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What Makes A Good Lockdown Shade?

Lockdown Shades

A lockdown is a protocol that is placed when there is an emergency situation. This is usually put in place to prevent people or at times, information from exiting or entering a specified area. It is also known as a clampdown. This protocol can only be put in place by a person who is in the position of authority.

When the lockdown protocol is in place, it is important to make sure that no one can look into the rooms of the house, office or school. Unfortunately, there have been many incidents where lockdowns have had to be imposed. These incidents can be potentially life-threatening and the authorities have to be prepared in case such incidents arise in their workspace, living space or schools. Lockdown shades are one of the things that can help ensure the establishment of lockdowns and can also save lives.

What Are Lockdown Shades?

Lockdown shades are typically placed on top of a door window, for instance, of that of a classroom. These shades block any light from passing through and essentially block the intruder’s vision. This, in turn, will make it hard for the intruder to figure out how many people are in the room. It is unlikely that an intruder will spend much time on such doors and chances are that he will move on. If the lockdown shades completely cover the window of the door, the teachers, staff and the children inside will be safer during the lockdown. Placement of lockdown shades alone can ensure that the rate of survivability drastically increases.
Lockdown Shades

Importance of Lockdown Shades

• Lockdowns when intruders are present in the school
Lockdown shades are used to ensure the safety of the people inside a certain building. It is most commonly used in schools and their classrooms. This is because of the recent increase in school shootings that have taken place. The lockdown shades block the intruders from liking inside a classroom and prevents them from making any unsuspecting people inside his target. When combined with security measures in place, lockdown shades can change the status of schools from risky to safe.
• Prevention of kidnapping
When used in schools, lockdown shades can make it hard for any intruders or kidnappers to spot the targeted kid. Just putting up a lockdown shade can deter kidnappers and can foil their plans.
• Prevention of thefts
Schools and workspaces can have materials, data and equipment that are expensive or are of sensitive nature. Putting up a lockdown shade in the room that holds such things will help in the prevention of theft. A potential thief or robber will be unable to access whether there are people in the room. He will also be unable to plan his theft according to the layout of the room and placement of the object as, thanks to lockdown shades, he will not be able to look in through the windows.
• Reduction of distractions
Other than the security aspect of putting up lockdown shades, there is another added benefit. The shades will help the teachers and the students concentrate better on their lessons. These lockdown shades will help block out the sights and the sounds of the outside world and will enable them to concentrate on their education.
Lockdown Shades for Classroom

What Are The Features of Good Lockdown Shades?

The safety and security of your students, staff and teachers may very well lie on your choice of lockdown shades that you install in your school. Let us now look at what makes a good lockdown shade so that you can make an informed decision.

• It should be of good quality
When safety and security are of concern, quality should come first. In a situation where lockdown procedures are underway, a good quality lockdown shade may be the only thing that is standing between your students and the intruder. So, make sure that the lockdown shades that you choose are of the best quality.

• It should provide complete coverage
The very purpose of a lockdown shade is to prevent an intruder from looking inside a room. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the chosen lockdown shades provide complete visual block out. The material of the window covering needs to be opaque and sturdy to ensure this.

• It should be simple to use
The window coverings used in lockdown proceedings have to be easy to use. It is of utmost importance that when the window coverings are activated, the top of the shades remains fitted to the top. It should also cover the windows in an instant. If a lockdown shade has more than one step to perform to be functional, it may waste valuable time.

• It should be easy to use
Your lockdown shades have to install. This will enable the teaches or the school staff
to install the lockdown shades on their own without any help from professionals. Too many tools or hardware components will only complicate the process of installation.

• It should not expensive
When you are looking to buy lockdown shades in all of the rooms in your institution, it becomes important that your choice is affordable. This can be especially true if you are on a tight budget. The lockdown shades that you choose should ideally be affordable while being of good quality.

• It should be good to look at
No one wants drab-looking shades in the place where they spend most of their day. Designer shades can provide aesthetically pleasing solutions if the look of the space is important to you. You can also choose to place good to look at lockdown shades in certain special rooms and use budget-friendly and uniform lockdown shades in all the other rooms.

• It has to be fire retardant
If your lockdown shades are not fire retardant, it can lead to a fire hazard in certain cases. If the lockdown shades catch fires easily, it can be more dangerous than being of help. As lockdown shades are usually placed on windows and doors, them being on fire can cause the exit ways to be blocked. Make sure that the lockdown shades that you choose are fire retardant.