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What Color Curtains Go With Cherry Wood Furniture

What Color Curtains Go With Cherry Wood Furniture

Timeless Appeal of Wood Furniture

Wood furniture never goes out of fashion. Regal, elegant and gorgeous, wood furniture has been weaving magic in homes for centuries. Most of you will recall the eye-catching wood furniture of your grandparents that outlasted them and look as stunning as ever. Today the market is flooded with furniture of different materials like wrought iron, pasted wood, plywood and several others that are cheaper and sit pretty in contemporary homes but lose their sheen and appear lustreless when placed next to pure wood furniture. The latter is no doubt expensive and entails a heavy investment but they are worth every penny. They are durable, long-lasting and are available in different designs and sleek models to fit into your contemporary homes.

Different Wood Color Tones

Wood furniture is available in different color tones to appeal to your aesthetic senses and you have options to choose from to complement your decor. Contrary to belief, you will find a lot of variations when it comes to color tones in wood but for your convenience, we have identified five primary wood colors that look natural and offers the ideal foundation for different color schemes and design styles. These are:

Classic walnut: A timeless color for wooden furniture with rich medium-brown tones.
Dark mahogany: A color with a modern vibe that lends an opulent and classy feel to the living space, it appeals to both young and older generations. It has beautiful red and burgundy undertones.
Natural maple: A lighter shade of wood is a rage among the young people and natural maple suits them perfectly. Light beige mixed with tan with golden undertones it creates a bright ambiance.
Golden Oak: Golden oak is another great choice for those looking for something between natural maple and dark mahogany. Neither too dark nor too light they are gorgeous.
Cherry: If rich colors appeal to your senses, cherry is a fantastic choice for your homes. It is a nice medium brown tone with vibrant cherry red undertones which can instill vibrancy even in a neutral and bland space. It offers the right amount of drama needed to pull off the look of your homes. They offer superb contrast to cream, grey and tan colors in the room. It is truly a statement color and you need to pair them well with other colors in the room to complete the look and help them make a bold statement.

Curtains to Complement Cherry Red Furniture

If you love the rich textured red color we will recommend cherry wood furniture for your home. It is important to remember that your furniture is not the only color tone in the room. Colour of curtains and upholsteries are equally important to complement the color of your furniture. Before choosing the general color scheme of the room remember that over time cherry red color will darken upon exposure to natural light and will become a rich reddish-brown hue.

We will take a quick look at curtains that blends beautifully with your elegant cherry red furniture.

Sheer Curtain

Sheer curtains are delicate, soft and semi-transparent fabrics that add a warm glow and softness to the rooms. They lend a flowing and airy feel to space and allow ample natural light to stream through. Cherry red furniture is a dark color tone and natural light helps to brighten up space. White, off-white and cream colored sheer curtains would look extremely regal with your cherry red furniture.
Sheer Curtains for Windows

Floral Printed Curtains with White Base

If you have a white room with deep red furniture you could opt for floral printed curtains using two colors with a white base preferably. The floral print will help to soften the look and add some designs in the room without going overboard. Blue and green colors will pair beautifully with the furniture. Avoid loud contrasts in curtains.
Floral Curtains

Muted Green Silk Lined Draperies

Silk draperies lend a regal feel to any room. Hang them high and allow them to reach till the ground and they help create an illusion of a large room. Silk and cherry red furniture will pair beautifully, each complementing the other. Avoid sharp contrasts and you could try using a muted green fabric for your curtains. They will add just enough contrast and color needed for the room. Silk will also provide light control if you are looking to cut down on excess natural light in the room.
Muted Green Curtains

Sheer Curtains with Woven Shades

With rich textures in the room, your window treatments must be able to complement the look and not try and outdo the furniture color by using a riot of colors. This is why shades woven from natural grasses, reeds or wood with a slight hint of red would look deliciously gorgeous. Earthy textures blend beautifully with your cherry red furniture. You could layer these woven shades with sheer curtains and soft linen curtains for a layered and stylish appearance.
Sheer Curtains with Woven Blinds

Solid Neutral Colored Curtains

If you have a white room with cherry red furniture complement the look with solid neutral colored heavy curtains hung high from near the ceiling. Grey, olive green, muted blue, tan, mustard contrast superbly with your furniture color. If you have opted for colored walls like slate blue and pistachio green, settle for white curtains with decorative valances to pull off the look.

Cherry red furniture has a luxurious appeal that lends a classic touch to your room decor. The rich texture is the focal point of your rooms and everything that you choose must be able to add to the richness. The upholsteries, the pillows, the rugs and the curtains must blend with the cherry wood furniture and not stick out like a sore thumb.