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What is a Valance?

What Is A Valance

Have you ever had a feeling that your windows are lacking something? Though they are dressed up with astonishing and designer blinds and shades still something seems to be amiss. In many cases, what you are missing is an architectural interest that adds drama and an extra bit of elegance to your decor. If you truly want to revamp the look of your windows in a new dramatic way, then window dressings are not substantial. That extra something that adds zing to your windows and rooms, adds a handsome dose of flair ad drama to the decor and ambiance is popularly referred to as a valance in the window treatment world. Add valances to refresh the upper part of your windows that will compliment your entire decor in an astounding way. To put it simply, valances are the top decorative elements, made of solid materials or fabric that sprawl across the topmost part of a window. The valance fabric is draped, gathered, or folded in a symmetrical way that gives the windows a finishing versatile touch.

Adding valance to the existing dressings makes your windows look taller and also successfully conceals the unwanted and ugly window hardware that ruins the sophisticated look of your windows. What valances do best is add softness and an immersive look to your decor, and integrating them with other solutions will enrich the beauty to the next level while offering added functionality. Whether you are looking for a casual makeover or formal one, these valances will surely enhance the appearance and appeal of your space. They are the perfect accessories for your windows that embellish the windows and create a decor statement.

There are multiple window valances available, but choosing the right one will elaborate the look and feel of your room. In this article, we will show you the best valance ideas to decorate your windows while briefing the best sides of installing them!
Custom Window Valances
Why Choose a Valance?

Valances are manufactured to add a purely decorative touch to the windows, and these toppings make your small windows look taller, conceal drapery hardware, hide window architectural flaws, and add depth and interest to your overall aesthetics. They can be installed in any room of your house because of their soft vibes and vibrant look. They offer a chance to make windows the focal point of your space. All you have to do is choose the right fabric and colorful texture to bring a seamless look. You can even coordinate this look by matching with the other decorative items present in your room.

Valances are incredible when it comes to functionality and practicality. Whether you hang them alone or layered over other coverings, they will efficiently and effortlessly prevent the direct daylight and heat while taking care of the privacy level. Make sure to get the right fit for your valances in order to enjoy all these benefits. The height of your valance should be 1/6th of the overall height of the window covering.

When to Choose Valances?

  • To add a special decorative touch to the windows, valances are a great choice which adds an additional layer of elegance.
  • If your room has more than one window then installing valances on all the windows will make your room feel vibrant and connected.
  • Best to hide the unwanted window hardware.
  • Best way to decorate windows in a reasonable way.
  • Safe to use as they don’t carry any dangling window cords.

Are Valances Out of Style?

So, you are wondering if valances are out of style or not? Well, if you choose the right fabric and color then the answer will be ‘No’. Proper customization will help them to shine and highlight for long while adding great value to any space. Make sure to choose a quality material over anything and get them installed in the right manner. From classic valances to simple, they come in endless designs and fabrics, and the styles will definitely suit your interior type. Take your time to explore them all, and spruce up windows in a vibrant way.

Different Valance Styles

Valances come in a myriad of styles to fulfill the look of your windows. Check out all the options before you get them home

  • Pleated Valances:

These valances look like pleated skirts that have crisp and tailored edges. Box pleated valances are the most popular one which brings simplicity and uniqueness to the windows. Other pleated valances include triple pleat and butterfly pleat.
Pleated Valances for Windows

  • Balloon Valances:

These valances look like big balloon skirts that create an elegant yet formal look for your windows. They are gathered at the top and add a smooth touch to the entire decor.
Balloon Valances

  • Gathered Valances:

The fabric materials of these valances are pushed together along a rod pocket that creates small pockets like a gathered skirt. These valances create a polished chic makeover for the windows.

  • Ascot Valances:

These window valances have one or more than one triangular edge, facing downward which makes them phenomenal from other window valances. Choose a solid texture while customizing.
Ascot Valances

  • Scarf Valances:

These valances are designed with solid fabric materials and hanging them from both sides makes the window look excellent and amazing. Install them to create a subtle yet soft look for your decor.
Scarf Valances

  • Scalloped Valances:

These are other great valance styles and hanging them will make your small windows look taller while bringing warmth and elegance.

Other valance styles include cascade, karmen, morland, carolina, morracon, and many more. Depending on the requirements and your taste, you can choose the best-suited one that will create a perfect fashion statement for your arena. But make sure you get enough fabric that will cover the required area perfectly.


Valances are like the cherry on the cake for the beautiful windows, but you can make them look extra interesting by adding decorative piping, tassels, beads, fringe, and other things. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful and practical window dressings that enhance the atmosphere of any space. Get them installed to get the soft vibes along with great flexibility to decorate the top part of the windows!