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What to Pick? How to Pick? Ways to not Panic!

My mother told me, to pick the very best. And you are not IT! Are you down to childhood playground games to help you pick? Is that gritty panic of indecision beginning to creep in? Ok, we can fix that!

First a few deep breaths, and now once you are calm, collected, and perfectly composed continue reading. Home decoration can be frustrating, antagonizing process, but when its done the satisfaction is completely worth it. We at Zebrablinds aim to ease, calm, and help when it comes time to pick your one of a kind window coverings. Here we have laid out a few wise tips to help you with one part of the choosing dilemmas.

Lets be frank you want window coverings be they blinds, shades, or drapes you want them to be perfect and low cost. Cheap Blinds that are still of high quality and made just for you may seem impossible, but trust here you do not have to compromise. There are a huge collection of blinds and shades you can choose from that will keep to your budget and your taste, so that should not be your ultimate worry.

What you should look for are as follows…

1) Do you want to allow the light to enter into the room with partially opened blinds?
If you wish to get some light within the room or home with partially opened blinds, then Venetian blinds, mini blinds and vertical blinds are the best options. Due to the small gaps between the slats you will always have some light enter your room, even if they are fully closed. But if you want your snuggling long naps to be in perfectly light filtered rooms, then the vinyl roller or roman blinds are the perfect option for complete black out.RomanShades and Drapery -

2) Are the blinds going to be placed in a damp or humid area?
If you want to use window coverings in the kitchen, bathroom or other damp humid area, then you can go for the aluminum, vinyl, Faux wood or plastic blinds. These are the best options due to their ability to stay unaffected by the damp and heat.

3) Are you going to mount it outdoors?
If you want to mount it outdoors, then PVC roller blinds are the best choice as they provide shelter from the wind or rain to your open areas.

4) Will it be possible small kids or pets to access the blinds easily?
If you have kids or pets within your home, then it is better to go for Faux wood or bamboo blinds. And, to pick the cordless option. The material is much more hardy and durable, while the cordless options ensures safety from choking hazard.

5) Does it require much time to clean and dust?
Aluminum, plastic or Faux wood Blinds are easy to clean. Blinds like roller, vertical or rolling blinds require some sort of cleaning. Venetian and mini blinds requires frequent cleaning, and wood blinds require polishing to get rid of dust.

With these five tips in mind be calm as a rock, sly as a fox, and wise as an owl, and make your choice far away from playgrounds.

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