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What Color Curtains Go With Orange Walls?


Orange comes across as a unique colour that can contribute immensely to the overall home décor. It is bright and dynamic, an lies between yellow and red on the light spectrum. Traditionally speaking, it has had a significant role in paintings and home aesthetics. Meanings associated with a color vary from culture to culture. In Europe and North America, the orange color is associated with unconventional dynamism, warmth, energy, and activity. In Asian cultures, it has an important symbolic significance, especially in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It is believed to provide emotional strength when the going gets tough. It has been observed that the color orange helps us overcome stress and despair in a wide variety of situations. When used in the house’s interior, it stands for warmth and happiness as it combines the dynamism of red with the vitality of yellow. It is an optimistic color that lifts our spirits and fills the room with a positive hue and liveliness.

Which Curtain Colors To Go With Orange Walls?

Curtains refer to a long fabric suspended from the top of a window frame to form a screen in front of it. These are moveable along a rail and can be drawn or closed as per one’s requirements. Curtains have always been popular among people for window treatments as they provide flexibility, durability, and variety at a reasonable cost. Curtains are much more than a simple piece of fabric that provides sunlight control to the owner. They play a significant role in creating a room’s theme and ambiance like other interior design aspects. If chosen poorly, they affect the overall energy of the room negatively. But if they are correctly chosen, then the overall ambiance of the given room of the house will be enhanced, and it will enhance other elements of the interior design as well. The following are the curtain colors that go well with the orange walls of the house:

  • White Curtains with Orange Walls:

The white curtains compliment the majority of the wall colors. When paired with bright orange walls, the curtain creates a distinct contrast and further highlights the walls. This contrast helps in making the wall the focal point of the room. Opting for white colored curtains in a room with orange walls creates a balance as the curtains soothes the wall’s excess dynamism. White curtains also help to create a neat ambiance which facilitates the smooth flow of positivity in the room. A white colored curtain, when contrasted with an orange wall, gives the room a royal and spacious feeling.

  • Black Curtains with Orange Walls:

Black is another colour that compliments almost every shade, including orange. In concord with orange, it helps create an enigmatically bold and lively theme for the room. The combination of black curtains with orange walls helps in creating a grand ambiance in the room. The point to note is that black curtains with orange walls should complement other room décor and furnishing. This is the case because if this combination is overdone, it can have exceedingly bold and aggressive overtones. One can be sure that the black colored curtain will not diminish the orange hue of the wall but will highlight the dynamism embodied by the walls.

  • Gold Colored Curtains with Orange Walls:

The glittering shades like gold increase the room’s aesthetic charm when combined with orange walls. It gives the room an elegant and graceful aura that reminds one of traditional décor and architecture. Thus, golden colors with orange walls ensure a revival of the conventional grace a classical area along with the contemporary style of today. 

  • Brown and Gray Curtains with Orange Walls:

Orange and Brown both denote warmer shades, and they complement each other well. When used together in a room, they create a welcoming and relaxed environment. For some people, black coloured curtains might prove to be too revolutionary as a room décor feature. For those people, browns and greys are the next best possible options.  The only thing to remember is that the brown and gray should not be very dark as they will not complement the dynamic orange hue of the walls. To have the best aesthetic appeal, one must go with the lighter shades of brown and gray with orange walls. If chosen correctly, the brown curtains can give the room with orange walls a more vivacious and spirited look.

  • Blue Colored Curtains with Orange Walls:

A light blue shade for curtains can be the perfect option for a room with orange walls. It is a proven fact that blue shades complement the color orange. It would result in a good combination that will provide an enthusiastic yet calm ambiance to the room. However, one should be careful while selecting some of the lighter shades of blue because some of the lighter shades do not go well with the sharp look of orange walls.

  • Beige Colored Curtains with Orange walls:

Beige coloured curtains help in subduing the aggressiveness of the orange shade. One should use beige with caution because some shades will not go well with orange color. If chosen correctly, beige curtains in a room with orange walls help create a splash of serene, but energetic atmosphere.

  • Light Yellow Coloured Curtains with Orange Walls:

Light yellow colored curtains, along with orange walls, bring excitement and exuberance, and optimism to the room. Light yellow with orange also creates a summer-like vibe, and if used in a slightly toned-down way, can help to create a soothing sunset-like feel to the room. Light yellow is a vibrant color that when combined with a dynamic color like orange, can create joy and happiness to those in the given room.

  • Curtains with a touch of Orange on Orange walls:

One of the easiest options available to a person is to opt for a shade of orange curtains for a room with orange walls. It will establish contrast and increase the depth by incorporating different hues of orange. The precaution that has to be taken is that the darker shades of orange should be avoided for the curtains in such a scenario since it will excessively overdo the color of the walls. Such an effect is never pleasing, either for the eyes or for the overall personality of an individual. If one decides to go for orange colored curtains, one should settle for a lighter shade, which will create a fading effect. Further, the curtain will blend in the room’s overall color scheme and obtain a somewhat amber shade.

It is a truth well accepted in interior decoration and aesthetics that it is tough to select the curtains for a room with orange walls. It is so because the color choice has to be precise as per the orange shade. One shade of orange too strong can over accentuate the orange wall, and a shade the less and make the room lack elegance and grace. Besides, the choice of hue for the curtain in a room with orange walls should also be made with the other furniture in the room in mind. If the room has big paintings with dark brown frames, then selecting a brown set of curtains can make the room very intense. In the same vein, if the room has a lot of bright multi-colored furniture, then selecting a light yellow curtain can very well make the room appear a bit too peppy and agitative. Orange colored walls can provide energy and boost to an individual’s spirits. Still, the color of the curtains should be such that it complements the orange shade and should not overaccentuate the liveliness of the room.

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