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What Types of Decor Goes Well With Light Blue Walls?

What Types of Decor Goes Well With Light Blue Walls?

Bright white, off-white, grey, beige, cream, and other neutral colours suit light blue walls effectively. Light blue contrasts sharply with yellow, gold, black, orange, and brown, creating a relaxing backdrop.

It is one of the most widely used living room colours. Your home will feel calmer and more stable with a blue living room. Blue comes in a variety of appealing hues, many of which complement neutrals like brown and cream.

What Color Curtains Can I Use for Light Blue Walls?

The type of fabric, length, height, valance type, hanging hardware, and density of the curtains may make or break a room. Curtains shield a space from direct sunlight and heat, as well as chilly temperatures, and add to the decor style. Curtains keep a room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while also adding to the aesthetic. Keep the color scheme of the room in mind when shopping for and hanging curtains in a room with light blue walls. The color scheme for the curtains should be consistent. The main color is more essential than the curtain styles or patterns.

  • Dark-blue, royal-blue, or dark brown themed drapes add regal appeal to a room with light blue walls and quirky black furniture, dark wood floors, and rust-colored trim.
  • Choose sheer, flowing drapes in neutral colors like white, off-white, beige, or soft grey to complement a room with light blue walls and neutral furnishings like a cream-colored couch, nautical-themed wall decor, and a white-washed floor. Each window becomes a design feature when a valance made of the same patterned cloth is added.
  • Grey is a hue that complements blue walls beautifully, and these grey grommet curtain panels are ideal for duck egg blue walls.
  • Curtains in silver and grey for a blue room. The vivid blue of the walls contrasts well with the bright silver and grey curtains. Normally, grey curtains would be unremarkable, but the silver geometric design on these drapes makes them stand out.
  • Royal blues work well with other strong hues like red, orange, and yellow, but not as well with purple or green.
  • Light blues look best when paired with dark, cool colors or other shades of the same hue.
  • Many homes have light blue walls, and the purity of blue produces a relaxing and welcome atmosphere in any space.
  • Light blue comes in a wide range of tints, including well-known hues like robin’s egg, baby blue, powder blue, and angel blue.
  • Light blue is a traditional wall color that solely comprises genuine blues with no green, red, grey, or yellow undertones.

We’ll look at the best colors to mix with blue walls and round out your interior design plan in more detail.

  • Navy Blue Walls with White Curtains

White curtains are a great alternative for navy blue walls. The navy blue of the walls contrasts wonderfully with the pristine white drapes, giving the space a classy yet contemporary appearance.

  • Dark Blue Walls with Navy Blue Curtains

You may create a very dramatic design by choosing another shade of blue curtains to complement your blue walls for an effortlessly elegant look.

  • Light Blue Walls with Blue Striped Curtains

Against the delicate blue of the walls, these vivid blue striped curtains look wonderful. The striped gradient breaks up the color beautifully.

  • Navy and taupe are classic choices

If you want drapes to compliment navy blue walls, taupe is a terrific choice because neutral colors always go well with dark blues.

  • Deep Blue Walls with Blush Pink Curtains

This room feels fresh and lively because of the soft pink curtains.

The blush pink of the curtains stands out against the deep blue of the walls, giving them a gentler edge.

  • For a playful vibe, combine teal walls with blush pink curtains

Despite the fact that the walls are a dark shade of blue, this shade of teal blends in beautifully with the blush pink in this girls’ room, making the area feel lighter and more feminine.

  • Pale Blue Walls and Dusty Pink Curtains

If you’re looking for curtains to complement your pale blue walls, this dusty pink color is a good choice.

  • Dark Blue Walls with Natural Linen Curtains

It’s no secret that neutrals are always a winner when it comes to curtains for dark blue walls.

  • Grey Curtains with Duck Egg Blue Walls

Grey is a hue that always looks good against blue walls, and these grey grommet curtain panels are ideal for duck egg blue walls.

  • Modern Farmhouse Look with Cream Checked Curtains and Blue Walls

Any farmhouse decor can benefit from checkered drapes. The enormous square checks on these cream checkered curtains contrast beautifully with the dark blue walls, and they’re a welcome break from the traditional plain or patterned curtains we’re used to.

  • Light Blue-Grey Walls and Rusty Red Curtain

Rust-red and white honeycomb patterned curtains for blue grey walls are a little more daring. The warm rust red contrasts brilliantly with the cool blue of the walls, resulting in a stunning concept.

The geometric pattern on the curtains makes these curtains an excellent choice for modern decor, whether in the living room or the master bedroom.

  • Charcoal Grey and White Curtains on Midnight Blue Walls

If your home has midnight blue walls, these charcoal grey and white geometric patterned curtains can be a good fit.

The elaborate geometric pattern and contrasting color make these curtains stand out against the deep blue walls, while the lighter color and sheer material work nicely around windows, allowing more light to filter in during the day.

  • Dark Blue Walls with Grey and Silver Curtains

Curtains in silver and grey for a blue room. The vivid blue of the walls contrasts well with the bright silver and grey curtains.

Normally, grey curtains would be plain, but the silver geometric design on these drapes elevates them to a focal point. Despite their light tint, these curtains provide perfect blackout light filtration.

  • Curtains in a zesty lemon yellow with dark blue walls

Against the gloomy blue of the walls, these bright lemon-yellow drapes pop.

  • Dark Blue Walls With A Desert Orange Blue

Orange curtains look great against dark blue walls. Because orange and blue are complementary colors, combining them creates a dramatic design that is attractive to the eye.

These lovely curtains are completely blackout, making them suitable for both bedrooms and living areas, as well as keeping the heat in.

  • For a Stylish and Sophisticated Look, Pair Gray Curtains With Sky Blue Walls

Grey curtains with sky blue walls are a wonderful combination. This room’s style is effortless elegant thanks to the combination of grey and sky blue.

The speckled design on these grey curtains gives texture and depth to the fabric, making them a standout element in this lovely space.


There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the correct curtains to go with your blue walls. There are a lot of fantastic options to pick from, but make sure you examine the material and texture as well as the color.

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