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When Were Mini Blinds Invented?

When Were Mini Blinds Invented

Window dressings are of great importance when it comes to the décor of your home. Window dressings often dictate the theme and style of a room and the whole look can be compromised if the wrong kind of window treatment is chosen. Mini blinds have been popular since the time they were first introduced. They are sleek and give a clean finish to the room. They can also be used in tandem with other types of window dressings such as curtains, sheers and heavy draperies. Have you ever wondered when mini blinds invented were and what their history is? Read on to learn some interesting facts about mini blinds.

What are mini blinds?

For the uninitiated, mini blinds or aluminum blinds are window blinds that have horizontal slats with widths that are less than half of the standard blinds. They offer maximum light control that helps to stream diffused natural light into the house. They are also used in areas where privacy is the priority like bathrooms or the bedrooms. They are not as effective as blackout shades but are still preferred when you need to combine looks, privacy and enough insulation.
Vinyl Mini Blinds

What are the advantages of using mini-blinds?

Mini blinds are easy on the eyes. No matter what the theme of your room, mini blinds can complement it effortlessly. They are sleek and give a clean finished look to the windows and the rooms. It is also noteworthy that they can be used in layers with other types of window treatments to complement them in features and functionality.
Easy decoration
Decorating your room is easy with mini blinds. They come in a wide variety of finishes which include mattes, metallic and gloss. No matter what the color scheme of your room, you are sure to find a shade that matches it.
Easy coordination
Sometimes, homes and offices have windows of different sizes. Sometimes, the sliding glass doors and patio doors need treatments too. When using mini blinds, you can make sure that the look of the room is streamlined irrespective of their varying lengths and breadths. You can select the sizes, colors and finishes as per your needs and taste to design a seamless and attractive look in your home when you have to deal with an array of sizes.
Easy maintenance
Mini blinds are known to have a very long life. If you have a very busy household and can’t afford to spare precious time to regular cleaning and maintenance, mini blinds are your best friends. They withstand even the harshest sun without fading or cracking. They can also withstand kids and furry members of your family without incurring lasting damage. To clean them all you need is a damp piece of clean cloth or a vacuum cleaner to give them a quick wipe down and they will serve you in pristine condition for a very long time.
You might not find a more cost-effective window dressing in the market when compared to the mini blind. It is a custom product that is made to fit the dimensions of your windows, patio doors and glass sliding doors exactly and is still counted in the low price category. You can also upgrade the mini blinds to a cordless lift or a route less feature without compromising on the value for every penny you spend.
Cordless Mini Blinds

History of Mini Blinds

The mini blinds were first developed in 1794 and were called venetian blinds. These first had lightweight wood slats that were placed horizontally and were adjustable to let in light or shut it off completely. They were used in the place of curtains and shutters in homes. In the early 1840s, the cords that were used to tie the narrow slats together were replaced with strips of cloths. These clothes came in different colors to enhance the look of the mini blinds. In the year 1966, a pulley system was invented that let the users have great control over the mechanism. Over the years, the slats became narrower and people enjoyed the way they looked. 50 mm aluminum slats were made popular in the year 1946 when Henry Sonnenberg and Joe Hunter invented the technology for their production. Eventually, the narrower 25 mm slats gained popularity. From the year 1981 to early 2001, the window treatments went drastic changes and improvements. A wide array of products and brands were introduced. Some saw success and others failed and faded away. Mini blinds remained popular even as the tastes and trends of the population changed. People moved into new model homes and apartments. Mini blinds gave them a window treatment that was cost-effective and that could be installed immediately with minimal hassles. In the early 1980s, mini blinds were capturing almost 80% of the window treatment markets.

The late 1980s saw a drastic reduction in sales of the mini blinds as the world was hit by the recession. Large home improvement warehouses began operation instead of small mom and pop style retailers. The businesses that lasted after the recession learned to innovate and banked on marketing. Mini blinds slowly diminished in popularity giving way to the other kinds of window treatments. When 1996 came by, wood blinds were more popular than mini blinds and venetian blinds. Today, the market and popularity of mini blinds are not the same as it once was but it still commands a good percentage of the overall sales of window treatments in a year. The reason of its lasting popularity among the masses is that it has adapted and molded itself over the years to suit the changing consumer tastes and trends of the market. Today, the humble mini blinds have come a long way since it was first invented.

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