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What Curtains Are Best To Match A Red Sofa?

What Curtains Are Best To Match A Red Sofa?

Red as one of the brightest colours in the rainbow, are best paired with drapes that can either complement it, or tone down the hues. As a result, warm fall colours like gold, orange, and red work well. Grey, white, brown, and black are also wonderful possibilities if you want to go for a more muted look.

Which Curtain Colors go with Red Couches?

1.   Red Curtains

  • Is it possible to have red on red? Absolutely! This look is a terrific method to ensure that the red theme of your home’s makeup is maintained, which is ideal for those who appreciate this reddish hue. When red curtains and couches are combined, the result is a monochrome or highly coordinated look that simply works.
  • Because the red-on-red appearance is very powerful, if you want to use it in a room, make sure you have a neutral color to balance it out. In terms of a balancing color, cream, beige, or white are the finest choices.

2.   White Curtains

  • Considering bright and dramatic hues, white is usually a smart choice. The reason for this is simple. White helps to bring in light and can soften the look of a red couch. It helps to brighten and open up a space, which is essential for a red couch. A white rug can be used to further enhance the appearance of the room.
  • White’s neutrality, like that of all other hues, makes it a good match for red. You can expect a wonderful, modern look when white curtains enter a room with a crimson couch. With that said, this color combination can be used in both traditional and contemporary settings.

3.   Grey Curtains

  • These days, grey is all the rage, especially as an accessory hue. Grey looks edgy and futuristic when coupled with crimson.
  • A blue, green, or purple tint can be found in many grey curtains on the market. Those curtains aren’t for you! You’ll want a pure grey that’s black and white only. Otherwise, your grey will clash with the couch too much or appear odd.

4.   Blue Curtains

  • Adding blue curtains to your room will help to calm things down.

This is due to the fact that blue is a color that is linked with serenity.

5.   Yellow and Gold Curtains

  • When used with red, yellow and gold curtains are stunning. It’s also one of the most popular pairings in home design magazines. Yellow is a warm color, similar to red. It helps to create a sense of comfort that most people desire when they’re relaxing at home.
  • People who enjoy cuddling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate will appreciate the warm undertones. It’s also a color scheme that’s frequently seen in royal residences. So, if you’re looking for something majestic and elegant, this curtain color can help.

6.   Orange Curtains

  • Given that yellow and gold are also popular curtain colors for people who have a red couch, it’s no surprise that red and orange complement each other as well. After all, the colors orange, yellow, and red are all complementary. In most cases, orange and red works together to help a place feel like a cozy autumn day. 

7.   Green Curtains

  • Curtains with various shades of green, such as khaki and olive green, can add a refreshing element to the room.

8.   Brown Curtains

  • Brown curtains are an excellent alternative for those who want their home to have an old-school, Great Gatsby feel to it. Of course, this is a combination that is usually reserved for office settings, Ivy League dorms, and traditional British country clubs. It’s simply that opulent.
  • If you want brown curtains, make sure you have enough light in the space. While this is a lovely color combination, if not done correctly, it may make spaces appear gloomy and dirty. If you want to add some more color to this scheme, we recommend yellow or green. It complements the intellectual appearance of brown.

9.   Black Curtains

  • Take a look at grabbing a pair of black curtains to pair with that red couch. The majority of couch color don’t match well with black curtains, however red does. This is due to the fact that black is sufficiently dramatic to stand up to the high pigment of red. 


The proper shaded curtains will embrace the beauty in a different way. The color of your curtain, for example, has a significant impact on natural light regulation. So, when modifying them, take your time.

However, it’s always a good idea to look through all of the color options and pick one that complements the sofa and keeps the look consistent.

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