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What You Should Look For In Window Treatments for Your Hot Florida Room

What You Shoud Look For In Window Treatments For Your Hot Florida Room

Florida Summers

Florida is located in the south-eastern region of United States and is a coastal state. It is a major tourist hub and the beautiful beaches remain a primary attraction for both tourists and residents alike. As much as it is known for its gorgeous sea and the beaches, Florida is equally famous for its hot summers. Summers throughout the state of Florida are long-drawn, sultry and humid. Daytime temperatures continue to soar and the last few years has seen a steep increase in the heat. People find themselves huffing and puffing their way through the hot summer days.

Need for Window Treatments

Staying outside becomes increasingly challenging and people like to spend the summer indoors as much as possible to keep themselves cool and sun protected. The air conditioners are a savior during these months. But every month the rising electricity costs continue to cut a hole in your budget and you wait for the months when the weather would improve. While air conditioners are a necessity to keep the interiors cool and pleasant, you must also ensure that there is energy loss happening in the house. If warm air from outside continues to flow into the house then the air conditioners will have to use more energy to keep the rooms cool which will cause energy costs to shoot up. Your windows are the biggest cause of energy loss in the house. Glass windows allow warm air to flow through with ease during the hot summer months and escape the house during winter causing significant energy loss. To make your windows energy efficient and transform your homes into sun-protected sanctuaries during the hot Florida summer months, you need to give your window treatments a makeover.

Window treatments can be used to:
• Reflect radiant heat back to its source before it can hit the windows.
• Block heat out of your space.
• Block out the harmful UV rays that are emitted by the sun.
• During peak summer the sun’s rays are extremely harsh and the glares can blind you even inside the house. This can disrupt sleep, work and daily activities of life. Window treatments can help to filter the harsh glares and allow diffuse light to stream into the house.

Types of Window Treatments to Combat Florida Heat

Not all window shades or blinds however are designed or equipped to block heat out. Some are better at filtering light, some at blocking out light while others helps to keep heat inside during winter months. There are some fabrics and materials do an admirable job of combating heat and they are perfect for your hot Florida homes.

Exterior Solar Shades

Exterior solar shades are the perfect window treatment solution for your hot Florida homes. Unlike other window blinds and shades, these shades are mounted on the exterior part of the house outside your windows. Made of a combination of polyester and fiberglass, they help to reflect the sun’s rays back to its source before it can touch the window glass and hence prevents it from getting heated up. They are flame resistant and can withstand outdoor climatic conditions. They help to block out the harmful UV rays and help create a pleasant and comfortable ambiance inside the house. You can use any window treatment inside the house for aesthetic beauty and as an additional layer of protection from heat and other elements of nature and for privacy. These are extremely energy-efficient window treatments that help to keep your energy bills low even during the peak summer months.
Exterior Solar Shades

Solar Shades

Solar shades are another great option for your Florida homes. These shades are mounted inside the house and the solar fabrics are woven to make them porous to light. They come in different fabrics offering various degrees of openness ranging between 1% to 5% and 6% to 14%. High openness means better illumination for the rooms while lower openness blockage maximum light seepage and UV rays. Solar shades help to block out sunlight from heating up your space and from causing sun damage to your homes and furnishings.
Motorized Solar Shades

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

If you are looking to control heat, aluminum Venetian blinds and are highly recommended. They are durable and long-lasting. They are easy to maintain and clean and are excellent in heat and light control because they are equipped with slats that can be tilted to give you optimal control. Wood is a good insulator but they warp in extreme heat. So if you want blinds for your homes then aluminum blinds make a great choice.
Aluminum Metal Blinds


Plantation Shutters are another popular choice of window treatment for regions that experience harsh summers. They can greatly reduce the ambient temperature inside your home. The louvers can be tilted for light and heat control. Keeping the shutters closed during the day hours when the sun is at its peak can help to block out heat and light. Post sundown you can keep the shutters open for air circulation and cooler airflow.
Composite Shutters


Drapes are an elegant and classic window treatment solution for homes. They can also help to keep your homes cool and block out heat but this depends upon the fabric type. Medium colored drapes with white plastic backings can reduce heat by as much as 33%. The white backing will help to reflect the heat back to its source. You can even opt for a layered window treatment using drapes with aluminum blinds or shutters.
The right window treatment will increase the energy efficiency of your homes, keep your interiors cool and even if air conditioners are required, they will not consume excess energy to keep the temperatures down.