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What Can Feng Shui Do for Your Window Treatments?

What Can Feng Shui Do for Your Window Treatments

Feng What?

Before we can dive into the amalgamation of this ancient Chinese philosophy into window coverings, let us first take a microscopic look at this school of thought. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy that talks about decluttering your home, bringing in loads of positive energy into your living spaces and explicitly embodying good “chi” into your home. What is this “chi”? Chi also known as energy is what flows naturally and smoothly into every nook and cranny of your home.

As window covering components of your residences play an essential factor in determining the amount of chi flowing into your home, it is vital that you pick the right color, fabric, pattern, design, and style that will elevate your home’s chi. The main objective of Feng Shui as it is practiced in today’s times is to integrate human-made environments with the natural flow paths of chi. This is done by situating these built by human surroundings with areas that are high in levels of good energy. Everyone can practice this philosophy and gain inner peace of mind. It is a lifestyle choice -one that aligns yourself with your surroundings — thereby creating harmony wherever you live.

According to this ancient philosophy, our lives are deeply intertwined with nature and that our emotional and physical environments are interconnected. The theme is to love as one with nature and bask in its harmony and prosperity. This type of synchronous relationship can be taken into consideration while selecting certain kinds of drapes and other window dressings that best match your lifestyle.

Bring Good Vibes Into Your Home

The challenge, however, lies in the fact that while redecorating or renovating, one has to keep in mind the steady balance of functionality and beauty, along with the levels of positive energy, liveliness, and freshness. With a lot of determination and focus, it is quite a daunting task to implement all these elements in one space altogether. But it is not entirely impossible!

Functionality but no beauty and beauty without any function is not good feng shui. When space is created whereby beauty and functionality thrive and coexist as one. That is when good feng shui is made. You can make one too with proper planning. Every item that is in your living room, bedroom bathroom, and kitchen have a place and purpose. When these items are aligned correctly in the right space, it allows the path of good energy to flow naturally and effortlessly. Automatically the mess and clutter will lessen in your rooms. When that happens, a positive environment is created, and your family feels happy and joyful.

Clean octagonal and arch-shaped windows help in maintaining good feng shui. Even if you are not a regular practitioner of such philosophies, clean windows enable you to have a clear view of your surroundings and attain unobstructed incoming sunlight. The next step is to decide which window treatment will increase rather than decrease the positive chi in your living areas. Once you have figured that out, you will get large amounts of incoming natural light during the day time and lots of privacy at night. Moreover, the best form of feng shui for your home will be when your windows are in perfect harmony with your window coverings.

Living Room Wooden Shutters

Feng Shui Optimized Window Covers

What kind of feng shui principles will work with which type of window shading? How many choices are there? Can multiple principles be used for one type of window dressing? Before all these questions are answered, let’s look at one significant factor here – budget.  There are many personalized services out there in the market that offer you beautiful window covers and let’s be real, they can break the bank if you are not too careful.

You have to make sure that whatever enhancements you are adding to your existing window décor, they bring in harmony to your home’s outlook rather than diminish it in any way. What you can practice at home is subtle feng shui, which involves all the principles along with the strict guidelines of interior redecorating solutions.

Here are some pointers to feng shui your custom window drapes and other types of window covers:

  • Ensure that your curtains open and close with ease
  • Pull the drapes aside for warm sunlight to stream through your window
  • Clean windows and drapes ensure positive energy
  • At night and during evenings curtains and drapes must be closed
  • Drape size must match the size of the window for good chi
  • Drape rings and curtain clips must consist of natural materials
  • Curtains with creases and folds give them the appearance of a curvy look when drawn together
  • Use lightweight fabrics for summer and heavier ones for winter

Window Drapery

For better addition of positive energy to your home, let your drapes match the color of the seasons. An example: happy colors for springtime (like green), warmer color tones for winters, and vibrant themes for summery days (like red, orange, and pink). Grey and metallic color tones suit the season of autumn. Blue is an excellent color for window shades during the colder months.

Each energy level inside each room gets readjusted and reshaped due to a simple color change of your drapes or curtains. Bedrooms with color schemes of pink and green overtones invite the atmosphere of love. If you have guests coming over then, red window treatments inside living room areas give off an inviting aura and an energized ambiance. If the windows in kitchens and playroom spaces are in orange hues and yellow tones, then the environment becomes refreshed and revitalized. Green color has an overall calming effect. If your home has a spiritual space, then go for purple tones as they depict the qualities of richness and transformation.

There is also this thing termed as Bagua, also known as the energy map. To generate positive chi in your home first figure out the map of your home’s energy levels. Next, gain clarity on the choice of color, pattern, design, and shapes by knowing which feng shui element and how your living room can integrate into this map.

For instance, decorate your living room area in the fire and wood elements if the room faces south of the Bagua area. Colors like red, deep brown, green, and purple can create proper energy levels in the room. Go for window blinds of this color tone and scheme. Or even wooden shutters and custom faux wood window blinds can give your space that natural flow, look and feel.

Custom Faux Wood Blinds

All five Feng Shui elements, namely wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, can be incorporated into drapes and window dressings if need be. Moreover, they can be interfaced in commercial spaces and places of business. It is quite common to see office environments nowadays having bad lighting and ventilation, thereby bringing in lots of negative chi. These elements interact with each other and can be either destructive or productive.

They are closely connected with seasons. For instance, spring is linked with the wooden element — summer season with fire. Fall is associated with the metal element. Lastly, winter is linked with water. You can familiarize yourself with these associations and plan many types of window covers like how light patterns change during the hours of business.

Have No Fear, Feng Shui is Here

Concerning window coverings, go with your gut. Décor wise choose the shadings that feel right. If you happen to lean towards blinds, then it’s better to opt for high-end wooden blinds than plastic or metal ones. When it comes to shades, do not go for accordion folded type shades as they offer bad feng shui for your room. In a sense during the day when folded, they create a sharper energy quality. Bedrooms must have curtains made from natural fabrics because when they move, they create softness in the interiors and elevation in the energy levels.

You must never be afraid to go bold and try out new decorating options, as long as you feel content and happy in your own space. Every home has a different take on their window dressings, and each family’s needs are unique. Be aware of your requirements and select what will work for you. Even if you are hesitant to use Feng Shui in your internal shading systems, it is ideal to be instinctive when it comes to picking out fabrics, designs, styles, colors, and window placement. That way, you are inviting some positive chi into your home.