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What Color Best Matches Cherry Furniture?

What Color Best Matches Cherry Furniture?

What hues should I use on the walls to complement my cherry wood furniture?

When decorating with cherry wood furniture, neutral earth tones like light tan, taupe, or antique white will give a clean, bright backdrop. It provides a pleasing contrast that increases as the cherry wood gets darker with age.  Having lighter cherry wood combined with this color palette creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Medium and dark tone cherry wood furniture works well with light wall colors like off-white, light yellow, light grey, and ivory.

Is Cherry Wood a Warm or a Cool Material?

The tint of cherry wood is soothing. Warm and cold don’t refer to temperature when it comes to color. It relates to the feelings elicited by a certain color. Warm colors evoke feelings of joy and coziness, whereas cool colors are soothing and tranquil.

Simply put, a warm hue is one that makes you think of fire. Red, yellow, orange, and brown, as well as any combination or variation of these colors, are included in this category. Blue, green, purple, and any combination or variation of these colors, are examples of cool colors. All cherry woods has red tones, regardless of how light or dark the finish is, making it seem warm. When choosing complementary or opposing colors, keep this in mind.

6 Comfortable and stylish Colors to Match Cherry Wood

Cherry furniture is luxurious and exquisite. Cabinetry, tables and chairs, desks, couches, and other significant furniture items are all popular in this color. If you have furnishings that you want to highlight in your home, make sure to use complementary colors. When choosing colors to complement your cherry furniture, consider if you want to contrast or coordinate with it.

Here are six colors that will go well with cherry wood furniture.

1.  Jewel (Complementary)

  • In relation to darker and mid-tone cherry wood bedroom furniture, jewel is a complementing color. This means you may use jewel as an accent hue to create a stunning contrast -for example, jewel throw pillows, a bedspread, or even an accent wall.
  • If you like this color, you can use milder hues to reduce the contrast and produce a less striking appearance.

2.  Lotus (Monochromatic)

  • Lotus is a monochromatic hue, somewhat lighter than mid-tone cherry wood, as compared to the above base color.
  • This means you can use lotus as a subtle accent hue in your bedroom to soften the impact of your cherry wood furnishings.
  • To color your upholstery or drapes, you may use lotus.

3.  Sepia (Analogous)

  • Sepia is a complementary color that goes well with mid and dark-tone cherry wood furniture and complements a neutral or earthy color scheme.
  • As a result, you can use sepia as a more dominating color in your bedroom to offer variation without being too overpowering, for example, in the carpet, rug, or accent furniture.
  • When utilizing sepia to paint or paper your walls, a much lighter hue usually works best as a dominant background color.
  • While in the remainder of the room, soft pastels over strong opposing colors can avoid gaudiness and retain harmony with your cherry wood furniture.

4. Claret (Analogous)

  • Claret is a similar color to darker cherry wood furniture and should be utilized as an accent color in your accessories to prevent dominating the room.

5.  Eastern Blue (Triadic)

  • Eastern blue is a triadic color that pairs nicely with dark, mid, and light cherry wood tones, especially when used as a dominating backdrop color in lighter hues and as a slightly darker secondary color.
  • A pastel eastern blue on the walls and ceiling, with deeper tones utilized for emphasis, can work nicely if you want to create a cooling and peaceful ambience in your bedroom.
  • Lighter, earthy carpeting and bedding can bring sharpness to the room that complements the cooler palette and allows your cherry wood furniture to shine without becoming overbearing.

6.    Fern Frond (Triadic)

  • When eastern blue is the dominating hue, fern frond is a triadic color that works well as an accent color relative to mid and dark tone cherry wood furniture.
  • For example, fern frond-colored pillows, a rug, or comforter might sit well among a fawn carpet and crisp white bedding for a cool and earthy vibe when the walls and ceiling are painted in a softer eastern blue.


You must first decide whether you want to harmonize or contrast with your cherry wood furniture in order to best compliment it. Warm colors, such as beige, gold, and pale red, combine well with cherry. Choose a cool hue like green or blue to contrast with the cherry. Warm hues will highlight the cherry’s red undertones, while cold colors will make it shine and stand out. Use the same criteria to select flooring, whether it’s made of wood or another material. 

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