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A mother and daughter enjoying their blinds.

Window treatments are a substantial part of home aesthetics. They have a lot of practical uses and make your life as the homeowner comfortable and convenient. Additionally, they are an invaluable asset if your priority is privacy and sunlight protection. In the absence of proper window coverings, your furniture and other home décor fade away because of the direct exposure to sunlight. In the same way, lack of or inadequate window treatments can expose you and your loved ones to strangers from the outdoors.. 

Traditional window treatments have served the primary purposes needed by them, but they  turned out to be significant hazards if there were kids in the house. The operating mechanism of these window blinds included a lot of dangling chords which your children and pets can potentially get entangled in and harm themselves. 

Ensuring your child’s safety is the topmost priority as a parent. Cords dangling from window treatments are a “top five hidden hazards in American homes,” according to a survey done by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Everyone needs to be conscious about the safety of the kids in their homes. So the question that must be asked is: What features are important for child friendly blinds? The following are some of the markers which can indicate the essential features of kid-friendly blinds:

  1. Install Cord Keepers and Cord Wind Ups along with the Blinds: 

Cord keepers and cord wind-ups are a few ideal features that can be used by any window shades and blinds with cords. It is because these devices help you roll up the cord to reduce its length to keep them outside the reach of children. If there are corded window blinds, the last thing you want is to have them hanging down for children to pull and play with them. Unfortunately, studies reveal that children are very likely to play with loose and dangling items, so finding a way to keep cords tucked away is one of the best ways to keep your child from playing with them.

  1. Attach Continuous Loop Cords to the Wall with a Tension Device for More Safety:

Attach continuous cord loops to the wall for added safety. It ensures that the cord is rolled tightly against the wall. In addition, it will prevent the child from pulling the cord down and wrapping and entangling themselves in it. Although the cord is still lowered, by virtue of being attached to the wall, your child should not be able to grab it and pull on the cord.

  1. Blinds with the Option of Using Temporary Hooks:

Some blinds can be operated with just a hook on the headrail, with no dangling cords or wand for your children to reach. This lift option is probably the best for homes with children. You can control the blinds with a rod with a hook on the end, all you have to do is ensure that the rod is placed somewhere out of sight and reach for the kids.

Roller shades in a living room.
  1. Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds can be closed or opened with a press of a button on a remote. Some premium models can have smart sensors installed, and you can operate them even through voice commands. Since there are no cords involved, potential risks to children are minimal. 

These remote-controlled blinds allow you to use and control them from anywhere in the room. This has an additional benefit that you won’t have to shift the attention from your child by going near the window and adjusting the blinds manually. They are one of the safest options available in the market and offer the option of a wall mount for the remote to keep it away from the reach of children. 

Motorized blinds also come in many different types, and some of them can be seen in the following:


  1. Cordless Cellular Shades:

Cellular shades, sometimes known as Honeycomb blinds, are the true epitome of versatility, child safety, sunlight protection, privacy and comfort. They provide complete solutions for all the window treatment needs of the homeowner. They are made up of multiple layers of fabric and have inaccessible internal cords and no external hanging cords. This feature makes them a perfect choice as a child-safe blind. You can even opt for a cordless top-down bottom-up option which provides a good mix of natural light and privacy without compromising the safety of your children. 

  1. Roller Shade:

Roller shades are another great child-safe option as they are completely free of cables. Like cellular blinds, roller shades and blinds are a versatile option in terms of window treatment as they improve the aesthetic appeal of the room as they can come in many different fabric types, giving you options in terms of light control. You can get blackout roller shades, light filtering, or solar rollers. With the versatility of design and the proven child safety, roller blinds make for another great choice for your windows.

  1. Roman Shades:

Roman shades are famous for their ability to contribute to the room’s aesthetics. If you opt for cordless roman shades and blinds, you ensure the safety of your children as well as sprucing up the design equity of your home. Roman shades close in wide pleats, creating a distinguished look that sets it apart from cellular and roller shades. With the addition of being cordless, roman shades are for you if you want to keep your children safe and want to take your home decor to another level.

Final Thoughts

You as a parent want to create a safe environment for their children. When it comes to room décor, you should pay special attention to the choice of window treatments. It is because no one can control and predict every child’s actions. What you can do is to provide an environment that minimizes risks and is safer for them to play in. 

Discussing the features of child friendly blinds will surely equip you to make informed decisions about incorporating them into your home. As we have outlined above, there are certain features that you can look for to make sure that your children are kept from harm. We have also given our thoughts on which types of window coverings would make a great option for you to decorate your home with. The safety of your child is paramount, so make the decision today to keep them from harm.

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