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What Is Best for Your Small Apartment – Roller Blinds or Curtains?

What Is Best for Your Small Apartment - Roller Blinds or Curtains?

When it comes to decorating small apartments, optimization of space is the guiding mantra. Every bit of your furnishing should serve a practical purpose, whether it is storage, comfort, or style. It makes it all the more important to consider things that are both stylish and useful. Here we bring you some clever ideas that can be used to convert a tight space into a cosy retreat.

Use the Entrance

A mirror and stylish coat-hangers, masquerading as wall art, can be used to make use of a tiny entrance space. You can also fit in a smart chair just for slipping in and out of shoes. The space behind the door can easily hide a neat shoe-rack.

Deck up the Corners in Style

Tiny apartments come with dainty nooks and corners, which can be used for a stylish storage solution. You can treat yourself to a gorgeous bookcase or a trendy chest of drawers, and use the top for displaying select artefacts or flower vases. Finish the look with a stylish lamp and you will be amazed at how much life that breathes into the room.

Make Your Storage a Decorative Element

In small spaces, the most available space is on the walls. Make good use of shelves, which can be arranged artistically and filled with household items in an aesthetically pleasing way to enhance the beauty of the place. Shelves and storage solutions can also come in handy for hiding those eyesores that you can’t do much about, especially if you are renting.

Make Good Use of Bathrooms

Usually, bathrooms are the other big rooms in a small apartment. The walls and the corners in a bathroom can be cleverly used for storage, or decoration. These storage solutions can be cleverly hidden behind beautiful mirrors or cabinets.

Go for a Flexible Style

If you move around a lot and have plans to rent, select your furniture in a way that can be placed against a variety of backdrops. Neutral tones are great for this purpose, which can be later spiced up with vibrant artwork and cute souvenirs.

Keep the Décor Sparce

As space is scarce in small apartments, keeping the décor bare minimum would give the apartment a more spacious look. Smart apartments are driving the trend of minimalistic décor which has now found its way into big family homes as well. Make space a decorative element and compliment the clear lines of the room with small and compact furniture.

Use Window Coverings Carefully

Window coverings play a huge role in making your small space comfortable and stylish. The most renters decorating a small apartment on a budget, roller blinds or curtains are a natural choice. However, before you make a choice, consider the benefits of each option carefully.

Benefits of Curtains

Curtains are a great addition to any room. Their flowing design is extremely flexible, making them suitable for any window shape. The single fabric design also provides more insulation, privacy, and light filtration. You can choose to have blackout curtains to cut off light completely when you need darkness for computer time. The thickly woven design of blackout curtains is also great for insulation and sound reduction. If you wish for more light and better view, you can opt for sheer curtains, which come in a huge variety of designs and patterns, all the while providing you partial privacy.

Curtains for Light Grey Sofa

Benefits of Roller Blinds

Just like curtains, roller blinds also come with an attractive set of benefits. These versatile blinds come in a huge variety of designs, colors, textures, and material. It is extremely easy to find something that suits your style perfectly.

The large variety of material choice gives you more features to work with. You can have solar shades that filter the light and cut off harmful UV rays, while you get to enjoy the beautiful views from your work-desk. Similarly, with blackout fabric, you can cut off light completely. That way, you can have a peaceful zoom meeting without the sun shining on your computer screen.

Modern blind innovation has transformed roller blinds to incorporate various features in one single blind that earlier required multiple layered window treatment solutions. Zebra blinds, day-and-night dual shades, and woven wood roller blinds are some of the most popular options out there. Zebra blinds come with alternating stripes of sheer and dark fabric, which provide a flexible option for light control. The slats can also be arranged to block out the light completely when required. Dual shades also provide another flexible option. It comes with two fabrics, one usually being a solar shade, while the other provides blackout functionality.

Red Fabric Roller Blinds

What is best for Your Small Apartment?

As discussed above, small apartments come with their unique space restrictions. Curtains tend to take up space and the items you have placed on the floor can get in the way of operation.

Curtains also seem to take up more wall space than roller blinds. The top to bottom design can suck up the available light and make the room look crowded. If you have to stick to curtains for your room, select sheer curtains or light-weight linen curtains. This would give the room an airy look. Also, when it comes to privacy and insulation, you will need to compromise on the natural light and view.

Roller blinds, on the other hand, come with various design variations, which provides you partial privacy, superior light control, and advantage of the view. Blinds like Zebra blinds and dual shades are innovative blinds that operate just like roller blinds. These blinds allow you superior control over light, privacy, and insulation. They also come in sleek designs, which is perfect for small spaces. For this reason, roller blinds are the best choice for your small apartment.

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