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What is Shabby Chic Decorating

Shabby chic room.

Today’s home decor trends often go towards the newer, shinier, and latest toys. Shabby chic style opts to curtail this trend and go for a more rustic and older appeal. Between shabby chic furniture, window treatments and other decor pieces, you can create a unique look that bucks contemporary trends. So how do you build a shabby chic home? Read on and we will discuss our ideas with you.

Shop at Thrift Stores

Flea markets and thrift stores aren’t just a place where you find good deals, it is also a great place to look if you are looking for particular design styles. Shabby chic looks call for bringing the old, the unwanted, and the traditional to the home. You wouldn’t normally find a modern window covering like banded shades in this look, but something that invokes an older look like drapes or roman shades.

Window dressings combined in a living room.

Just because you are shopping in the second-hand market for your decor pieces does not mean you are going to get broken-down items in need of repair. But what you are looking for is pieces that have that old-school charm, whether it is a cabinet with rustic paint that is slightly peeling or traditional roman shades with floral patterns. Contemporary decor tends to shy away from this style and that is the look you are looking for.

Own Your Decorating Style

A lot of new-age looks can appear to be a little too cooker-cutter. That is to say, they all look the same or have too many shared elements between them. With the shabby chic decor, it does not limit you but instead encourages you to add all sorts of elements as you can. You can mix an antique vase with a classic roller shade, or you can add Victorian-looking furniture to your top down-bottom up roman shades (which is a modern twist on an old-school look). The point is that you need to worry too much about sticking too much to a style.

If you are mixing old and looks, they still have to fit within the theme of classical and rustic. It also does not mean you can’t have modern items around as well. For example, just because you have classical chandeliers in your dining room does not mean you need to have an old gas stove. You can still have modern appliances, but if they fit the bill and have an old-school look to them, the better they will fit in.

Save Some Money

By shopping for your decor in less expensive places, you are bound to be spending less than if you are shopping in big retail furniture stores. Usually, savings is not the reason you are going for this style of look, but it is a secondary consequence of it. But the savings can pay dividends later, allowing you to even find upgrades to your decor. For example, instead of buying regular roman shades, you can get an upgraded motorized shade version instead. It may be more expensive, but the benefits gained from motorization like the convenience of light control makes them worth buying.

All in all, the reason to go with the shabby chic decorating style is to build a unique look that branches away from the cookie-cutter look too often found in many homes today. The savings you get is more or less just a bonus, and if you use it towards upgrading your shabby decor, more power to you. If you’d rather put it towards something else, the choice is yours. And that is what shabby chic is all about, giving you choices that don’t always go with the flow.

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