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What Does an Innovative Home Look Like In 2022?

Two people preparing to upgrade their home.

A new year is always a great time for a fresh start, which is especially true for anyone who wants to build an innovative home. People are all spending more time at home, and many of us have had to convert our homes into home offices as well. The past year and a half of togetherness have caused many of us to reconsider our homes’ design, décor, and layout, from how it looks to how it functions. 

Being able to raise and lower the blinds in your living room while remaining seated is an enormous advantage. You can complete that task with a few mouse clicks right from your desk or couch. Motorized blinds and shades allow you to perform this all too easy convenient task.

Motorization has taken window treatments to the next level, just as smartphones revolutionized communication options. Shades and blinds can now be controlled by your phone, tablet, remote, wall switch, or common home automation hubs.

Reasons to Install Custom Motorized Blinds

Smart applications from smart blinds will bring convenience and ease to your life and allow you to control them from almost anywhere with a touch of a button. On top of that, you can use voice commands like Google Home and Amazon Alexa to control them, allowing you to speak your needs without having to move.

Window treatments, when used properly, help insulate your home, which means you won’t have to use your furnace or air conditioner as frequently. This problem is solved by motorized window treatments that are programmable or simple to use, while also lowering your energy bill. You can have them open and close at certain times to ensure you can either get heat build up during cold days, or prevent it during warm days.

Another of the most prized reasons for remote window blinds is their ability to prioritize child safety. Parents are all aware that young children are prone to curiosity, and love to play with loose dangling items. Smart motorized blinds do away with these dangling cords as they use a power source like a battery or plug in to operate themselves.

How Does Motorization Work?

Motorized window treatments rely on a hidden motor that is powered by either a battery or electrical wiring . The motor is intended to open and close the blinds or shades partially or completely. Whether you are using something like roller shades or wooden blinds, the motor will be the one doing the operation of opening and closing.

As mentioned above, the control options for motorized blinds are a remote control, your smart phone, or voice command. The signals are sent to the motors, allowing you to open and close, set it to a favourite position, and even have it timed. This feature also allows you to use these in hard to reach windows, as you won’t have to climb up to operate them.

Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Your house or living environment should be a place of comfort and relaxation, and the right motorized window coverings can assist you in accomplishing this. These are the five ways that motorized blinds can benefit your home.

Take a Step Forward Building a Smart Home

Smart homes, or homes controlled by electronic assistants, are more popular than ever. The goal of building a smart home is to automate every aspect of it to be programmed to meet your specific needs. You can integrate it with your existing electronic, voice-activated assistant for hands-free operation.

Teach Your Children How to Operate the Blinds

Children enjoy helping around the house and frequently mimic what their parents do. Children as young as three years old can take on age-appropriate responsibilities. Motorized blinds provide a way that allows your child to assist in controlling the blinds without putting them at risk.

You can teach your child responsibility by assigning them the task of closing the blinds before going to bed. Simply demonstrate how to use the remote control and let them do the rest. Your child will enjoy helping, and you will feel good about including them in this part of your daily routine.

Make Your Home More Handicap-Friendly

If you or a family member has limited mobility, performing basic chores becomes more difficult. Wheelchair users may be unable to reach blind pull cords that are mounted too high, and operating tall and large window coverings may be very difficult.

Motorized blinds are a simple way to make your home more accessible to people with disabilities. The blinds allow you to control the amount of light and privacy from anywhere in the room. This can also greatly assist senior citizens who may have balance issues.

Natural Awakening

The most pleasant way to end your night’s sleep is to wake up to sunlight streaming in through your window. The issue with leaving your blinds open all night is twofold: lack of privacy and allowing unwanted streetlight in. Motorized roller blinds provide a convenient compromise.

Program your blinds to open at the time you want to wake up so that the sudden burst of sunlight gently wakes you up. After a little experimentation with this technique, you might be able to do away with your alarm clock entirely.

Motorized Blinds Increase the Value of Your Home

Any moderate upgrades done to your home can help it become more desirable to any potential buyers. Motorized blinds are not a mere moderate upgrade, but a significant one. Not only do they add specialized equipment on the windows, but they also add beauty and decor to the home too.

Your home’s curb value will increase by a lot as prospective buyers are often looking for the most innovative features in a house. A smart, remote feature will go a long way in attracting these kinds of buyers and will help drive up the market for your house, increasing your monetary gain as you sell. 

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