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Try These Window Coverings to Keep The Summer Heat Out

What To Put On Windows To Keep Heat Out

Embrace the Summer with Open Arms Because Now You Know What to Put on Windows to Keep Heat Out



Though the ultimate source of energy and all life as we know it, there is such a thing as too much sun. Yes, sunlight is important, but the scorching light can creep inside your home sweet home and ruin your furniture. Now imagine the condition of your skin under the harsh UV rays. We can give you a list of ways to escape the heat, among which, the easiest is to shut your windows and switch on your air conditioner. But have you ever given a thought that the light entering through bare windows is enough to deteriorate things for you and your loved ones sharing your apartment? To save you the trouble, we have managed to list all the efficient window coverings and treatments which keep the outside heat, out. Go through our blog, especially focused at ‘how to block sunlight from windows’, and find out what to put on windows to keep heat out.

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) believes that a pair of medium-shade drapes lined with white colored plastic can reduce the heat gain by 33%. Yes, the correct dress for our windows can impact the temperature inside far more than you think.

Also, it is not just about those harmful UVs, it is about the disruption caused in your sound sleep during the day hours, because, we know how much power naps means to you.

Hence, when summer is your guest, we are here to serve it some welcome drinks. Find out what to put on windows to keep heat out and thank us later.



How to Block Sunlight from Windows Through Various Types of Window Shades

Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Among the list of translucent window coverings, shades are the perfect answer to what to put on windows to keep heat out. Besides heat blocking, they keep the room ventilated by filtering the harsh sunlight and letting in the scattered ray of light. Easy to install, they are available in a number of variants depending upon your needs. If you are looking for insulation, cellular shades AKA Honeycomb shades are the perfect window coverings for your windows. On the other hand, if you want some fabric based window covering with interesting patterns and hues, roller or roman shades can be considered. The choice of window covering also depends upon where you want to install them. For eg: a fabric-based window shade is a good idea for the bedroom and living room, but your kitchen sink window would want a more moisture resistant material, such as aluminum or faux wood.

Custom Roller Shades


  • The Roller Shades: Roller shades are fabric based shades. Efficient, cost-effective and royal, they are a very good window treatment to invest in.


Fabric Roman Shades


  • Roman Shades: Fabric roman shades are made up of a good quality fabric smoothly folded in a very catching fashion. You can pick and choose the appropriate pattern, color, and fabric as per your interiors and complete the look of your room. As their name suggests, Roman shades have a very classy appearance. If your windows face direct sunlight, then invest in double layer roman shades or a fabric, thick enough to absorb all the light coming from outside.


Solar Shades


  • Outdoor sun shades for patio:pair of solar shades is a must for your patio doors during the summers. If you invest in good quality solars, half of your heat problems will be sorted out. To maintain the aesthetics, you can install a pair of outdoor sun shades with a fabric window covering inside. Sleek appearance and UV blocking, solar shades are ideal for the summer season. From a sharp glare to harsh sunlight, they can manage everything. Budget-friendly and easy to install, they are the perfect instruments to save yourself from that scorching heat.



Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows


With a huge variety of vertical blinds, is offering you free shipping and samples to your doorstep. Before you make up your mind, let us introduce you to these magical window treatments. Vertical Blinds have slats nicely arranged in a pull cord system. The slats usually come in a number of materials depending upon your budget and requirements. You can easily adjust the light as well as the temperature inside your room by adjusting the slats as per your convenience. Not just this, DOE believes that blinds have a capacity to cut down heat build up by 45% inside your rooms. Pair up a light colored blind with your bay windows to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your room and simultaneously savor the flexibility over light.


Among all the variants, the most suitable blinds for bay windows are the cordless 2-inch faux wood blinds. The thick slats will help you cut down the light coming from your bay window and give it a very seamless look. You can also install the same kinds of blinds on all the three windows and give it a retro kind of aura. On the other hand, if you are looking for something quirky and unique, install 2 different blinds on the side windows with a solid shade blind in the center. Pair this look with right colored valances and give your bay window the pampering it deserves.



Curtains and Drapes

Drapery Window Treatments


Luxury with utility, curtains, and drapes are the best window treatments for those who crave for both beauty and efficacy. The free-flowing fabric on the floor and the beautiful curtain ties can give your windows an amazing feel. But before you actually settle for a specific kind of fabric, consider your interiors carefully and closely. Apart from their aesthetics, light-hued drapes coupled with plastic linings can chop down the greenhouse effect by 33%. If you put up in extreme conditions, you can also add cornices or palaces on top of your curtain rod in order to block the small gap between the window and curtain fabric. In addition to this, you can couple up your curtains with light shades sheer curtains. This will help you savor double advantages as you can draw the thick draperies during sunny days and sheer curtains during humid nights.



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