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What Color Curtains Go Well With Light Grey Walls?

What Color Curtains Go Well With Light Grey Walls?

Popularity of Color Grey

Grey is an interesting color shade. It is an achromatic color, an intermediate between black and white. It is the color of a cloud-covered sky and ash. While the color is often considered to be dull and luster-less, when it comes to home decor, the effect is drastically opposite. It has been a hot shade for the past several years and its popularity has only increased. Once upon a time, grey may have been associated with sadness and dreariness and it is no longer the case. Designers across the world recognize grey as an extremely versatile, sophisticated, and classy color. The biggest advantage is, grey can fit into any space.

From kitchen to bedroom to living room, grey can complement any artwork, furniture, and accessories which accounts for its universal appeal among homeowners. Pair it will a white trim and ceilings and see the magic unfold. You can infuse a sense of luxurious appeal with a high gloss finish to the color. You can even use different shades of grey on the wall for a lasting impression. With light grey on three walls and a darker hue of grey on another, the final look is a stunner. Pair them with some thoughtful furniture and furnishings and you have a show stopper in your house. However, make sure to get the window treatment right to pull off the look. 

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Drapes to Pair with Light Grey Walls

Drapes are a popular choice of window treatment for many homes and they look gorgeous. The yards of flowing fabric impart a rich and classy appeal to the windows. For your light grey walls, you can opt for drapes. But which color drapes complement grey walls best?


White is one color you can never go wrong with. White pairs beautifully with grey. With dark grey walls, white really pops out and looks stunning but with light grey walls too, white hits off well. They lend a light and airy feel to the room.

White Curtains for Grey Sofa

Tan & Cream

The best part about grey is they can pair gorgeously with other neutral shades. tan and white colored curtains look super against grey and adds a warmth that you may find missing with only white curtains. You get a cozy warm ambiance with these curtains and a grey wall.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a rich color that has a dark, luxurious appeal. With a dark-colored wall, navy blue may look can make a room look dark but with grey walls, they make the perfect match. Light grey walls, navy blue drapes paired with brown furniture and white accents complete a regal look for your room.

Red, Orange-Red, Coral or Plum Curtains

These colors belong to the same hue family. Orange-red curtains or coral red curtains juxtapose superbly with warm grey walls. A fiery orange-brown also makes a great pairing with grey walls. They really stand out and make a bold statement for your room. You can also try using plum colored curtains with a satin sheen. They impart a regal appearance to your room. 


Yellow is an extremely versatile color and you can opt for different shades of yellow to pair with your grey walls. You can go with a bright yellow curtain to create a cheery environment or stick to a shade of mustard yellow to achieve a more refined look for your room. they contrast beautifully with a light grey wall. 

Yellow Drapes for Grey Couch

Blue, Grey & White Combination

Instead of opting for a solid colored curtain, you can try going with a patterned curtain using a combination of blue, grey, and white. They look extremely pleasing against a grey wall and impart a warm glow to the room.

Charcoal Grey

Grey has many shades and each of them can be stunning. If you have a light grey wall you can opt for a charcoal grey shaded curtain. The combination of light and charcoal grey helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the windows and room profusely. 

Natural Green

Have you tried pairing grey with natural green color? If not, you must surely give it a try. You can choose a floral patterned natural green curtain to sit against your grey wall. If olive green is your choice of green go ahead and use that and pair them with some warm neutral colors and brown to achieve a harmonious appeal for the room. 

Green Hued Artisan Sheer Drapes

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a lovely color shade that can steal the show if complemented well with the right colors. Dusty rose makes an instant hit combination with grey walls. Pair them with white furniture and some olive or burgundy colored accents. It is a color palette that will steal your heart.

Use any of these colors in the right intensity to create a harmonious balance in your room. Pair them with the right brown or white-colored furniture and accents to hold the room in a cohesive whole. Grey makes an amazing choice of wall color. Give it a try with any combination of drapes as discussed and see them create a lasting impact on the room. 

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