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What Does Thermal Curtains Mean?

What Does Thermal Curtains Mean?

Everything You Need to Know About Thermal Curtains

Window curtains are much more than a decorative touch, especially when you pay special attention to the lining part. These window designs are incredibly stylish and fashionable, and the integration of the right liner will enhance the functionality to the next level. There are multiple linings available including blackout and thermal. Both of these offer different values and aspects in order to achieve a soothing indoor ambiance, adding perks of warmth and elegance. But if you are trying to make your home or office energy-efficient, then insulating blinds are the answer. Studies have shown that windows are responsible for approximately 30% of heat loss during the winter months. In addition, they are a great source of solar gain during the summer months. Therefore, improving the energy efficiency of the interior is essential which further will lower the home’s utility bills and improve indoor comfort. And thermal curtains will do an excellent job in this scenario.

What are Thermal Curtains?

Thermal curtains are not only aesthetically pleasing accents for your windows or doors. Made of thick and heavy fabric materials (like cotton, silk, polyester, linen, woven material, and many more), they can efficiently prevent the incoming heat and sun rays while providing the ultimate level of privacy. They are made from different layers of materials that provide thermal resistance and prevent thermal transmittance all year around. Well, they are generally designed in three layers, but two and four-layer thermal drapes are also available on the market. The first decorative fabric layer faces towards the room, the middle layer is made of thermal resistant material like foam or flannel, and the third layer or thermal blinds lining protects your inner layers from the harshness of sunlight.

When selecting thermal curtains, select designs or patterns that complement your existing decor in a sober way, and get them installed accurately will elevate the look of the windows beautifully. All you have to do is integrate the thermal lining to any window curtains to keep the home at an ideal temperature. Before you get these window curtains, know more about them that will make a better experience for you.

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How Do Thermal Curtains Work?

Thermal window curtains create a barrier between the window and the room. A proper installation will keep the warm air inside during the summer season and will reflect the excess heat back to the outdoors. By creating a shield against harsh weather conditions, they help to maintain a comfortable air circulation throughout the room, ensuring pleasing and soothing indoor vibes.

Insulating materials are defined by R-values. Higher the value, better the insulating property. Usually, single-pane windows have the R-value of 1 or less, but hanging these curtains will improve the functions as they come with the R-value of 2-7. Always make sure the thermal curtain you choose is made of thicker fabric material, the lining is properly integrated, and properly hanged to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

Thermal curtains not only prevent direct sunlight or heat but also block out the outside noise to create a peaceful and soundless indoor atmosphere. Getting them installed will offer you total convenience and the highest level of pleasure.

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Thermal Curtains Installation Tips

If these curtains don’t fit your windows perfectly, then they won’t offer complete insulation and your indoor will experience heat fluctuation. The more air-tight they are, the better they will prevent the transfer of heat. While hanging them, make sure they are close enough to the window frame and wall as well. Only a proper window seal can keep a home insulated throughout the year. And while measuring windows for curtains, try to take the measurements from the top of the window frame to the floor-length. Additional valances or cornices will double up this functionality. And secure the sides of the curtains using velcro, magnetic tape, or hooks as this will reduce the gaps in the side. To increase the thermal effectiveness, you can layer more than one thermal curtain in the same window.

Where to Use Thermal Curtains

There is no hard and fast rule for installing these window curtains, if you are obsessed with insulated home decors or live in an extreme weather condition, then you can easily mount them on the living room, kids’ room, media room, or bedroom doors and windows.

Different Styles of Thermal Curtains

These curtains are available in a variety of designs and texture options. Remember, the right hue can help in preventing heat gain and heat loss as well. Select the design wisely that will make your interior aesthetically pleasing and highly functional too.

How to Maintain Thermal Curtains

Depending on the fabric and style, cleaning and maintaining methods can be different but not difficult. You can regular dusting or vacuum them to eliminate dust and dirt. For proper care, follow the professional instructions.

In this article, we have covered all the basic details about thermal window curtains. Whether you have existing window curtains or planning to buy a new one, integrating the thermal lining properly will make your home insulated while saving on heating and cooling costs. If you want to know more about these window designs, feel free to consult with the professionals.