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What Do Blackout Curtains Do?

What Do Blackout Curtains Do
The window treatment market is overwhelmed with blinds and shades and curtains of different types, functionalities and features. There are light filtering shades, sheer shades, room darkening shades, blackout shades and the list is endless. They address different concerns of homeowners, address different needs of different rooms in the house and sometimes even combine features to get you the best of two worlds.
Blinds and shades address your privacy needs, need for light filtration, need to block out UV rays and cut outglares of the sun, and the need to block light out completely – all while enhancing the aesthetic value of your homes and impressing your guests with their beauty. One of the most versatile window shades in the market today which has immense functional value is blackout shades. They are made of fabric that helps to block out light completely. They provide complete darkness as and where needed and also enhanced insulation.
Blackout Roller Window Blinds

The Purpose and Features of Blackout Shades/Curtains

I had gotten home in the middle of a city around three years ago. I was staying in an area that experienced all kinds of weather throughout the year. The winters were chilling cold, and staying behind well-constructed and sturdy walls and doors wouldn’t be enough. The temperatures soared beyond normal during the summers, and there were times when we would wake up drenched in perspiration. Through the gaps in doors and windows, air would pass and make the temperature inside too uncomfortable to thrive in. it naturally led to a reliance on air conditioners and heaters, which entailed heavy electricity bills. All we needed were blackout blinds, and once we had them installed after consulting a well-known interior decorator in the area, our problems were resolved.

With the passage of time, we realized that blackout shades have multiple takeaways beyond just temperature control. Let us focus on all its features, which result from the materials used in their construction.

1. The Materials Used: Unlike light filtering curtains and shades that use lighter materials such as cotton, all loosely woven to create a glow inside the room, blackout shades are made from opaque materials that are tightly woven to not let any air or light to pass through. The curtains employ thick materials such as silk, velvet, polyester and polyester blends. Blinds such as roller blinds make use of fiberglass covered with PVC or acrylic foam backing. Shutters are constructed from wood or composite wood, and there is 100% aluminum used in the construction of blackout mini blinds.

2. Temperature Control: When you have tightly woven fabrics in curtains and thick materials such as wood and aluminum in the construction of blackout shades and blinds, there is no scope for heat or cold to pass through. All you need to care about are the crevices or gaps on the sides, which can easily be secured if you have the measurements of your windows right. Besides, you can seal the windows with weather-stripping or caulking, which are effective DIY methods. Blackout curtains keep you comfortable and cozy all day and can keep you moving around the house without being affected by scorching summers or chilly winters.

3. Allow Uninterrupted Sleep: Deep, sound and uninterrupted sleep is essential for good health. It helps to heal the body and give adequate rest to the body after a long day at work. For uninterrupted sleep, you must have favorable ambiance in the room. One of the foremost requirements is the absence of light and complete darkness. Light interferes with sleep and is not desirable at all. Blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms. This is particularly important for those who are essential service providers like doctors and caregivers who may have to work in night shifts and need to catch up on sleep during the morning hours when the sun is at its peak. Blackout curtains can block out light even during the morning hours.

4. Bring Down Your Energy Bills: When blackout shades keep the air at room temperature, you refrain from putting your ACs and heaters to use. This results in lower bills, where you save a lot of expenditure. This is why blackout shades and blinds are an investment for long-term monetary benefits and cost savings instead of being a one-off purchase.

5. Noise Cancellation: In the absence of window curtains and blinds that can prevent you from loud noises in your vicinity, your sense of well-being and peace can be majorly affected. Who would want to listen to noisy neighbors quarrel or hollering children play all day, especially when there are important work presentations to tend to? Blackout shades are made from materials that absorb these unnecessary sounds and create the perfect atmosphere of relaxation and serenity. This can be extremely beneficial for anybody who is working from home or coming home after a night shift.

6. Light Control: Having natural light in our home might be a welcome change, for who wouldn’t want a natural glow of pattern and less reliance on electric bulbs and lanterns. But sunlight also entails harmful UV radiation and glare, and its regular exposure may cause your furniture to fade and you to develop skin-related ailments. Blackout shades block all sunlight, keeping you safe and protected, while also creating a home theatre-like atmosphere. You can watch a movie without disturbance and without the sun’s glare affecting your experience.

7. Protection from Intruders: You don’t want the outsiders to get a proper look inside the home at any time of the day. The issue with light filtering curtains is that they do not block the complete indoor view from outside and jeopardizes the safety and security of your homes. All this can be prevented by having blackout curtains on every window of the house, especially those that require maximum privacy such as the bathrooms and the bedrooms.
Zebra Sheer Dual Blackout Shades Designer Series

A Few Popular Blackout Window Treatments

This might be a dilemma of shoppers who wish to buy the right window treatments for their homes. Some of the most popular blinds and curtains in the “blackout” category are as below.

1. Room Darkening Curtains and Drapery:

Brands such as Crown and Graber boast of the best-in-class window curtains in many different styles and patterns. The colors range from Ashton Camel and Ashton Chocolate to Camelot Pomegranate and Fynn Blue. The ranges are varied, and you will get every shade of blackout curtains here. These are built from the finest materials and come in both grommet and rod pocket styles to pick and choose from. Needless to say, besides their room darkening properties to keep your home protected, they will add a unique aesthetic touch to your home.
Room Darkening Drapes

2. Blackout Rollers:

Despite their light filtering capability, thanks to the special UV-resistant polyester fabric that is built to last, they also come in blackout materials to give you the privacy that you deserve, especially after sunset. Blackout roller shades can be used on any window of the house, and thanks to their natural heat-resistant capacity, they are go-to window treatments during summers. There are other blackout shades like Blackout Cellular Shades, Sun Up Sun Down Cellular Shades, Blackout Dual Roller Shades etc.

There is another way in which you can create blackout curtains on your own. To save the additional cost of a purchase, you can insert a blackout liner in an existing curtain. Follow a simple DIY procedure to sew a liner and add hems to it, and you have a blackout curtain ready for use.

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