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What is Bohemian Style Interior Design

Natural shades in a living room.

Bohemian is a term that often refers to a person that is unconventional and does not conform to regular social standards. When referring to a style, it is similar in that it doesn’t follow usual home decor trends and that as a homeowner, you are free to choose whatever you feel comfortable in. Often shortened to “Boho Style”, bohemian interior design is an eclectic style that is free-spirited, with a wide color palette that is not adhering to a lot of general rules of home decor.

Bohemian decorating is often defined by bright colors and little to no discernable patterns to follow. Its main point is that you are free to have anything you want, with no need to mix and match furniture and decor pieces. Most modern decor styles like the Scandinavian style are often defined by minimalism and a lot of neutral colors, boho design says no to that and embraces complete freedom.

Free from Convention

Fashion and trends are constantly changing. Something popular today will be considered old and dated within 10 to 15 years, meaning you may be left having to change styles to stay trendy. With a boho interior, you don’t need to worry about anything like that. Just like you don’t want to be defined by any one trend, neither does your home.

The free-spirited decor reaches every part of your house with a bohemian home. Everything from the furniture, and window treatments, to the garden and the bathrooms. The intent is to make the space feel like it doesn’t belong in a showroom or a company catalog. Valuing your individuality is the most important thing with this style and not belonging to one category can allow you to create a truly unique look for your home.

Commonly Found Items

While a multitude of colors is often the name of the game, there are many ways to bring them in. From throw pillows, art pieces, and window treatments such as natural shades. Each can bring a different element of colors, not necessarily all the same tones. The variety of colors, creating a rainbow effect with the separate items, is a commonly found feature of bohemian living rooms.

Wood blinds with plants in a living room.

More on natural shades, they also bring another common element found with boho style design: natural elements. As suggested by its name, natural shades are made from natural materials such as wood and bamboo. You can further add to this theme by including actual plants in your decor (which in turn adds more color) and other items such as wooden blinds, wood wall art, and more.

Levels of Light

With the volume of colors in your home, you will want to ensure that they are allowed to shine with good lighting. You can get a lot of extra light sources with lamps (adding more color with the lamp covers) but during the day, you can go for as much natural light coming in from your windows without having overly darkening coverings. Natural shades usually use a light filtering material, meaning light is able to penetrate the fabric and enter the rooms.

Allowing natural light to enter your home instead of relying overly on electrical light will help you conserve energy, both helping you save money and help you lower your carbon footprint. One will help you benefit economically and the other will help you benefit personally, as a lower carbon footprint is both a good goal for one person individually and for everyone as a whole.

Bohemian Style

As a person who is building or reading about bohemian-style interior decor, you are probably a person who greatly values your individuality and creative freedom. You don’t want to get bogged down in rules about how your home is supposed to look. While there are things you can’t control, like the space you have and the overall architecture of your house, you can certainly control what goes inside it. Bohemian, often meaning free-spirited, is a way for you to articulate this side of you while designing your home.

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