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What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Brown Furniture?

What Color Curtains Go With White Walls and Brown Furniture?

Color combination lies at the core of home décor. A bad pairing of colors will render even the most expensive furniture and upholstery unattractive.Whether you are looking for a romantic ambiance for your bedroom, or a trendy look for your living room, choosing the right color furnishings is crucial.

Curtains and draperies are inseparable elements of interiors. They add dimension and flair to your living space and have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your home. They come in a wonderful array of fabrics and colors that can go with any color theme.

Are your walls white and furniture brown? White walls make your room feel and look clean and spacious. Since white is very reflective, it brightens up the room. Brown is a versatile and classic color for furniture, be it for the living room or dining hall. Brown furniture is a practical choice especially for families with kids and pets, as it is easy to clean and is stain-resistant.

So, you have brown furniture set in the backdrop of white walls, which is a lovely color duo. Now, you have to pick curtains that will look good with this amazing setting.

The great news is, myriad hues can work with a brown sofa and white-painted walls. The key to selecting the color of curtains is to decide on the overall tone and feel you want to achieve in your living space.Here are a few tips:

Calm and Soothing Effect

If a soft and serene atmosphere is your calling, avoid vivid or stark colors and go for fabrics of lighter hues. Medium grey, bright mustard, warm golden yellow, creamy beige, or off-white with a bronze undertone will make your home a calm and soothing nest. You can even pick pure white curtains to go with your white walls, so the combination of the two will provide an impactful background for your brown sofa. White on white gives a classic elegant look. These light color curtains allow air and sunlight to filter through and your living room will be filled with a soft glow.

Smart, Sophisticated Look

Want to create a smart and sophisticated look in your living room? Pick navy blue or royal blue curtains which will stand out creating a strong contrast with white walls and stunning combination with your exquisite brown leather sofa and low seats.

Traditional, Earthy Tones

Certain color combinations will never go out of style and they can be traced all the back to your grandma’s home. You can steal some vintage décor ideas from your grandma’s earthy abode and create one such room in your house with a  traditional combination of white walls, a brown sofa, and creamed coffee-colored or dark brown curtains. Or, go for bronze.If your windows are fitted with wood shutters, how charming would it be to hang bronze-colored net curtains over them! Heritage weaves are evergreen. Net curtains embellished with delicate embroidery and rich laces will be all the more charming. So, get set to reinvent and lend a classic and timeless look to your home.

Bright and Bold Hues

Red, orange, yellow, green, magenta. Mix and match these bold and vibrant hues for curtains and come up with an eye-grabbing combination which, set against the white walls, will make your living room trendier and hipper. With clean, white walls in the background, these drapes will look amazing, and, to match with your brown sofa, you can use accessories like light brown or golden tiebacks and wooden lamps.

Light and Fun Ambience

Do you want to create a light and fun atmosphere in your room without making a lot of changes to the décor? Nature and floral curtains will do the trick. Floral-printed designs never run out of fashion. There are various patterns to pick from, ranging from conventional neutral flowered curtains to bright and striking contemporary floral patterns. Whichever prints you choose, make sure there is a lot of white in the patterns and tinges of brown to echo the colors of the walls and furniture pieces. A beautiful set of floral curtains on your windows and throw pillows with similar patterns on your sofa will look cool and fashionable.

Don’t Forget Black

Many homeowners hesitate to use black curtains for window coverings, but when paired with white walls and brown furniture, they look stunning and alluring. This is a classy and sophisticated combination that is aesthetically pleasing. Black draperies stand out well in a neutral space that is white or off-white on the walls with furnishings, wall hangings, lamps, rugs, and pillows that have brown and black shades. Black is a dramatic color, which especially fits well in large, airy spaces.For a chic look, you can add tiebacks with black and white threads to the sides of your draperies and also valances.

So, go on, play with different hues and patterns, and style your windows choosing from a great selection of curtains to go with the color of your walls and furniture and enjoy the ambience. Besides deciding on the color of the curtains, it is important to pick the right fabric to match the texture of your walls and the couch, and make your interiors look more consistent and coordinated. Curtains made of cotton, silk, or velvet are ideal for traditional designs. If you have dressed your windows with wooden blinds, sheers, or Roman shades for added privacy and hanging curtains over them, make sure the texture of the drapery combines well with these window treatments. If a casual look is all that you want, linen and polyester curtain fabrics will be ideal.Velvet curtains blend well with a shiny, leather couch. And, if you want to impress your visitors with a luxurious feel, cover your windows with exquisite silk draperies. They come in a wide array of colors and textures. Choose the ones that blend well with your walls and the couch.

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