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What Is My Home Decor Style?

Top-down shades in a dining room.

You may be the type of person who wants to put his or her stamp into the house, flat or apartment that you are living in. You want to create a distinguished look into your space that is different from friends and family. What you want to do then is to identify what style or looks work for you. Are you the type who likes pops of color and loud furniture arrangements? Or are you someone who likes a minimalist style with clean lines and muted color palettes? Asking yourself an interior design style quiz will help you define your personal style.

We at Zebrablinds often like to say that home decor should start from out to in, that is to say, start with window coverings as they cover a lot of ground from colors, lines and patterns. We carry a variety of different types from different manufacturers, from Graber shades to Crown. Each brand brings different elements, from fabrics to colors to lifts and more.

Why Out to In?

By starting with custom window treatments, you can begin to lay out your choice of patterns and colors. For example, if you start with shutters on your windows, then you will already have a home with a lot of straight and clean lines. You can help compliment it with a decor style like the mid-century modern one, which emphasizes minimalism and a clean look. Or if you opt for drapes and curtains, you can choose to go for an old-school style like the victorian or the southern styles, which goes for bolder looks with big curves and bright colors.

Shutters in a bedroom.

By having the window treatments in place, you can work your way in. You can paint the walls to match and compliment the treatments and work on the floors. You can change the floor types from carpet to wood or laminate, or you can bring things like area rugs to add to the colour scheme. 

Decide on your Colors and Patterns

Once you have your roller shades or roman shades or faux wood blinds in place, you then have the beginnings of your home decor project. The wide range of different treatments at your disposal allows you to go with all sorts of different home decor styles and if need be you can even choose to switch things up down the road. The great thing about Crown and Graber window treatments is they are easy to install and remove.

Decor styles come and go. You may choose something like the Scandinavian style today, but in a few years, you may find its lack of colors isn’t for you. Luckily you can easily transition to something like the mid-century style as both go for clean lines and minimalism, but the mid-century style calls for a wider color palette.

Colors and patterns often define a certain style because they are the first things the eyes identify when walking into a room. Basing a decor style around them is one of the easier approaches for you when it comes to starting out. Once you get more comfortable and have figured out how to go about deciding on products and smaller pieces, then you can revisit certain things like the color palette of your window shades.

So Many Choices

The number of choices available to you must keep you scratching your head. Also, the wealth of items that you can bring in from furniture to window treatments to add-ons and more, plus the numerous brands, can become overwhelming. When choosing your style, it can be often easier to stick to one or two brands if they cover all the bases in terms of home decor.

Defining your style may take some time and a few occasions of rethinking, but over time it should become more apparent to you what works best for your home. However, trial and error can lead to a lot of expenses, but the same can be said of hiring a professional home decorator. So if you like to do things yourself, make things easier by starting with the big items, especially with window coverings and work your way in.

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