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Venetian Blinds: Timeless Window Coverings for All Seasons

What are Venetian Blinds

What Are Venetian Blinds? Window Coverings for All Seasons

It’s always a good idea to dress up the window spaces of your home with different window treatments, for no two rooms are the same. The blinds that you use for your living room might be used for a different purpose than the ones used in your kitchens or bathrooms, and the curtains that you choose for your bedrooms might require different features than the ones used in your study. Besides, they also offer a distinct touch of style to every space, which keeps the contrast visible and unique.

There are a few blinds that have different names in some countries. Horizontal wooden blinds in the US are more simply known as wood blinds, while they are referred to as Venetian blinds in some other parts of the world. Venetian blinds are reliable window coverings that have been around for centuries and have yet retained their stature as one of the most commonly used and stylized window treatments for their sleek design and multiple features for any kind of room. They can be set up in any season, and yet they can be expected to do wonders to your room by keeping it cozy and a haven for relaxation on any given day.

 Horizontal Wooden Blinds

What Are Venetian Blinds?

While we are on the subject, the million dollar question is: What are Venetian blinds? How do you differentiate them from the others? Simply put, they are blinds with horizontal slats made from aluminum, wood, or plastic which are usually 2 inches wide. They are used on windows in conference rooms and meeting halls in offices, in restaurants, and in bedrooms and living room windows. The slats used in Venetian blinds are suspended by wide cloth tapes or cords that allow them to tilt by up to 180 degrees for the purpose of opening or closing them.

Threaded through slots in each slat, Venetian blinds can be moved upward or downward by way of cords. However, these days Venetian blinds come in a variety of lift options including cordless options where the slats can be moved upward or downward using the bottom rail. There are motorized options available too, where you can use remote controls to tilt them.

 Cordless Aluminum Blinds

Advantages and Disadvantages of Venetian Blinds

Let us begin by discussing the major benefits of owning Venetian Blinds.

1) Versatility

They can be used in any kind of home, on any kind of window and even in commercial spaces and offices. They are made of a variety of materials, from plastic and wood to aluminum and PVC.


2) Affordability

They are one of the most cost-effective methods of treating your window spaces with some beautiful window dressing ideas. At ZebraBlinds, you can get customize them according to your taste and affordability.


3) Durability

In faux wood, these window treatments can last you for a number of years to come, even decades, if you take care of them regularly and properly. Neglect or negligence may cause them to warp or crack before time, so it is always a good idea to contact your manufacturer or refer to the care instructions that come with the box. Also, check if there’s any warranty that comes along with them. You are better off shelling out a few more bucks to ensure you are safe against your investment.


4) Easy to Maintain

As they come in a compact and minimal design, thanks to their texture and limited space that they easily fit into, cleaning them regularly is no rocket science. They generally require a clean, dry cloth to wipe the slats with. Occasionally, you can remove them from the windows and merge them in water for some time before putting them on again (make sure to check with your manufacturer first to see if this is a good idea).


5) Control Light

With 2-inch wide slats that can be opened and closed at will, you can control the level of sunlight that comes in by tilting them to the level that you desire.

6) Control Privacy

Faux wood, wood, and aluminum venetian blinds are good options if you want to protect your house against the invasion of privacy. It’s also a good idea to go for thinner slats because wider slats will allow people to see inside easier when they are open.


7) Customizable

A major advantage that comes with owning Venetian blinds is their customization options. Measure, install, and choose the options with the help of our support team, a professional or do it yourself.


8) Uniform Look

Venetian blinds, while they are versatile enough to be fixed both inside as well as outside the window, create a uniform look of elegance and class that will make your friends gush over your splendid taste in home decor. When installed outside, they enhance the curb appeal of your apartment to a large extent, whether you are staying in an independent house or sharing the building with other apartments on the same floor.

Despite their benefits, they also come with a few disadvantages that you must consider before jumping into buying them blindly. Here are a few of them:

1) Varying Prices

While it is true that Venetian blinds come in a lot of affordable prices to suit the requirements of every customer, their prices vary based on your choice of material and finish. Some materials are more expensive than others, and you must do your homework on them.


2) Cord Operation Unsafe for Children

The cord feature in Venetian blinds is still popular, but if there are children or pets in the house that remain unattended when you are off to work, then we suggest not going for them. Instead, you can choose cordless lift options which will keep them safe and will provide a neat and tidy look to your room.

 Motorized Aluminum Blinds

3) Heavier Blinds for Large Windows

If your window space is tall and/or wide, it may result in the window blinds ultimately becoming heavy and slightly more difficult to maintain and operate. That is one of the cons of choosing any type of blinds for large windows. A way around this would be to get multiple blinds on one headrail so that the window is broken into sections that lift individually.

 Aluminum Blinds for Large Windows

4) Dust on Venetian Blinds

As Venetian blinds have horizontal blinds, dust settles very easily on them. However, as they are very easy to clean, this isn’t a huge inconvenience as long as you wipe them down every now and then.

Dusting Aluminum Blinds

Despite these minor disadvantages, Venetian blinds are ideal window treatments for all seasons and one of the best in the market. Joining the ranks of top window shades, they are reliable, sturdy and attractive. They have been in style for a very long time now, and we doubt they are making an exit anytime soon from the arena of home decor. So make your purchase, but ensure you do enough research on the kind of Venetian blinds you need before you start spending.