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What’s New in Window Treatments? A Look at Fall 2020 and Beyond

What's New in Window Treatments? A Look at Fall 2020 and Beyond

Window treatments have been around for a long time now and date as far back into history as the times of great Roman and Persian civilizations. The utilitarian aspect coupled with the aesthetic benefits that these window treatments impart to the home décor has allowed them to stay relevant and on-trend even today and will continue to do so in the future.

Fashion has a peculiar trait and that is its tendency to not remain constant. Trends come and go and evolve with the dynamics of their age. Sometimes fashion trends of the yesteryears repeat while on other occasions we see the innovations that are in tune with the fervor of the current times. From clothing to footwear and from furnishings to drapery, etc. have trends of their own. These trends keep changing, keep evolving, and follow a pattern, at times cyclical and sometimes take a quantum leap.

What’s New in Window Treatments? A Look at Fall 2020 and Beyond

Window treatments have always been a popular choice amongst homeowners to dress up the windows and doors in their houses. Being so mainstream, it is highly unlikely that window treatments will remain unaffected by the developments and innovations in home furnishings. Window treatments have also evolved a lot over the years.

From the wet pieces of cloth put on the windows to protect the Roman houses from the dust from the construction site of the great Colosseum to the smart coverings of the present, window treatments have come a long way. Let us look at some of the current trends and innovations that are in vogue and are expected to stay popular through the Fall 2020 and beyond:

Cordless Convenience

Standard window treatment options offered by brands come with the pull cord mechanism. The loose free falling pull cord can make for an untidy and messy look and feel. Moreover, if you have kids or pets at home, the pull cords can pose a safety risk. Cordless window treatments solve both these issues. You not only get a window treatment solution that is sleek, tidy, and convenient but also one that is kid and pet-friendly. No wonder cordless window treatments are getting so much love in 2020 and it is expected to stay that way in the future.

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Smart Innovations

The world is getting increasingly more tech-oriented and innovative. A lot of that comprises smart and efficient solutions that not only enhances the productivity of the people but also make their lives easier and smarter. Smart window coverings are modern innovations in the window treatment industry. Smart blinds, smart shades, etc. can be controlled via your smartphone and even your voice command.

Smart coverings give you the flexibility of remotely controlling and monitoring them even when you are outside your house. This not only gives you more convenience but also enhances the safety of your home. These smart window coverings can interact with other smart appliances and work in tandem with them to create a seamless experience for you. Smart window coverings are quite the rage in Fall 2020 and it is only going to get more popular and mainstream.

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Less is More

Minimalistic elegance is often underestimated but the subtle and understated elegance of such window coverings impart a unique sophistication and taste to the home décor. Neutral colors and fine patterns and designs are functional and have a universal quality that makes them ideal for any setting. As a result, minimalistic options make a safe option even for those who are buying window coverings for the first time. These are enough reasons to anticipate a renewed interest in minimalistic options in Fall 2020 and beyond.

Fun and Functional

Functional designs are always preferred by pragmatic homeowners. Window coverings that offer excellent features such as good thermal insulation and impeccable light control without compromising on the safety of your privacy are always preferred. Window coverings that manage to balance awesome functionality with good looks take the ace. Such window covering options are and will continue to be all the rage in Fall 2020 and in the future too.

Bold And Expressive

Every individual is unique and so is his or her taste and preference. Some people prefer to stand out from the crowd and prefer to do things differently. The same taste shows in their choice of window coverings and other home décor elements too. Bold and expressive designs make for a unique visual effect that some people seek to achieve with their home décor.

Large prints, prominent checks, stripes, vibrant and colorful prints, and playful colors make everything exciting and impart a radiant appeal to the space around them. These design ideas work really well for window treatments too, especially if you are looking to differentiate your home décor and give it a fun and lively twist. What seems too flashy for some may come across as the perfect recipe for a lively and high-spirited finish. Hence, there will always be a place for such bold and expressive window treatments, be it the present or the future beyond.

While smart solutions are only going to increase in popularity, some other trends seem like a recurring theme. But, this is the unique thing about trends; they are often cyclical in nature. Emerging trends can co-exist with timeless styles.