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Which Window Treatment Can Effectively Block Out Sunlight And Heat From Your Windows?

What To Put On Windows To Block Heat

What to Put on Windows to Block Heat?


Everyone likes the sunlight and heat coming into the home during the winter months, but it is not the same in summer months when everyone is looking for some respite from the scorching heat and the sun glare. In this context, we will look at some window treatments (such as half moon window blackout shades) which can effectively block heat and sunlight.


Day Night Cellular Window Shades


Day Night Cellular Window Shades


Cordless day-night cellular shades with double-layer of fabric prove to be quite helpful in blocking out light, sun’s glare, and heat. Usually, each of the layers consists of transparent stripes that alternate one another.

The benefit of such a fabric combination is that looking through transparent layers of the shade will be possible when the shade is opened.

The other good thing about such cellular shades is that they are capable of filtering light so that you do not have to bear the sun’s glare. This way you will have the needed privacy and at the same time room will remain brightly lit by sunlight.

Since they have cellular construction, the shades will be able to better retain cool and conditioned air in a room. These shades are known to offer enhanced insulation and protect you from the sweltering summer heat.

These shades are the right option when you want your window treatments to filter daylight or give total privacy with a simple adjustment.


Reversible, Roman, and Solar Shades


Fabric Roman Shades


The good thing about reversible shades is that there is one side that is dark colored and the opposite side is light colored. This way you are able to reverse them according to weather conditions, or your preferred aesthetics.

Another option is fabric roman shades since they come with thick insulation which effectively blocks heat coming into your home. In addition, it is also possible to have the thermal backing and further augment the effectiveness of insulation.

You are bound to contemplate solar shades when you are looking for an answer to the question of how to block sunlight from windows.

The material of solar shades is such that it proves to be effective in blocking heat and it can also protect your furniture from ultraviolet (UV) rays while allowing you to retain your view through your window.


External Blinds


Exterior Solar Shades


When looking for a solution to the problem of how to block the sun from windows, you must look into external shades. These blinds will help to prevent the buildup of heat on your patio.

External blinds will also prevent temperature buildup on the surface of your windows, and as such, less heat will enter your house.


The Bottom Line

As we can see, there are many options when it comes to window treatments for large windows that can also prevent heat and sunlight from entering your home. If you want more options to choose from, then give us a call and our experts will help you select an option that will be right for your windows.

Our customer support team is always available to reply to your questions and to provide guidance on the best options to choose from. Just give us a call on our customer support number – 1-866-881-8682 and start shopping now.

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