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What Openness is Ideal for Outside Deck Shades?

Outside Deck Shades

Spending Time Outside on a Deck

The idea of spending quality time in the open air under clear blue skies surrounded by fresh greenery is an extremely appealing proposition. On a clear cloudless day when the sun is out shining brightly most of us are lured by the idea of staying out, soaking in the sun and spending leisurely hours reading a book or indulging in chit chat with friends and family. Taking the lunch out and munching on delicious sandwiches while feasting on the natural scenic beauty outside is equally exciting. This is what makes an outdoor open space, a porch, a patio or a deck a much-loved extension of the house. A deck is very popular in this part of the world and they may be described as a flat surface constructed outdoors, made mainly of wood a little elevated from the ground. The deck can be reached from the house through a glass sliding or hinged door. A deck often turns out to be the favorite haunt of the family.

Need for Protective Covering

While being outdoors in the fresh air lures people to step out, the weather can often play a spoilsport. Summer days are perfect for enjoying the warmth out on the deck after the long grueling winter months. As much as you enjoy the sun, once summer starts gaining strength the sun becomes hotter and harsher. Soon, staying out for long becomes uncomfortable and unpleasant. The unfiltered rays of the sun hit down hard and prolonged exposure could cause health problems. Spending time outdoors is no longer fun and enjoyable. Staying outside also poses another challenge in terms of privacy. You are exposed and under scrutiny from your neighbors and this spoils your private moments. It would be nice to have a semblance of protective covering for your privacy and from the elements of the weather. This protective covering comes in the form of outdoor window shades and blinds. They are perfect solution for your outdoor woes. There are shades that help to cut down the glares of the sun, reflect heat back and create a sun-protected sanctuary for your beautiful decks. When closed, the shades will also help to keep out the prying eyes of the passer-by. With shades drawn closed your privacy is preserved and you also get a cool and pleasant ambiance but it defeats the purpose of spending time outdoors. Your view is blocked and it is as good as staying indoors. You want to step out to enjoy the view and the scenery. The search is for a window treatment that will help to let in lots of light without the glare, keep the UV rays out and allow you to enjoy an unobstructed view of the outside. This will depend on the level of openness of your outside shades.
Outdoor Motorized Sun Shades

What is Openness of Shades?

Openness on a window shade refers to the weave of the fabric. How tightly the fabric of the shade is woven will determine the level of openness of the window covering. A light weave will block out sunlight, allow more privacy but little outside view. A loose weave will ensure that you get a clear view of the outdoors, privacy during the day hours and also a substantial amount of natural light minus the harshness and the glare. A window shade with 1% openness means it will allow 1% light to pour in and block out 99% of the UV rays and sunlight. It will provide greater privacy and a lesser view when compared to 5% openness. 1%-5% openness is considered on the lower side while 10% and up is considered to be high openness. They can be as high as 15% and in rare occasions even 20-30%
This is not to say that a lesser openness is better than a higher level of openness. It depends upon your needs and what you want from your window coverings.

Openness Ideal for Deck Shades

Since you are considering motorized outdoor shades for your outdoors, you may be looking to enjoy the surrounding view, particularly if your house boasts of great scenic beauty like a forest, a mountain or a sea. You would want to enjoy those mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, you want to see the waves breaking on the shores, birds flying by or those magical mountain peaks. We would recommend higher openness for your outside deck window shades in that case. Somewhere between 10%-14% would do well to block out the harmful glares, allow enough shade in your sitting space, and at the same time be treated to the view outside. A tighter weave, on the other hand, would be recommended if you value privacy and light control over a clear view.

Get your outdoor blinds customized to continue enjoying the summer moments. Choose the openness that best suits your needs and does justice to your outside space.

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