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What Curtains Go Well With Light Blue Walls?


Interior designing for homes can be both satisfying and therapeutic at the same time. Deciding on how to design and decorate your personal space makes your home more customized and distinctive in a way that you expect. While decorating your home with accessories and furniture is important, it is also essential to consider your wall colors. This is because wall colors are one of the prime factors for radiating your room with the ambiance of your choice.

From teal and turquoise to sky blue, there is no question that these soothing and cool tones exude tranquility. It doesn’t surprise most of us that the blue color is mostly preferred for rooms that are often meant for sleep and relaxation. If the wall and curtains are present adjacently, it is imperative to coordinate the shades and patterns of your curtains with blue colored walls. While there is no set of rules in selecting suitable curtains, you would want to strive to experience a good vibe every time you enter your house and see the window coverings.

Coordinating The Curtains with Your Wall Paint

In decorating, simply coordinating your furniture is not sufficient. Every element in the room should be taken into consideration to fully achieve a who listic look. This is particularly true for window coverings and walls if they are going to be used together. For a cohesive aesthetic appearance, you should coordinate the curtains with the wall color.

  • Replicate the Wall Color

To achieve a color-coordinated appearance using patterned curtains, ensure that the pattern consists of a little of your wall color. In case you have ivory or white-colored walls, pick a pattern with an ivory or white for your curtain. If you select colorful walls, then the fabric pattern’s background color can be repeated. In either case, you need not look for an accurate color match. The color of the curtains appears repetitive as long as the pattern’s color isn’t more than two shades darker/lighter than the wall color.

  • Make It Monochromatic

Select curtain fabric from the matching color group as the wall color for an exceptional look with curtains of solid colors. However, go for a lighter or darker version. For instance, choose burnt-orange curtains for apricot walls and vice versa. For an indistinct color variation, choose within 2 to 3 shades of the wall color.

  • Select Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are opposite to one another on the color wheel. As a technique that introduces different colors to a space, it is often restrictively used to pair solid-colored walls with solid curtain colors. Rather, take it on another level by choosing a fabric pattern has a neutral with the complementary wall color. In the case of blue walls, orange is the complementary color. You can consider using a white-and-orange quatrefoil or an ivory-and-white stripe pattern. A pattern that combines various wall color values with neutrals can also be used like paisley featuring tan, orange, and ivory shades varying from rust to apricot.

  • Leave It Neutral

In the case of strong wall colors, the complete appearance can be toned down by selecting neutral-colored curtains. White curtains go perfectly with cool as well as warm-colored walls. For anything less crisp, go for champagne, butter cream, or ivory curtains with warm wall colors. And, opt for dove or oyster grey curtains for cool colored walls. Solid or tone-on-tone fabric prints can be used to achieve a neutral look. You can also consider embellishing the curtains with a contrasting fabric band for added visual that coordinates with the wall color on the hem.

Curtains That Go With Light Blue Walls

  • Blue: Blue on blue may sound a bit redundant, but it is not. Unlike other colors, blue brings in magic when it comes to flaunting itself even if the two blue shades that are used have distinct undertones. This is a good option for those who wish to create an oceanic atmosphere in a room. If you are using blues having similar undertones, then you will have a stunning monochromatic effect. If they match identically, you obtain a combination that offers extra flow to your space. Either way, blue curtains with light blue wall rule. This choice of curtain color is most commonly found in tropical, coastal, and nautical decors.
  • White: Blue and white are one of the most iconic combinations one can think of. This absolutely dynamic duo act as a cornerstone of nautical and coastal decor. White is a great choice if you are looking to brighten up your space immensely and add an airy feel. Also, light blue and white offer your house the vibe of a little castle in the clouds. Irrespective of which look you want, light blue walls with a white curtain is a safe bet.
  • Beige: Beige is a type of neutral color that actually goes well with everything. In other words, beige can also be called a universal softener. The versatile tones of beige can make everything look warmer and softer. This is the reason it works perfectly in rooms and other blue-colored rooms that require a cozy feel. Light beige color can be used in modern, traditional, French-styled, or Scandinavian rooms. Typically, combining beige curtains with light blue walls works perfectly for coastal-style decor. This is because beige is the color of sand, which makes it exceptionally beachy!
  • Grey: Grey has grown to become a prime neutral color for any room. Though painting a room grey might be overkill for many people, there’s something to be said about pairing it with a cool wall color. One of the oldest pairings for a blue wall is the grey curtains. The cool grey shade curtains complement the blue walls. This stunning combo offers your home a relaxing ambiance that is ideal for your bedroom or a lounge room.
  • Green: A good rule of thumb in selecting a curtain color for a room with blue walls is to take a look at nature for inspiration. Blue reminds us of the ocean, the sky, as well as certain flowers. In many parts of the world, green is always found to be quite close to blue in one form or the other. Fortunately, green turns out to be a natural color scheme for interior decor. Green and blue is a combination that works perfectly in rooms where you want to rest, such as a bedroom.

Bottom Line

These are certain best fabric colors that can be ideally paired with your light blue walls. Light blue is an important color that requires the correct decision on what to combine it with. While purchasing the curtains, consider playing with colors that you feel are perfect for your space. However, it is always good to choose appropriate colored curtains for your walls, so as to enhance the room’s aesthetic.

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