds in a deep window sill! If you wish to see the big windows in your room and don’t have more budget to bring it one, outside mounting can do all the job as it appears bigger. On the contrary, inside mounting fits best for a slimmer look.

Mount flush with the wall if you want a clean look. Mount closer to the window itself when you want better insulation and heat blocking while being able to keep your sill free for additional decoration. Keep in mind as well that if you mount your blind into a particularly deep window recess, it may be more difficult to operate. For those cases consider going for a motorized blind or shade for easier access. Zebrablinds has ample options when searching for window blinds. The superior quality design ensures a proper covering for your window. If you have any questions, our team is available to assist you and help you solve your problem easily.

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