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What Colors Go Well with Beige Walls and Brown Furniture?

Brown and beige are fantastic colors. They fall right in nicely in the color palette between the bright and exciting yellow and reds, and the cool but relaxing blues. This allows brown and beige to be very versatile, allowing you to take your décor style in one direction or another. Brown is a commonly found color in nature and allows you to build soft or rigid designs. The blend of soft and rigid hues makes it easy to combine with a wide range of other items. Beige, being an offshoot of brown, falls into the same category. With those in mind, what color blinds, shades or curtains go well with beige walls and brown furniture? Let’s ponder this together.

Curtains and Blinds in Bright White

White curtains are a popular choice. White as a whole, paints a very clean and neat atmosphere. White curtains dressing your windows will help you create a calming atmosphere in the room they are in. They will add some cooling contrast to the warmth of the brown and beige and this in turn creates a soothing experience. 

Curtains also have the advantage of being a complimentary window dressing. They can be placed in front of the window frame, while another dressing is placed within. With that in mind, you can create a white-on-white look for your window by having white window blinds inside mounted on them. The white blinds and curtains help further create a heavenly atmosphere where you can enjoy a warm cup of tea while leisurely enjoying a book or enjoying your favorite show.

Dark Blackout Roller Shades

The opposite of the above white would be going with darkly colored blackout roller shades. The wonderful thing about brown is that it is compatible with virtually anything on the color scale. If you need to create a room that has maximum privacy and light control, blackout roller shades are the way to go. If your brown and beige color scheme is in your bedroom and you need complete darkness to sleep well, this is the option for you. You can use dark colors such as charcoal grey or deep blue to contrast the brown. They will help your body enter into sleep mode and achieve maximum rest.

Brown Colored Natural Shades

With brown being one of the most commonly found colors in nature, it might help to build on this theme. Natural shades are made from materials found in our world such as bamboo, grass, and jute. Natural shades can come in several different colors, but to really accentuate the theme, use shades of brown. You will feel as if you were transported to a treehouse in the middle of the jungle, or a private cabin in the forest. This theme will really come to life if you include a lot of green plants in the room. So, create your own port to nature by using brown-colored natural shades to dress the windows in your rooms with brown furniture and beige walls.

Grey Pleated Shades

Grey is another hue that comes in various tones and textures, making it easy to complement the design of any room. Overall, there is no set color combination or rule to follow while looking for acceptable colored window dressing. Grey, like brown, is a neutral color and can go well with any design. Pleated shades are shades that come in a folding pattern. They can bring some needed rigid lines to your interior décor if needed. 

Pleated shades also come in light-filtering and sheer materials, meaning they allow plenty of natural light to grace the room they are dressed in. Just like with brown, grey can come many different tones. If you need to brighten the space, opt for lighter shades of grey, and if you need to darken it, go with darker greys. Whatever your need, grey pleated shades can come in and fill it for you.

grey pleated shades

As outlined above, brown and beige are compatible with so many different styles and patterns. Depending on your need and desire for the room, the options available to you are at your disposal. If you are still undecided, you can order samples of materials to see them in person. So before dressing your windows in a room with brown furniture and beige walls, decide on its purpose, imagine the window dressing on it, and proceed to carry out your design for it.

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