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What Wall Colour Goes Well with Dark Cherry Furniture

What Wall Colour Goes Well with Dark Cherry Furniture

What is Cherry Wood Furniture and how does it look?

Cherry wood furniture is unique in the sense that its colour stands out amongst different pieces of furniture. The colours come in a variety of shades, usually from a blond to brown with tinges of red in them. The most interesting thing about cherry wood furniture is their ability to change colours. This means, that they gradually get darker in colour as time passes. This occurs because of its exposure to sunlight.

Usually, cherry wood, at the beginning (when the tree is taken down), is somewhat pink in colour. As the piece of wood grows older, they absorb light. This absorption of light coupled with a few natural and artificial processes result in it changing its colour. This changed colour is darkish brown-red. This quality of cherry wood has piqued the interest of many. Beyond that, cherry wood also lasts for a long time and are extremely beautiful. The contribution to the aesthetics of a room by cherry wood furniture is unparalleled.

What else is there to know about Cherry Wood Furniture?

Based on the colour, cherry wood, can be composed of two parts, which are the heartwood and the sapwood. The heartwood, is at the centre part of the log and has a pale pinkish colour. The heartwood can become reddish brown as it ages. The sapwood is the outer part of the cherry tree and comes in a pale blond colour.

The production of cherry wood is distributed from all over the world. For example, Allegheny Plateau in Pennsylvania is one of the largest production stations for cherry wood in the United States. England is another major producer of cherry wood.

It is also important to know about cherry wood grain. The patten of grain that cherry wood usually have is smooth and close. Usually, there are some flecks. Pith flecks, as they are called, are just little tracks that cause a streak pattern. The are a variety of patterns that cherry wood grain cause. You may be able to choose the type of pattern based on the cherry wood furniture based on the grain pattern.


What are the best wall colours that will suit dark cherry furniture?

You might already have cherry wood furniture and you might be planning on repainting your walls to suit the furniture and increase the aesthetic value of the room exponentially. On the other hand, you may be looking to buy new furniture and you want to know whether dark cherry furniture will suit your home. Either way, it is essential to know what colour walls go with dark cherry furniture. Here are some tips to maximise on your opportunity to strike the right balance between the colours of the walls and the furniture –

  • This tip will apply mainly to people who are painting or repainting the walls to suit the dark cherry furniture. Before you move into deciding which colour to go with, the first step is to deduce the colour base. We can broadly divide colours by their base into two categories. These are oil based and water based. Oil based colours are glossy, give a polished look and does not fade so soon. However, it does not necessarily mean that oil basedcolours are the superior option.

Water based colours dry much quicker than the oil-based colours. Also, the cost and effort taken in maintenance is somewhat lower because they can be cleaned with water itself. Water based colours are also known to have low levels of toxic emission.

  • Creamy colours can provide some contrast to dark cherry wood furniture. If the cherry wood is not dark and is rather pale, the cream colour can match the furniture. The darkness on the other hand, will act as a perfect contrast to the wall. Take a look at some creamy colours for walls. Cream colours are not exactly white. They have a tinge of yellow in them. However, it is important to keep in mind that cream, as colour is more white than yellow (the ratio of white to yellow favours the white side). If it is too yellow, you run the risk of overpowering the room with strong colours of the walls and the furniture. This might not come off well.
  • Beige is a recommended wall colour for rooms with cherry dark furniture. It is quite often overlooked that beige is a very calming and soothing colour to a room. It can be used as a wall colour for a study or even a bedroom. Beige can highlight the dark cherry furniture to a large extent. However, it is really important to remember that the contrast with beige and the furniture can be showcased to its maximum potential with the help of sunlight. With the natural light, the reddish-browncolour of the furniture becomes prominent. Additionally, the lack of sunlight can make beige a dull colour.
  • Light colours can work really well. Light colours do not mean white or cream. For example, light blue colours, like sky blue or sleepy blue can be a very good colour addition to your walls. Compared to the conventional recommendations, colours like these can be a little more fun and will tap into your creative side. It just might be the brave decision that can set your rooms apart from any other creative style. The balance that colours provide can be playful and can be used in kitchens and dining rooms.
  • Some dark colours can be very good for matching dark cherry furniture. The other colours recommended before were to provide some contrast to the cherry furniture. Dark colours on the other hand can be good choices for matching the dark furniture. It is important to note however, that not all dark colours will go well the reddish brown color. If different dark colors go together it might make the room sullen and gloomy. For example, purple might not look as good with the cherry furniture. But, dark green, navy blue or a shade of grey also might be a good option.

Dark cherry furniture are timeless pieces of furniture that are handed down from generation to generation. Keep in mind while buying dark cherry furniture that there are few criteria that determine whether the cherry wood is of good quality or not. These factors are mainly the colour of the wood, the expertise of the craftsmanship, the working of the joints. Do some thorough research before deciding where to buy cherry wood furniture from. This requires careful deliberation as they can be a part of your home for many years and even decades.