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What Is Mid Century Modern Decor?

Mid century modern living room.

Mid century modern decor is a home decor style that developed in the post-war era in the United States in the 1950s and 60s. It seeked to break away from traditional home decor styles that was prevalent before and emphasize clean lines, minimalistic elements and more pops of color. The home decor styles that preceded it used a lot more fluff and excess when it came to its design style, so you will find a lot of exaggerated curves, extra materials, and a lot of the same colored hues. After the second world war, a lot of elements were brought over from design production during it when materials were more scarce, thus the emphasis on minimalism and an industrial appearance. In turn, mid century modern decor styles had to emphasize more efficiency, which is why it features cleaner lines and the minimalistic elements.

Although this style came into prominence well over half a century ago, it is still used and incorporated into a lot of current design styles. Among these include the Scandinavian style, which also emphasizes minimalism but with less use of color. Like the Scandinavian style, mid century modern furniture tends to use thin and narrow legs, often giving it a more slender appearance. Designers also weren’t afraid to really expand the color palettes in this era, as some of the more featured colors included bright reds, yellows and oranges. This isn’t limited to just furniture design, it often expanded to other accessories such as rugs and window treatments.

Mid Century Modern Window Treatments

As a window coverings company, we feel it is our responsibility to tell you about which window treatments will go well with your mid century furniture pieces. Now, we are not interior designers, but we are qualified to speak to how modern blinds and shades can change your home. You will receive things like privacy and light control, plus a splash of color and design. With that in mind, let’s explore some window treatments that will not just go well with your furniture, but will further highlight it.

Rustic Wooden Blinds

Rustic colors greatly complement the bright colors used in mid century modern decor. Real wood blinds will not only add on to this feature, but will also accentuate the emphasis on straight lines. They really work well with your couches and coffee table in your living room, a lounge chair in your sitting room or office, and the wooden dresser in your bedroom. 

Wood blinds have been around since before the 20th century but even after all this time, they have not lost their appeal. There is something about its classic look that transcends time and a lot of different styles that have come and gone. Fortunately, wood blinds have also evolved over the years and they have added a lot of modern features like motorization. Clearly wood blinds add a lot of appeal, but they can be towards the more pricey side, so as an alternative, there are faux wood blinds.

Wood blinds in a midcentury modern decor setting.

Faux Wood Blinds

As suggested by its name, faux wood blinds are made to look and feel like real wood blinds. They are made from a combination of vinyl PVC foam and vinyl polymers, which creates a really strong, durable and waterproof material. Faux wood can compliment a mid century modern decor style in the same way real wood blinds can, with its emphasis on straight lines and minimalistic appearances. 

Where blinds like real wood and faux wood diverge from classical home decor (think victorian or southern gothic styles) is the look they provide. With those older decor styles, they will emphasize bolder pleats and curves, so you would usually dress your windows in emphatic drapes or roman shades. Blinds will do the opposite as they really relish in the ability to do more with less.

Zebra Blinds

If you are looking for something that isn’t as solid as blinds, if you need something softer but still with straight lines, then zebra blinds, or zebra shades might be what you are looking for. These were intended as a modern take on classic blinds. They are like a roller shade, but with a front and a back side, and they have alternating solid, light filtering vanes and sheer, see-through vanes. As one side goes up or down, the solid and sheer vanes pass through one another, creating alook like an open blind or a closed one, depending on how you have them aligned.

Being made from fabric instead of a solid material, zebra blinds are a perfect example of modernizing an old school style. As modern as blinds still are, they bring a solid and sturdy material to your home’s overall decor. So if you need something softer, then zebra blinds are it. As a shade, it uses a fabric like polyester which is soft to the touch and flowy-er in appearance compared to wood or faux wood. Using a modern take on a minimalistic look is what mid century decor is all about, and zebras just fill all the boxes to check off in that regard.

Accessorize to Match

The key to any decor style is mixing and matching all sorts of things like furniture and window treatments. But don’t forget other things that can further bring out a look or theme. Things like plants or faux plants can bring greenery in an otherwise rustic looking space. Floating shelves can help you keep the place decluttered-another point of emphasis of mid century modern decor. And rugs can help add or emphasize a color scheme. Whatever your target or goals are, there is a way to do it and you don’t need to be so rigid in how you do it. Mid century modern styles allow you to have options in how you approach it, giving you ample opportunities to really let your personality shine through as you dress your home.