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What Does Semi Sheer Mean And Is It Right For You?

What Does Semi Sheer Mean And Is It Right For You?

What are Sheer Curtains?

If you are stuck with ideas on how to do up your home with window coverings, then these modern and light-weight curtains are your go to solution. Ideal and manageable with any style of interior, they are soft to touch and eye soothing. They manage to evoke calm, meditative feelings that cannot be matched by any other kind of window covering solutions. With an almost unobstructed view of the outside world, they sheer curtains are ideal for preserving your view while giving you a small degree of privacy and light control. Sheer curtains offer some privacy during the day and none at night.

Sheer curtains are made from a variety of fabrics like lace, silk, polyester, linen, chiffon, cotton and chenille. They are best suited in shades of white and off-whitecolors but come in a range of wide colors to suit your palette. Layering them with heavier drapes is a good idea for added versatility and light control.

Sheer Curtains with Woven Blinds

Semi Sheers And The Exciting World

Semi Sheers are a slightly denser choice while being less translucent. Still maintaining the flowing and silkiness of sheers, they cut down on more of the light and glare of the sun pouring in. They have a solid texture and tend to be less flimsy. If you are looking for some semblance of privacy along with the loving look of sheers, then semi sheers is your answer. Layering them with denser material can help give you complete privacy at nights. Semi sheers are as beautiful as sheers along with making your windows intoxicating and charming. Combining these with shades and blinds will offer you excellent privacy, light filtration and insulation.

Elegant Sheer Shades

Best Semi Sheer Fabrics

Most semi translucent fabrics are ideal as a Semi Sheer Curtain. Below are some of the popular fabrics chosen:

Voile – Voile is often made up of cotton or a cotton blend. It is crisp with open weaves that gather beautifully.

Cotton – Romantically beautiful, cotton creates fine textures.

Polyesters – High end polyesters are glamorous that are easy to maintain.

Lace – Vintage looking, they come in a variety of colors that reach out to the senses.

Silk – Metallic textures often offer luxurious contemporary look. Whether pure or blended, silk never fails to create its magic.

Why are Semi Sheers Right for You?

  1. Perfection while diffusing sunlight

Semi Sheers are made of semitransparent, light weight material that is wonderful at filtering light. While still allowing sunlight into your room, they act as a light diffuser that softens the natural light. They help add protection for your furniture, fixtures and flooring from the full impact of the harsh sunlight. By diffusing light, they also offer you a shield from the harmful UV rays.

  1. Adding texture, movement, and softness

They enhance your room’s ambience by adding softness to the light. By framing your windows right, they can also create an impression of taller windows. The gentle breeze when windows are kept open makes the semi-sheer curtains add a stylish and momentary touch to your décor.

  1. Adding Daytime privacy

This is a lovely benefit of the semi sheers if you like a lot of sun in your home. With the light filtering feature, they add a layer of privacy that keeps your home away from the prying eyes during the day. And at night, a layer of heavy shades do the job wonderfully.

  1. Creating Waves

These curtains use a special track and tape heading providing the impression of a wave from one end of the window to the other. The flowing fabric adds dimension to your window.

  1. Amazing with layers

If you are one of those who love layering, then this is the one for you. Semi sheers are hugely enhanced when layered with an extra blind, shade or blackout curtain. You can choose a darkening material or color that helps complement the light and airy nature of the semi sheers.

Using Semi Sheers The Right Way

Use semi sheers as a continuous backdrop in any room because of their light filtering ability.  They tie the room completely without hiding any of its architectural features.

Use semi sheers on their own in non-living areas or partner them with an extra layer in your living room hence giving you complete freedom to choose your light requirement and privacy.

In a blander or simple room, they add to its features hence building a feeling of fullness. In a busy room, they provide visual relief. They make an elegant room divider or are an excellent choice to break up large continuous windows.

Whether you use the Semi Sheers for your window or outdoor patio areas, as screens or bed canopies, we guarantee you will fall in love with them. Their ease of use and multiple benefits will leave you asking for more.