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What Kinds of Curtains Provide UV Protection?

What Kind Of Curtains Provide UV Protection

UV Protector Curtains for a Better Home Interior

During the summer, the tendency to have skin cancers increases. Do you the main reason for this? The reason is due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, says the American Cancer Society. There are two types of ultraviolet rays available that can affect your skin immediately – UVA, and UVB. According to the cancer researchers, 90% of Melanoma is caused from UVA rays. Besides skin cancer, these rays can damage other skin cells and can affect your eyes as well.

Taking precautions is the best way to prevent these diseases. When you go out, apply sunscreen on the skin, and don’t forget to wear a full-sleeved shirt and UV protector sunglasses. But what about indoors? Do you know UV rays can enter your interior and damage your health and furnishings as well? Windows and doors are the main paths that let these rays to enter your home. Covering them with the right solutions can keep the rays out of the house.

Window shades and blinds are the best ways to block the harmful UV rays while obstructing the other unwanted elements. But if you want something different rather than these traditional shades and blinds, then window curtains are a great choice which are fancy yet versatile and block out all the sun rays that bother your health and your indoor floor and furniture.

Curtains are popular and fashionable for their textured design and playful colors. Their astounding beauty transforms the overall appearance of the décor while highlighting the other things in the room. Flexibility makes them great for installing in every interior type, including the outdoors. But what about function? How effective are curtains when it comes to blocking out the ultraviolet rays?

Curtains for a UV Protected Room

If your windows are east and west facing, then chances are they experience direct contact with more UV rays. Curtains or draperies can play a significant role in reducing the rays that enter your home. Here are the top custom window options for sun protection and stylish smart living –

Custom Drapes and Curtains

Browse our selection of curtains and drapes. Thermal, room darkening, and blackout linings available for UV protection.

• Blackout or Room Darkening Curtains
If you are looking for ultimate UV protection, then go for blackout curtains that obstruct any rays from passing through. Install them wherever you want to have complete darkness and privacy. These thick fabricated curtains create a barrier against the outside noise to create a peaceful ambiance.
Blackout Curtains

• Lined Curtains
When UV protection is required, drapery lining is one of the essential components that improve the functionality of a window solution. Lined curtains are always better than the single-layer fabric curtains. Adding a blackout liner will enhance the UV protection factor and offer the indoor with maximum efficiency. Thermal liners are also a great option as they add an extra layer of protection to your drapes.

Usually, the cost of the blackout and thermal liners is more, but you can assure of a long-term investment. They are not only designed for UV protection; by providing insulation, the liners keep the indoor comfy and relaxing.

Note – Light fabric curtains work well for north-facing windows where you need minimal sun protection. This type of solution reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it. But adding a blackout liner will give you the ultimate pleasure of complete protection.
Lined Curtains
• Reflective Curtains
This type of curtains is made of a material that reflects all the harmful UV rays, preventing them from getting into the room, protecting your health and other home decorative elements from damage.

Layering Provides Double Ultraviolet Protection

Window designers say that layering two treatments always bring added benefits to your room, especially when it comes to sun protection. Layer curtains or draperies over a shade or blind and enjoy the premium UV protection. Layering window dressings improve the home’s energy efficiency as well. Customizing them with the right pattern and color options will provide the space with a phenomenal makeover. For example, pair curtains with roller shades, cellular shades, or any other shade for better performance.

Layering with a board-mounted top treatment, valance, or cornices will also help to reduce UV penetration through the top of the window.
Layering Blinds And Curtains

Curtain Materials: An Important Factor in UV Blocking

The material used for designing curtains has a vital role in UV protection. Below are the elements which are best when it comes to preventing the harmful rays –
• Velvet
• Linen
• Silk
• Synthetic
Explore all the UV curtains and draperies, which are uniquely built for your protection. They are not only made for aesthetics purposes; their functional value can fulfill all your needs and tastes. Check out all the UV protector curtains and get the best fit for your home. Adding additional accessories such as valances or cornices will provide extra protection. Stay healthy when you are at home and protect your skin from damage. For any assistance, you can directly contact the professionals. They will guide you throughout the process.

Custom Drapes and Curtains

Browse our selection of curtains and drapes. Thermal, room darkening, and blackout linings available for UV protection.