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What’s ‘In’ and What’s ‘Out’ in Window Treatments

Window Treatment Trends

Latest Trends in Window Treatments

Fittings, fixtures, fabrics, or furniture, there are a few select themes which cannot be ignored. This is an opportunity to figure out what to improve and what to leave out. The process of refurbishing the windows can become more of long-term investment or a design project. Don’t neglect your windows; otherwise, you will be left with a bare window. Whether you are starting from the bottom, or need a fresh new outlook, these trendy window design ideas can convert your space into the center of attraction.

Organic Materials: Common natural materials like bamboo and matchstick are used in natural-based window shades. Earlier metallic tones and sparkle designs were popular, but now decoration-based hardware is coming to the forefront. There is an inclination towards wood and organic materials. Bamboo is an ideal choice as it is eco-friendly and sustainable.
Natural Shades
Color-coordinated window covers: Blue colors are becoming fashionable, with combinations of navy blue and white or blue with white. This color is soon turning into the new ‘red’ color tone in the window attachment industry. The trending colors are aquamarine, soft green, teal, and ocean hues. According to this color scheme, gray shades and pale lavender. Brown is a dominating color and jewel tones like gold, persimmon, and orange are popular too.

Luxe Fabrics: Fabrics like leather, suede, fur, velvets, silks, and damasks come in the category of luxurious fabrics. This trend is popular with homeowners who want to reside in a space that speaks opulence. Every window element like fabric, trimmings, and hardware should have lavish refurbishing like beaded tassels and crystals if you want the luxury aesthetic.

Velvet and Grosgrain: What’s moving the styles and markets today is the soft fabrics and textiles. Fashion and interior styling are becoming synonymous with window dressings. It can be visible in stylings like lace, beading, ruffles, cording, and much more. Narrow ribbons on drapes and blinds are making an entrance. These ribbons are made out of grosgrain. Grosgrain is a ribbed fabric that is tightly woven and is quite strong.
Velvet Drapes
Sleek Lines: Flowy drapes to chrome based decorated hardware are the signs that sleek lines are taking over the fashion in window designs. By making sleek lines beside a window can create a chic look to any space and room. Wooden panel or fabric-based track systems can be used as room dividers, doors or on window walls. It is these panel track systems that can provide a quick method of utilizing streamlined window attachments.
Flowy Drapes
Bold Prints: The trend for a youthful funky vibe on windows can be seen with the visibility of bold prints and stripes. Even floral patterns with traditional overtones and geometric designs are being seen.

Silk Panels: There is also a movement towards silk fabrics that add elegance and a touch of luxury to interiors. Silk is an expensive window dressing option, but it is worth the effort. They come in a myriad of color schemes like jacquard paisley patterns, plaid, and embroidered silks.

High-Tech Touches: Window shades can be technological friendly and used via a remote or an app, but they don’t have to look and feel morbid. To make a window feel cozy homeowners are opting for layered fabrics with a top thread count fabric.

Green Design: For those consumers who are seeking ways to fight against allergies and opting for window panels that are heat or cold repellent; the green design is in style. Performance-based materials have also gone green with the usage of anti-microbial and anti-fungal yarn fabrics. The ideal picks for allergy sufferers are stain, mold, and mildew resistant fabrics. Consumers will feel comfortable at home with non-toxic fabric dyes.

Top Trending Home Designs

It is also useful to check out the trends in interior home designing to make an informed decision when it comes to your window treatment. By viewing these trends, you can safely collate a more comprehensive look towards your home furnishings. Here are some of the home design trends doing the rounds.

DIY: Do it yourself projects are gaining a lot of popularity whether you are going for unique wallpaper patterns or retro lighting fixtures. There is a lot of online information about blending different home design styles into one. You can learn so much by revamping your indoor spaces.

Retro: What can be viewed quite frequently in the home designing domain are the concepts of timelessness and substantial detailing in indoor spaces. Abstract designs, bold dark color schemes, velvets, rattan, floral patterns, and bold, bright colors are just the kind of design elements to be expected when it comes to home redecoration.

Color Scheme: The coral color as shade is quite versatile and can be used as a running theme for your interiors. This shade and color tone can be utilized in any space, be it the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Throw in some soft pillows and a side table, and you can create your nook to relax in. Vibrancy can be added to your rooms with coral colors.

Use of Wood: There is so much more demand for wood themed décor at present. Many homeowners are aspiring for a connection with nature. You can have a forest-themed space for your home, and why not embrace the look of Mother Nature herself?
Wooden Window Blinds

Upgraded Décor means a Higher Value Home

Today’s home décor fabrics are a stark difference to the materials of yesteryears. Nowadays, many home décor firms are creating textural fabrics based on performance. As a result, there is an inclination to utilize it inside as well as outside. So, if you are on the lookout for a home makeover, then look no further. You can use these innovative home design ideas to upgrade your home. By enhancing the look and feel of your windows, you can improve the resale value of your residential property. Furthermore, you can boost the level of energy efficiency of your home and enable a reduction in electricity bills. Take advantage of your new windows with the help of the guidelines mentioned above and transform your home furnishings.