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What Does It Mean To Have West-Facing Windows?

What Does It Mean To Have West-Facing Windows?

When buying or building a house one of the most important factors people usually consider is the placement and location of windows and doors. This generally determines the temperature in the house. The placement of windows and openings in the house are important determiners as organic and natural climate controllers. Depending on the region and climate conditions you’re in, the layout of the house may change. For example, as you move towards the poles, the general temperature is far cooler. This requires more heat generation and insulation, resulting in windows facing east and west, which allow for more sunlight to enter. Houses build closer to the equator are generally susceptible to warm and humid conditions. To keep the house cooler, the axis of the house is generally across the north and south which allow for a cool summer breeze to permeate through your houses. Windows are placed with purpose and plays a pivotal role in the layout of the house.

Properties of West Facing Windows:

Regardless of the geographic location of the house, a west facing window generally has some specific characteristics. The following features is an easy guide to familiarize and what to expect from windows facing the west.

Increased Sunlight during the afternoon and evening:

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This means that west facing windows are more likely to be an entrant for natural sunlight during after-hours. A west facing window is generally a welcome source of evening light and prolongs the presence of natural light in your house. This is perhaps the most important feature of west facing windows. As the sun sets it creates an angle to your house, which essentially means a west facing window will allow for more sunlight to enter your house. Most people like natural sunlight in their houses and therefore a west facing window is generally ubiquitous to all houses. The benefits of natural light are something everyone wants.

Increased Heat and warmth:

The sun is also a good source of heat. This is an extremely important feature, especially during the winters. The sudden drop in temperature can be compensated with a warm summer light. The radiating light through windows will assist in keeping the room warm. Builders and constructors across the world are extremely aware of the benefits of west facing windows; therefore, most houses are installed with a west window. The heat keeps the atmosphere of the house cozy during windows.

            Although these are the two main pros of west facing windows, persistent sunlight may  be an annoyance. There exists a need and degree of control. Especially given how      houses are now ubiquitous to western facing windows, it is more important to ensure that the heat is controlled. The increased heat entering your rooms may result in warm temperatures, damaged furniture as well as damaged blinds and windows.

Solutions for west facing windows

The sun is no fun if you cannot control it. It is extremely important to understand the implications of a west facing window. The UV rays can be extremely detrimental to your wellbeing. This may also result in your furniture from being damaged. This means that a west facing window demands a very specific set of blinds and solutions that need to be implored. The following solutions will give you the level of control that you desire over your windows. These solutions are purpose built to ensure that the problems  created by west facing windows are solved.

Blackout Blinds:

Blackout blinds as an option for west facing widows is a no brainer. They are literally designed to curb problems caused by the scorching heat. Not only do they act as great insulators against the scorching sun in summers, but also protect the interiors of your house from being damaged by UV rays. The construction of blackout blinds is to ensure that they themselves aren’t damaged by the sun. For maximum protection from the sun, especially during warm summer afternoons, consider using black out blinds.

Roman Fresco Blinds

These blinds afford a similar degree of protection to room darkening blinds. The utility of these blinds is to not completely block out the sun but afford a decent level of protection. Roman Fresco Blinds are also extremely decorative and could be the perfect element to add to your upscale living requirements. Roman Fresco Blinds are the perfect middle ground between protection and style. They come in a variety of options and block out most of the sun from entering your house.

Exterior Solar Shades

These are a slightly more practical solution when compared to traditional blinds. Exterior solar shades are installed on the exterior of a window and acts as a light insulator from the outside. These blinds give unparoled protection and utility. The installation process is extremely simple. If your priority is to install the most effective solution for your west windows, Exterior Solar Shades are the option for you. They are extremely effective at protecting and maintaining the interiors cool. By design they operate from outside your house window.

Solar Shades

If the objective of the installation of your new blinds is to transform it into a cool sanctuary during the blistering summer heat, consider installing solar shades. These blinds are constructed specially to block, reflect and expel the heat entering into your house. From being coated with a special kind of UV-resistant fabric, to the very construction of these blinds, these blinds have got you covered.  These blinds are mostly used in living rooms, libraries and studies where the beating sun can cause a degree of discomfort. These blinds are also perfect for customers who requires only a minimal level of protection. They come in varying degrees of openness and fabric can be customised according to the customers preferences. These blinds are also used in cafes and rustic themed pubs to reduce the heat signature of the enclosure. Offices with glass windows also use a similar style of blinds.


Consider these solutions while enjoying west facing windows If effective solutions are placed, you can exploit the main characteristics of a west facing window without any problems. These solutions are extremely versatile and will inevitably result in an enjoyable experience. These styles of blinds are an investment worth considering. Selecting any of this solution will increase the comfort of your room whilst keeping the ambience cool and enjoyable.

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