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What Is the Price of Automatic Motorized Shades?

What Is The Price Of Automatic Motorized Shades

Window treatments are a common sighting in most households. Available in so many different variants, designs and color options, window coverings make for a truly versatile solution for your home and office space. While the standard operating mechanism available on the window treatments offered by brands is the pull cord, there are many other types of lifts that you can choose from. You can select from many different operating mechanisms such as the roller mechanism, cordless operation, motorized options, and even cheap motorized shades.

What are Motorized Shades?

Modern homes are fast adopting smart home solutions that make use of smart technologies, such as the motorized wood blinds, that not only make your life more convenient but also more safe and efficient. Window treatments also needed to evolve in order to match up with the requirements of modern homes. Motorized window shades are the answer to such requirements. Motorized shades make use of smart technologies to make operating them easier and more convenient.

As the name suggests, motorized shades are raised and lowered using a motor. Now that motor can be controlled remotely at the touch of a button, you no longer need to worry about handling messy lift cords, chains or to walk up to your cordless window coverings every time you want to raise or lower your window dressings. Instead, you can control your motorized shades or blinds remotely from wherever you are at the mere touch of a button.
Smart Motorized Shades

What are Automatic Motorized Shades?

Automatic shades are an even smarter version of the original motorized shades. With the advent of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, there is no limit to how smart you can make the devices, appliances, and other products you use in your everyday life. Easy access to faster internet has allowed the creation of smart and networked home solutions and window treatments are no exception.

Automated motorized shades are not limited to being operated via a remote that has a limited range. You don’t need to be near the shades to control them. You can control them literally from anywhere and even when you are away from home. Using your smartphone or through a voice command to the virtual assistant, you can operate these shades without any problem and even monitor them through the smartphone.

Moreover, smart devices these days can interact with each other as long as they are on the same network. This means that you can do stuff like automatically turning on the smart lights when you lower the shades, etc. You can also program these shades to operate independently based on your routine.
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What Is the Price of Automatic Motorized Shades?

Since the motorized shades are a whole lot smarter and modern, they are bound to be a bit pricier but it is not as if they are completely out of reach. The price range for automated motorized shades varies anywhere between $300 for more budget-friendly options to more than $1000 for more high-end and premium variants. So, it is evident that the price of the automated motorized shades varies a lot, and hence it is difficult to predict the exact cost of getting these shades installed in your home or office. We can do so only after including other factors affecting the final cost also into consideration.

Factors such as the number of shades you are getting, size of the windows, motor capacity required, choice of material for the shades, and the cost of customizations if required, all of them have an impact on the final cost. Hence, in order to get a fair idea of the cost, you will incur, you need to incorporate the cost estimations for these factors along with the price of the shades while doing a budget estimation.

Are Automated Motorized Shades Worth the Cost?

The dynamics of modern life are changing with the thrust on making life more convenient and safe for everyone. Smart home solutions are designed to make your lived space more efficient, comfortable, and luxurious with enhanced safety measures. If you analyze the cost of getting automated motorized shades in that light, the investment in a future-ready solution like these shades makes total sense.

Solutions such as Motorized outdoor shades and motorized cellular shades ensure improved energy efficiency due to automated operation. These shades can interact with other smart home devices and sensors and can create a synergy so that there is no power wastage and you are spared the hassle of ensuring that yourself. You also get better safety measures with these shades. There are no loose pull strings or cords to worry about. If you have kids or pets in the house, this can be a big plus point as it makes operating the shades child and pet-proof and also more convenient.

Smart features such as voice control, programable operation, remote monitoring, and anti-theft features make these shades an even sweeter deal. Even when you are away from home, you can program the shades to mimic your usage pattern to give a lived-in feel to the house. This is going to discourage burglars and thieves and will keep them at bay. To give you more peace of mind during your vacations, these shades allow you to monitor them through your smartphone from wherever you are. You can also program the shades in a way that you receive an alert whenever the shades are damaged or there is an attempt for forced entry through the windows.

The automated motorized shades are no longer just a luxurious gimmick but an actual smart product that is efficient and also enhances your productivity by raising the bar in terms of what window treatments can be and can do. When the concept of smart homes first emerged on the scene, it was restricted to the super-rich homeowners or in science fiction stories and movies.

But as the technology has proliferated and expanded, the prices have come down drastically and now more people can afford to have a home that is fully or partially automated. All kinds of appliances and daily use products ranging from the refrigerator to the oven, the light to the air-conditioners, the doorbells to the window coverings, everything is programmable, networked, and capable of being operated remotely even from great distances.