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Do You Need Curtains With Blinds? When To Layer Your Window Treatments

Do You Need Curtains With Blinds? When To Layer Your Window Treatments

The Right Time to Layer Curtains With Blinds

Designing windows with the right blinds or shades can add a personal sophisticated touch to your entire decor while bringing warmth and elegance. It’s no secret that the right one can change the look and feel of your home dramatically, but what about when they’re paired together? Do blinds and curtains work together? Well, the answer is yes and when layered together they can carry an aura and infuse charm throughout the space. A little layering can go a long way to maintain a soothing vibe. You can layer several types of window treatments in order to achieve an appeal that is truly an extension of your home interior. When you are layering blinds and curtains together, aesthetics is not the only objective, you should give importance to the functionality too. And when it comes to functions, this duo won’t disappoint you. They will do more than controlling light or privacy. According to the interior designers, before you integrate them with each other, you should look into the best practices of layering treatments.  Mixing and matching these two window solutions will help you get a designer-worthy look for less.

Layered Window Solution

When using layered curtains with blinds or shades, the primary aim is to have the right contrast so the two layers don’t collide. For example, if you are planning to have a neutral toned hard window blind, then any pattern or solid color curtains will work. Again when you are choosing a soft window blind like cellular blind or roman blind, then select a print or color for your curtain that will coordinate with the blind texture. So, you have to be very cautious and specific while stepping into this dressing project. But before you plan and execute anything, ask yourself why should you consider pairing window treatments? Do you really need to integrate curtains and blinds? Because this task not only takes time but can be a little expensive too. However, in this article we have listed a few concerns that will tell you whether you should go for it or not. Check them now!

Times When You Will Require Layering Window Coverings

  • Maximum Functional Effectiveness in Controlling Sun Rays:

Window dressings are an essential part of making our life luxury and highly convenient. Light control, insulation, and maintaining indoor privacy are some of the most important jobs a covering does. If you live in a place where the climate remains extreme all year around or if your windows confront a busy street side, then window treatments’ functionality should be your first priority. With so many innovative blinds available in the market, even the best one can fail when it comes to offering comfort and elegance. There remains a space between slats or louvers through which light and glare can easily penetrate through them while brightening up your decor. This can be a real problem especially when you want a dark atmosphere (like for your bedroom or media room). Your blind may work brilliantly at blocking natural or artificial light, but your room’s special needs can be fulfilled by layering a beautiful window treatment like a curtain. There are different types of curtains including sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout, and each of them offer varying light control capacity and depending on the needs, you can choose the curtain type accordingly. For example, if you have light controlling blind but you are looking for a private retreat with zero sun rays, then consider blackout drapery over them. The right combination will completely appreciate the functional needs of your space.

Layering Curtains

  • Power of Energy Saving:

Window treatments have the capability of making your home energy-efficient. Choosing high quality blind can keep warmth inside during the winter months and the heat out during the summer. But even after a proper installation, sun’s heat can enter your space through or side of the covering, increasing the temperature of the space drastically. But layering will solve your problem. Choosing blackout or thick fabricated window curtains can prevent the heat efficiently, keeping the interior at an ideal temperature while lowering home’s utility bills. So if you are confronting an issue with the indoor temperature, consider layering window solutions as it will give windows/doors complete coverage.

Layering Curtain Over Blinds

  • Decorative Appeal Along With Sophistication:

If you are someone who truly wants to improve the aesthetic condition of home interior, layering is the best way to do so. Your windows can help in making a fashion statement or offer the perfect stylish accent to become the focal point of your decor. Look for interesting and contrasting color and textures that will complement each other while creating a mesmerizing appearance. So if you want to improve the aesthetic condition of your decor, customize properly and pair them together.

Are You Ready for Layering?

Now you know that layering blinds and curtains can do amazing things. From enhancing a room’s appeal to controlling incoming light and preventing excess heat, they can help you achieve a comfy and relaxing indoor environment. So if you are facing any of the above issues, go for layering and see the magic. But make sure you choose the right material and design for both the coverings. For assistance, consult with the experts and they will guide you throughout the process!