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What You Need To Consider For Dressing Your Double Window Over A Kitchen Sink

What You Need To Consider For Dressing Your Double Window Over A Kitchen Sink

An excellent place to have a double window in the kitchen is above the sink. This lets in a good amount of natural sunlight to enter the kitchen while providing access to outside view while standing near the sink. When it comes to viewing outside, a double window over the kitchen sink can be extremely helpful if kids are playing outside and you are cooking dinner or washing the dishes while keeping a watch on the kids. While these windows bring in abundant natural sunlight into the space, it is challenging to find functional as well as stylish over-the-sink kitchen window coverings.

What Factors To Consider While Dressing a Window Over A Kitchen Sink

In a functional space like a kitchen, window coverings offer one of the many elements of decoration and softness amid hard surfaces and utilitarian appliances. Shades and curtains are capable of adding a texture, pattern, and a pop of color that the space otherwise lacks while improving privacy and controlling natural sunlight. As you use your kitchen daily, it is important to include window treatments that go with your style and requirements. While dressing a  window above the kitchen sink, it is imperative to take the following factors into account that offers your cooking space a customized and polished look:

  • For Decoration: Window covering serves as beautiful accents in the kitchen. Colorful swags draped over a double window will make a bright statement. While roller and Roman shades exhibit texture and pattern when they are closed, cornices and stationary valances highlight windows that you want to grab attention. For the maximum decorative effect, select fabrics that feature eye-catching design and colors, and go for tassels, trims, bold banding, or fringe to offer your kitchen window covering a finishing touch.
  • Additional Privacy: Kitchen window treatments might not seem important unless you realize the passers-by can view straight into your breakfast nook. For consistent privacy requirements, opt for screening materials that allow you to see out and let some sunlight enter while blocking the inside view. Consider trying roller shades and cellular shades made of woven or translucent woven materials.
  • Light Control: Harmful UV rays can be destructive for us as well as our house. Direct sunlight can increase the temperature inside, dull cabinet finishes, fade wooden floors, wash out fabrics, and dry leather. To secure your kitchen from excess sunlight, look for window treatments that reduce incoming sunlight. For absolute light control, pick opaque window coverings like curtains or blackout shades that are lined with a light-blocking layer. When lowered, the slats of shutters, as well as blinds, can also block out the sunlight.
  • Ease Of Cleaning

Kitchen window coverings should always be kept clean. Anything near a sink or stove will absorb odors and splatters from dishwater, cooking oils, foods, and so on. The material of window covering makes all the difference in the ease of maintenance of the window coverings in your kitchen. For instance, most curtains and fabric valances can be pressed and rehung. Vinyl blinds, shutters, and solar shades can be wiped using a damp cloth. However,  when it comes to cleaning wooden blinds, it gets more tedious. Elaborate fabric coverings like Roman window shades or any panel with trim and lining may be a bit more complicated and have to be dry-cleaned. Cellular shades have to be vacuumed to make them dust-free, but may be stained by splashing liquids. Therefore, install them in areas far away from possible spills or splatters like in a breakfast nook.

The material you pick for your kitchen window coverings bears a major difference in how easily it can be maintained. Anything near the sink or stove can soak up splutters or absorb odors. Ensure to remember this while choosing your kitchen window coverings. For instance, most shades and shutters can be wiped down easily using soapy water. But, maintenance becomes more tedious with heavy fabric draperies.

In A Nutshell

Double windows above the kitchen sink often present a great view when you are washing the dishes or cooking something. If your kitchen window has a view, then it will be a nice idea to go for window coverings like curtains that provide enough exposure while framing the pleasant view in a unique way. Also, a kitchen is the hardest working space in your house. Thus, your kitchen window coverings have to be highly durable. While picking window treatments for your kitchen, it is imperative to take into account how it can tolerate moisture and heat while offering you the desired functionality and style.

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