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What Are Valance Returns and Do You Need Them?

What Are Valance Returns

A Brief Guidelines on Valance Returns

When you set about exploring various options to decorate your house, blinds are one of the first things that strike your mind – for, without them, you cannot imagine providing a nice, elegant backdrop to your whole interiors. At the same time, to make windows look more beautiful, it is important to select the right kind of.  While selecting a valance for your blinds or layered curtains, make sure to go for the appropriate valance returns for a better finish and look. Now the question arises: what are valance returns? Also, you must be curious to know whether you need them or not. To put it simply, a valance return on a window or door is the space between the wall that valance covers and the face of the valance. In other words, valance returns are the side pieces added to a standard valance. In this context, it is important that you should provide a fine finish to the blinds by fixing the valance returns properly and getting them properly sized. Let’s now try to learn the best way to take the measurement of a valance return so that it can wrap towards the wall on both sides of the valance and impart the right view to the blinds in your sweet home. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Always use a metal tape to take the measurement of the window.
  • Take the measurement in 1/8″ increments.
  • Measure the valance return from the wall to the back of where the front piece of the valance will sit.
  • If your blind is entirely recessed in the window opening as an inside mount, returns are not needed
  • Valance is supplied with returns sized to hide the end portion of the blinds back to the mounting surface.
  • Please specify the exact measurement of the valance returns so that no addition or deductions are made.
  • It is recommended to install the valance and their returns at the same time.

Valance Returns

Things to Consider Before Measuring for Valances

While selecting the best amongst various valance options, you need to consider the following factors before measuring the window width of the valance:

  1. Allowance – Width of the rod vis-a-vis the valance.

An allowance is defined as the average width of a valance which can be required on each side. It is meant to give a tailored and snug fit look to your blinds or curtains at the bottom.

  1. Return – Depth of the valance from the wall adjoining the window. 

It is important to pre-select the return size so that a curtain rod with a bracket can fit according to the size of the return.

We hope we have now answered the question: what are valance returns and do you need them?

However, the answer is not complete unless and until we mention certain quality features of valance returns. We have ample positive aspects associated with valance returns. Have a quick look:

  • Valance returns impart the perfect solution for any home décor.
  • They dress up your blinds in a fascinating way.
  • They make your windows look bigger than before.
  • They are easy to trim up to the desired length.
  • No tool is required while installing them.
  • They resist moisture.
  • The corner connector of the valance creates a smooth finish to the side return.
  • They add beautiful decorative value to the valance as well as the window.
  • They require easy handling
  • You can clean them very easily, get rid of dust by using a damp cloth or light use of a vacuum
  • With a soft brush make your valance look sparkling new.

In addition to these quality features, picking up the right valance returns is the point to think carefully before making a final decision about the interiors of your living area. Valance returns are available in a wide range of options and colors to give a magnificent view of your house. Some of the trendy colors in demand are as follows – Dark Walnut, Mocha, Almond, Angora, Antique white, Cappuccino, Cherry wood, Crisp white, Walnut, Snowflake, Natural, Espresso, Ivory, Truffle, Golden Oak, Honey Maple, Light pecan, Stucco, Wheat, Dover white and many others.

Summing Up

So, now you know clear answers to the query: what are valance returns and do you need them?

Valance returns not only add an appropriate finishing touch to the outside of your window but also to the inside mount application. They can cover the exposed hardware part of the window to impart amazing aesthetics to your custom window blinds. So, go and beautify your windows by simply installing valance returns.

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