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What Does 1% Openness Mean in Solar Shades?

What Does 1 Openness Mean In Solar Shades

End of Winter and Arrival of Spring

As winter gets severe and harsh and the temperature slides below the freezing point you stare out of your window to a world covered with snow and leafless trees adorning the sidewalks. You wake up every morning to this image and fervently wish for some warmth and a bit of sun to thaw the snow and light up the world. After months of experiencing a chilly winter, the mercury starts to rise, bidding adieu to the snowy days and nights. Leaves start returning to the trees and there are fresh blossoms that appear out of nowhere along the sidewalks. The sun starts smiling down and there is a spring in your every step. The enviable weather only gets better and fills the world with positive vibes and energy. And before you know summer is already knocking at your door.

Summer is not too Far Behind…

It is the time for those laid back barbeque nights, dip in the pools, and long hours of sunbathing. Summer means hikes, long walks, picnics, and fun with friends and family. The temperature then start rising relentlessly and very soon it crosses the threshold of comfort and you are left looking for ways to cool yourself even inside the house. Warm air and sunlight flood through the house making your interiors hot, humid and uncomfortable. Air conditioners are back in action but without adequate protective covering for your windows, warm air flows in unabated, causing energy loss. Air conditioners have to now overwork to maintain the temperature inside the house.

Fallouts of Summer
Sunlight is also the source of harmful UV rays that can cause damage to health, furnishings and furniture when left exposed for a prolonged period of time. The glares of the sunlight can interfere with your work as they cause reflection on your screens and also can ruin your entertainment experience as the light reflects on the television set. Too much light will also affect your sleep and severely impact your deep sleep. While we cherish natural light and the positive energy that they bring, too much of unfiltered light can adversely affect your life in different ways. There is a pressing need to address this issue before summer sets in so that you are prepared to deal with the rising heat and sunshine in your house for the next few months.
Solar Shades for Patio Doors

How to Cover Windows for Summer

Windows are the biggest source of sunlight and heat in the house. Hence finding the right window treatment solution is extremely important to help seal of your home.

Window shutters are a great way to control light and heat. Adjusting the louvers will determine the amount of light entering your homes and closing them helps to keep the heat out.

Curtains and drapes with reflective lining can reflect the light back to its source. A heavy blackout material will also help to keep the heat away significantly.

Venetian blinds made of aluminum are a good choice to keep the heat and excess light out. They have slats which can be adjusted as per your needs and preferences.
Light Filtering Solar Shades

What are Solar Shades?

If you are however looking for a window covering that will help convert and transform your homes into sun-protected sanctuaries you cannot find a better choice than Solar Shades. These are made of woven fabric that does a great job of keeping the light, heat and UV rays out. They come in different levels of transparencies and openness ranging from 1% to 14%. This level of openness determines how much light will enter your house and your outside view. If you want to create a brighter room with more light, less privacy and an unobstructed view of the outside you need to choose fabrics with greater openness or transparency level. This means a higher openness implies more light and heat and less privacy and light control.
Refelctive Solar Shades

Solar Shades with 1% Openness

If you are looking to block out 99% of the harmful UV rays, better sun protection, and maximum light control during the peak summer months we recommend you to opt for fabrics with the lowest level or degree of openness. 1% openness means your fabric is capable of blocking out 99% rays and sunlight allowing only 1% to flow through the fabric. This helps to create a cool and pleasant ambiance inside the house. 1% openness also means additional privacy and security as they will reduce the view of the interiors of the house from outside. 1% openness also means that these privacy shades will block out your view of the outside. So you will have to prioritize your need. Are you looking for less light and UV rays, more privacy or for more light and an unobstructed view of the outside? The degree of openness of your fabric will address your needs.
For peak summer months in regions that experience hot summers and very harsh rays of the sun, we recommend use of Solar Shades with 1% openness to help maintain temperature and weather inside the house and offer respite from the blazing sun outside.