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What Does Openness Mean And How Much Do You Need For Your Shade?

What Does Openness Mean And How Much Do You Need For Your Shade?

Conflicting Needs for Windows

When you embark on a journey to find the perfect pair of window coverings for your homes, you are confronted with a challenging task. You have to rummage through innumerable shades, blinds, shutters and drapes before you get to pick the one that is tailor-made for your windows. While selecting you are guided by various considerations including lighting needs, light blockage, privacy, insulation, aesthetics etc. Each of these are extremely important in creating the right ambiance and environment for your living space. Sometimes these requirements can be quite conflicting which makes it difficult to reconcile and arrive at a particular chosen product.

One such conflicting need of the house is need for light, privacy and outside view but sans the glare and harmful UV rays. Your house is your personal den where you spend intimate moments with your family and create memories. Hence it is but obvious that you would not want your home to become a spectacle for outsiders and your privacy is maintained and respected. Windows, if uncovered can allow a fantastic opportunity for peeping neighbours, and ill-doers to get a glimpse into the insides of the house that can even amount to security concerns. Hence you need window coverings that can seal off the house from the eyes of outsiders. But you would not want that to happen at the cost of natural light which is the source of positive energy and cheerfulness. The light however must be diffused and cut out the harmful glares and rays of the sun. Another important consideration is preserving view of the outside. While privacy is important, your view of the outdoors, and the surrounding landscape, is very precious and you would not want to sacrifice it. You would want to sit and enjoy the surrounding environment from the comfort of your home. So how do we reconcile such conflicting needs of your home?

Solar Shades with Varying Openness/Transparencies

Window treatments are manufactured keeping in mind the varying needs and demands of users. Hence you will find a solution for most of your problems. Roller-solar shades are a perfect choice of window treatment for homes. These shades are custom-made to block out the harsh light of the sun and create a warm cosy ambiance for your home. These shades have woven fabrics with varying degrees of openness. Openness translates to the level of transparency of these shades. The greater the openness the more light let in as well as a clearer view of the outside (along with less privacy). Solar shades with less openness mean greater light control and privacy. Irrespective of the openness, the solar shades do a fantastic choice of blocking out the harmful UV rays that can cause damage to health, furniture and furnishings.

Large Solar Shades

Levels of Openness and the One that Works Best for You

Graber Solar Shades have openness ranging from 1% to 14%. 1% offers optimal light control and privacy while 14% openness means a very clear view of the outdoors, less privacy and of course more natural light. At a low level of openness, while the privacy is much greater, the fabric of solar shades is will still offer a glimpse through to whichever side has more light. Thus the privacy of solar shades is much greater during the morning hours but once lights come on inside the house after dark, it becomes easy to see inside the home.

If your house has large windows, skylights and patio doors that happen to receive considerable amount of sunlight, we recommend solar shades for you. But what is the openness you should settle for these shades? It depends upon how much view, light and privacy you need for your homes. If you prefer darker bedrooms for instance and of course greater privacy, smaller openness percentage like 1-3% is perfect. But for your living rooms where you would want little more natural light and a view of the gorgeous natural beauty outside by screening out sun and glare, anything between 5% and 6% works pretty well. However, if a room has a bay window which opens out to tempting view of a beach or a range of mountains, you would want to bring the view inside the house and enjoy an unhampered and unobstructed view, then you would want to go for 10% or above. For better view, it is preferable to stick to plain weave fabric in darker color rather than busy patterns that tend to create obstruction.

There can be no perfect solution for all your conflicting needs. You choose the one that best suits you and the balance that works for you.

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