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What Can You Do with Home Automation?

Electrical blinds being operated.

Do you ever watch science fiction movies and see all the tools and appliances working by themselves? Do you ever wish to yourself that you can have those things and keep your hands free to do what you like? Well, the future is here, and science fiction has become science reality. Home automation is here and many of your regular household appliances are controllable hands free, and are also able to function on their own via smart technology.

What Is the Process of Home Automation?

Home automation works through a network of devices linked together via various communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and others. The devices can be managed remotely via electronic interfaces like remote control, through a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, or an app on your smartphone. Many of these devices include sensors that detect changes in motion, temperature, and light, allowing you to learn more about the device’s surroundings. The user triggers actuators, which are physical mechanisms such as smart light switches, motorized valves, or motors that allow devices to be controlled remotely to make physical changes. 

Things you can do with Home Automation 

Smart technology allows you a lot of flexibility and freedom in terms of allowing the devices to function independently. Aside from giving you more free time to do as you like, there are several other advantages provided by this technology. A few of our favorites are outlined below.

Configure Advanced Proactive Security

Imagine seeing a home that has been left dark and seemingly unattended for several days. It becomes more tempting to break into, doesn’t it? You may not have ill intentions, but some other people certainly do. 

With smart technology like smart home security and motion sensors, you can prevent break ins and have the authorities step in if they happen. Furthermore, with things such as automated lights and motorized blinds, you can give the impression that someone is at home, preventing any ill doers from even reaching your front door. They can act as a pseudo home security system in congruence with an actual one.

Have a Relaxing Night’s Sleep

Having a temperature sensor can help to keep your home at an optimal temperature at all times. You don’t have to worry about setting your air conditioning or heating systems up, the smart technology will be able to handle it for you. 

A great night’s sleep can often be predicated on whether or not you sleep in a room with a comfortable temperature. Some people like to have the room at a cooler temperature at night, so they can snuggle up underneath your sheets when it’s time to close your eyes. Having a temperature sensor can help ensure this, but also basing it on the time of the day. You can have your hvac system prepare you for bed by cooling down your home when it’s bedtime, as well as close off your smart blinds or shades to ensure privacy and light control.

With the Press of a Button, You Can Control Your Lighting

Light in the house allows you to be productive during any time of the day. So depending on your lifestyle or work schedule, you can be doing whatever you need to do at any time and not just during daylight hours. You can also install window sensors to detect sunlight, so your shades can open in the morning, preventing the need to use your artificial lights.

Similar to room temperature, sleeping in a dark room is known to be very beneficial to your sleep. Having blackout shades like roller shades can ensure that your bedroom is very dark during sleeping hours. The smart technology can work to detect darkness as well, shutting down your blackout shades to further darken your room, letting you know it’s almost time to sleep.

Get Your Day Ready for You

If your smart shades or motorized blinds are opening up when they detect sunlight, they can work as or with your alarm clock, allowing you to wake up to natural light first thing in the morning. Waking up to natural light will allow your circadian rhythm to maximize itself and give you a great feeling of wakefulness and alertness.

A woman operating her smart blinds on her phone.

If you still need an extra kick of energy in the morning, then you can set up an automator to have your coffee machine prepare you a fresh brew to be ready when you wake up. That way, you can wake up naturally to sunlight and have your body fully awaken with a drink of coffee.

Automated Cleaning

Cleaning can be an arduous and tedious task. So why not have a machine do it? Or at the very least, part of the cleaning process. You can set up a smart robot that can do the sweeping and vacuuming of your home’s floors. This robot can also scan and detect all the contours and furniture in your home, allowing it to clean effectively and efficiently without hitting the corners.

Access Via the Internet

Similar to the home security system, a home automation system allows you to control all of these smart devices away from home. So if you ever have to be a way for any reason, you need not worry about the machines going rampant and. You can easily control or shut them down with your phone, as long as you have internet access.

Comfort and Convenience

Never underestimate the impact that having things being taken out of your hands does for your physical and mental well being. In today’s non-stop hustle and bustle, it is important to take some time for yourself for recovery and self care. Leaving a few household chores like cleaning and coffee making for the machines and smart technology to take care of can help take a load off your shoulders.

Even small things like automated window dressings and automatic lights turn your mind off after a long day’s work. You can easily nussle up in your living room or bedroom, get a comforting beverage, and read or enjoy a movie after a hard day’s work. 

Energy conservation

Another major benefit of automated technology is that they help save you energy usage and some money. How often do you forget to turn off your lights? Even if you diligently turn them off, they can still be inefficient in how they are used. With smart technology, the lights will know how bright or dim to be depending on the sunlight coming in from outside.

The same can be said for your automated hvac system and smart blinds. They can work based on light levels and temperature. So apart from the added convenience, they will be able to function at better efficiency and save you some money by avoiding over usage.

Futuristic Technology Today

The machines and robots in sci-fi movies and books are here now and you can bring them and incorporate them into your home and life. The benefits they come with will really make your home a place where you can truly kick back and relax. With modern life demanding more and more of us, why not delegate some of the mundane tasks to modern home automation and smart tech? So bring home the latest sci-fi toys today and make your modern home a futuristic one. 

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